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Flux density measurement in electric machines
Hájek, Jan ; Vítek, Ondřej (referee) ; Janda, Marcel (advisor)
Magnetic induction is one of the basic variables. This quantity is mainly used in engines. Without a magnetic induction range of engines would not work. For example, for an asynchronous motor is the distribution of magnetic induction is very important. Measurement of cognition and values, such as magnetic induction, there's still the new findings, which are for this very important issue. Measured magnetic induction is not so easy matter. Manufacturers will attempt to make the best of magnetic induction meter. They include GAUSS / TESLAMETR model 7030 working on the Hall effect. In practice, it is possible to calculate the size of magnetic induction into the engine through programs designed for this purpose. These include ANSYS Workbench. This program is able to very accurately detect and simulate what size will have a magnetic induction. Show us the place where the magnetic flux density in the largest and the smallest engine. Evaluated using these results we can then design the engine so as to give the best characteristics and minimize losses.
Design of underground garage in Brno
Hájek, Jan ; Hladík, Pavel (referee) ; Zich, Miloš (advisor)
The goal of the project is behaviour and dimensioning of selected monolithic concrete structure elements. Design and assessment of the building foundation was made. Slabs of the floors are dimensioned in detail. All computations are made in accordance with Eurocode 2. Drawing documentation is part of this project.
Business Information System Modernization with Use of Project Management
Hájek, Jan ; Fikr,, Radovan (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is to prepare a plan for information system modernization with use of project management for HARTMANN-RICO company. This task is going to be solved with use of critical analysis and project management. The result is going to be detailed plan of the project with all necessary prerequisites including economical evaluation. Based on which management will make a decision about acual project realisation.
Property Valuation for Insurance Purposes - a House in Brno Damaged by Snow
Hájek, Jan ; Kosová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to determine the amount of indemnity for damage to the family house caused by excessive snow loads, calculation of material value (time value) immovable assets immediately before the insured event cost method using analytical methods wear, determining the cost of putting immovable in working condition, the calculation of substantive value of intangible assets for the repairs. In this thesis, the emphasis on the clarification process when the risk to the family house and a practical example of an insured event the immovable. At the same time the analysis of the results, which display graphs show how the event affected the development of insurance rates immovable.
E-shop Devolopment and its Effection Propagation.
Hájek, Jan ; Bauer, Oldřich (referee) ; Němcová, Zuzana (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on a web and e-shop development and its effective propagation with use of modern trends. The main objective is to develop an e-shop for selling photographs and photographer’s services that find customers accurately and bring extra income to the photographer.
Web Application for Estate Agency
Hájek, Jan ; Kunc, Michael (referee) ; Grulich, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis is addressed on making a web application for a real-estate agency. In this application both common users and administrators will be able to access and employ the underlying system with ease. The system will be holding up-to-date list of available realties, as well as managing the presentation. The thesis contains description of the complete developing process, including initial specifications, covering diagramme projecting and the final implementation itself, with XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript technologies used.
Tax Risks of Investment Incentives
Hájek, Jan ; Kába, Daniel (referee) ; Polák, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor thesis concerns of risks connected with the acceptation of the investment incentives. It describes each of all complications that could arise during exploitation of the investment incentives mainly in the form of tax reduction and recommends how to solve these situations.
Solution magnetic field distribution in DC machine
Hájek, Jan ; Makki, Zbyněk (referee) ; Janda, Marcel (advisor)
This thesis deals with distribution of magnetic fields in the DC machine. Part of this thesis is the introduction of DC machines, principles of operation and distribution of DC machines. There is also discussed electrically commutated motors. The thesis demonstrates the types of permanent magnets and their properties. Then there is an analysis of the magnetic field electrically commutated motor Atas Nachod in the Ansoft Maxwell. Using Ansoft Simplorer, switching is carried out of the engine. Another part of this work is the analysisthe magnetic field electrically commutated motor Atas Nachod for three types of slot of the stator of the engine. Here it is seen what impact the change has slot on the distribution of magnetic field in the EC motor. Finally, training is carried out measurements of electrically commutated motor BOYANG BY92BL48-4000-2200.
Structural variability of cyclic cyanobacterial lipopeptides: their biosynthesis and features affecting their bioactivity
This thesis is devoted to the diversity of cyanobacterial cyclic lipopeptides and their bioactivity. Special class of cyclic cyanobacterial lipopeptides puwainaphycins and minutissamides was studied in terms of their structural diversity, biosynthesis and structure-activity relationship. Chemical diversity of observed variants in cyanobacterial strains was correlated with the genetic background for their biosynthesis from which the probable cores of biosynthesis were inferred. Biological activity (mainly the cytotoxicity and anti-fungal activity) of major natural puwainaphycin and minutissamide variants was studied in detail. Finally, semi-synthetic puwainaphycin and minutissamide variants were prepared in order to study the relationship between distinct functional moieties and their effect on the bioactivity of the lipopeptide.
Transfer prices: meaning and definition from constitutional law perspective
Hájek, Jan ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Mrkývka, Petr (referee) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
140 Transfer prices: meaning and definition from constitutional law perspective Abstract The thesis deals with the problem of the definition of transfer prices in the substantive tax law, which in general terms it puts in connection with the constitutional requirements arising from the theory of law and normative formation. Thus, the basic grounds for the regulation of transfer pricing in Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes and the OECD Model Double Tax Convention as primary sources of law, legislative definition of this area in domestic and international tax law are defined. These are further elaborated into the detailed level of the methodology of determining the transfer price, which follows from the Instruction of the General Tax Directorate D - 34 and the OECD Transfer Pricing Guideline, and are also subjected to a critical examination in terms of their legal bindingness, position in the legal system, but also from the perspective of the rule of law maxim in the sense of the clarity of the law and its predictability. On the basis of the submitted argumentation, it is concluded that none of the above-mentioned documents defining the procedure by which the transfer price is to be determined is a binding source of law a limine and will always constitute only a non-binding instruction or guide to its...

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