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Analysis of the Economic Crisis in Russian Federation during years 2014-2016
Šmilňák, Richard ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The following thesis deals with the analysis of the crisis of Russian economy in 2014-2016. Depicting evolution of economic situation proceding this state of economy serves as a complementary aim to the main goal which is the analysis of state economic policy implementation in contrast with the countrys commodity dependence with the background of ongoing crisis. The focus of the thesis lays upon deconstructing chosen steps of monetary policy as well as modifications of the federal budget while importance of mining and export of oil and natural gas is being discussed. The outcome is a complex observation of the coexistence of monetary and fiscal policy during the process of reversing the path leading to a fiscal collapse.
The Convergence Process of the Czech Republic to the Federal Republic of Germany in the years 1993-2015
Křížek, David ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Ševčíková, Michaela (referee)
This diploma thesis is focuses on the Czech Republic's convergence to the Federal Republic of Germany. Both nominal and real convergences on selected indicators for the period from 1993 to 2015 are examined. Firstly, a part of the convergence of the issue, its theoretical concepts and the concepts that can be used to explore this process are devoted. The necessary political, historical and economic contexts are provided which enable the Czech Republic to position itself in relation to the Federal Republic of Germany. Subsequently, the thesis deals directly with analysis of time series. Nominal convergence is judged by the Maastricht criteria, namely the harmonized index of consumer prices and the value of long-term interest rates. Real convergence is then analyzed using the GDP indicator. The last part of this work is focused on testing beta and sigma convergence hypothesis. It is thus proven that the Czech Republic's convergence towards the Federal Republic is ongoing, but it is strongly influenced by economic cycles and other shocks to the national economy.
Model of Economic Impact of the Hypothetical Implementation of Guaranteed Income in the Czech Republic on the basis of data from 2015
Busta, David ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Kovanda, Lukáš (referee)
The bachelor´s thesis compares models of social systems based on basic income and negative income tax with the current system. The first model represents the current system. Two models are based on the concept of basic income. One of them is funded through value-added tax, the other is funded through income tax. The last model is based on negative income tax. All models replace all the social incomes with basic income or negative income tax. The comparison is based on absolute differences, tax burdens and changes in income inequality, which is measured by Lorenz's curve and Gini's coefficient. The results indicate that the introduction of new systems would be relatively costly. The lowest income groups would benefit most.
Application of the Leniency Programme before the Office for The Protection of Competition from 2013 to 2016
Szewczyková, Julie ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Pekárek, Štěpán (referee)
In 2013 Act on the Protection of Competition was amended and there was added a section § 22ba on direct application of the leniency programme. Following the amendment the Office for the Protection of Competition published a new version of the leniency programme. This Bachelor thesis focuses on deeper analysis of the historical development of the programme in the European and Czech environment. The main basis of this work is to analyse the changes that have led to more successful application of the leniency programme in proceedings before the Office. Since 2013 the Office has recorded two-times increase of applications for waiver or reduction of fines which arises from better legal certainty of the applicants. The Office in its proceedings systematically violates the Administrative Procedure, prolongs proceedings inefficiently and in some cases it even significantly exceeds a specified time limited period for issuance of acts. The thesis presents the use of the leniency applications on several specific law cases.
The long-term unemployment in Prague in 2017
Helekal, Michal ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis is focused on long-term unemployment in Prague. It explores the current situation of the long-term unemployed in Prague and their approach to a job search. The approach means a willingness of long-term unemployed to return into the labour market, their awareness of instruments of active labour policy and the state of their labour mobility. The essence of the practical part of the thesis is a survey, in which the labour office provided a questionnaire to the long-term unemployed. Long-term unemployed in Prague are motivated to work and they are able to commute. Nevertheless, the serious problem appears because of rigid labour mobility. Knowledge of implements of active labour policy is not perfect, there is a space for some improvement. Within the practical part a few recommendations are mentioned, which could help with reducing long-term unemployment.
Relationship between statutory minimum wage and unemployment rate for selected groups of unemployed in the years 1998-2016
Beneš, Martin ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the relationship between the level of unemployment of selected groups of vulnerable persons on the labor market and the level of the statutory minimum wage. The theoretical part deals with the basic models of impact of the minimum wage on unemployment and presents several studies with similar objectives. In the analytical part, the use of graphical and correlation analysis examines the influence of the statutory minimum wage on the level of unemployment of vulnerable persons. The research was conducted for the period 1998-2016. Based on the results, the hypothesis is verified as "there exists a certain relationship between the level of unemployment and the statutory minimum wage". This hypothesis is confirmed for three of the six groups of vulnerable persons (people with disabilities, people below the age of 19, and people above the age of 50).
The issue of accessibility of pre-school and primary education in Praha-západ 2015-2016
Jarolímek, Roman ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the development and current situation in the market of preschool care and basic education in the district Praha-západ. The thesis solves whether this is a national or regional problem. For further investigation is elected the district Praha-západ, in which it is decided whether there is a problem with insufficient capacity in educational establishments. By analysing the development and the current situation together with structured interviews with staff of municipal and municipal authorities and questionnaire surveys of the inhabitants living in this region, it proves this problem. At the end of the thesis several proposals of solutions are provided, which are inspired by specific municipalities or towns of this district.
Family policy comparison in the Czech Republic and in Belgium - 1995-2016 - Work-life balance
Buchtová, Pavla ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
Work-life balance is very actual them not only of political debate due to the low fertility and more and more discussed gender equality. The aim of the thesis is a comparison of family policy in the Czech Republic, and family policy in Belgium and resulting evaluation of ability of policy to promote work-life balance environment. While Belgium belongs between countries with high fertility and high employment rate of mothers in the European Union, Czech Republic is an opposite case. Belgium creates a comprehensive system of childcare and flexible working possibilities for parents. Together it gives the opportunity for harmonization of carrier and care of family. Belgium could be an inspiration for the Czech Republic in area of family policy, where the Czech Republic still lags far behind.
Poverty in selected developing countries 1996 - 2016 - are the problems being solved?
Peterka, Šimon ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the topic of poverty in developing countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of the thesis is to identify the factors of poverty in this region and suggest possible solutions to the problem. The main causes of deprivation in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa are deemed to be the governance system, war conflicts, dependence on natural resources and an insufficiently diversified economy. All these factors are applied to the example of Nigeria, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon. In order to make aid from more advanced countries more effective, it is proposed to participate more in the resolution of conflicts as a mediator in the negotiation, rather than trying to reform the developing countries politically.
Success rate of graduates of private and public economic universities in the Czech Republic in the labour market in 2015-2016
Zápalová, Michaela ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
This thesis focuses on quantitative and mainly qualitative differences between graduates of private and public economic universities and on perception of such differences by employers. Described is the relationship of human capital and education as well as the development of higher education in the Czech Republic over last decades. The central hypothesis of this thesis, i.e. that in the field of economics, graduates of public universities are viewed by employers as "superior" to those from private schools, has been confirmed using the method of questionnaire survey.

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