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Analysis of the Economic Crisis in Russian Federation during years 2014-2016
Šmilňák, Richard ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The following thesis deals with the analysis of the crisis of Russian economy in 2014-2016. Depicting evolution of economic situation proceding this state of economy serves as a complementary aim to the main goal which is the analysis of state economic policy implementation in contrast with the countrys commodity dependence with the background of ongoing crisis. The focus of the thesis lays upon deconstructing chosen steps of monetary policy as well as modifications of the federal budget while importance of mining and export of oil and natural gas is being discussed. The outcome is a complex observation of the coexistence of monetary and fiscal policy during the process of reversing the path leading to a fiscal collapse.
Age management - supporting persons aged 50 plus in the labor market in years 2005-2015
Táborská, Julie ; Bartůsková, Lucia (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the age management 50 plus in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the market situation and companies approach to this topic. The practical part is consist of qualitative research that contains interviews with employees from three different companies. Moreover the thesis analyzing other available data from selected companies. This research submits demographic aging of the population and the issue of the age management 50 plus in the Czech Republic that is not handle enough. Meanwhile companies declare they support older employees mainly by additional healthcare services but this benefits are provided for everyone. The analysis did not find out any specific benefits for older employees. In some cases the issue of lack young employees is being solved by supporting and motivating students to work for concrete company. Because of unfavorable demographic evolution it is needed to solve this problem currently and more deeply in the Czech Republic.
The analysis of the development of expenses of the state social support system in the Czech Republic from 2004 to 2016
Vítková, Lucie ; Lukášová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of the development of expenses of the state social support system in the Czech Republic from 2004 to 2016. The system is one of the most crucial tools for the financial support of families with children. The relation between expenses and macroeconomic variables is the subject of examination. With the help of correlation and regression analysis, the hypothesis of linear increasing and decreasing of the state social support system expanses based on the development of GDP is also examined. No relation between expenses on social benefits and the economic cycle was confirmed in the analysis. The following section of this bachelor thesis analyses the legislation specifying the amount of expenditure of all currently paid social benefits. The measures implemented before the parliament elections of the year 2006, when the expenses reached their maximum in 2007 - almost 48 billion Czech crowns - predominantly because of this measure, are especially worthy of attention. The final part of this bachelor thesis is the author's own assessment of the issue.
The analysis of expenditures on state employment policy in the South Bohemian Region from 2006 to 2016
Schwarzová, Kateřina ; Štípek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate the state employment policy in the South Bohemian Region, in particular expenditure on active employment policy in 2006-2016. The paper shows whether active employment policy instruments are effective and compares them with the development of unemployment in this region. In recent years, spending on the active part of the policy has grown, and work points to possible causes. The theoretical part first deals with the description of the state employment policy in the Czech Republic, unemployment and then the characteristics of the South Bohemian Region. In the practical part, the evaluation of expenditures for the state employment policy with unemployment in the South Bohemian Region during the selected period. Retraining is the most effective instrument, which supports the most people. However, the recruitment of the applicant on the labor market is not certain, especially during the economic crisis. The conclusion of the work is the calculation of costs for one unemployed in the region. The main benefit is the evaluation of how much money has been spent on individual active employment policy instruments and how many people have helped.
Impact of economic sanctions imposed on Iran on its trade bilance with selected OECD countries
Trpák, Martin ; Procházka, Pavel (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the impact of economic sanctions imposed on Iran on its trade bilance with selected OECD countries. By comparing trade data between Iran and such countries with trade data between Iran and its main trade partners, economic sanctions proved to be inefficient. That was caused partly by the globalization effect and the fact, that Irans main trade partners didnt fully adopt economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the West. In this thesis there is an detailed analysis of most important trade articles traded between Iran and four OECD countries. That could be used in future for more detailed analysis of how effective are economic sanctions.
Development of public expenditures in light of the progress of political cycles in Czech Republic between years 2000 and 2015
Kříž, Karel ; Ševčík, Miroslav (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The thesis is concerned with the analysis of the development of public expenditures in Czech Republic between the years 2000 and 2015 with regard to the progress of political cycles. The analysis of overall development of each budget chapter (especially the year on year comparison) is based on real outcomes of state finances collected from final state accounts. The purpose of the thesis is to discover potential influence of political cycles on the level and structure of public expenses. The author created his own theoretical assumptions and set an original methodological approach. Final findings mostly comply with the created hypothesis.
Effect of taxes on economic growth in developed countries after 1945
Vít, Ondřej ; Ježek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The most discussed topics in economics is the relationship between economic growth and taxes. The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of different types of taxes on economic growth of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member countries after World War II. The thesis is based on extended neoclassi-cal growth theory from 1992 by Mankiw - Romer - Weil. Regression Analysis of Panel Da-ta is used as technique for verification of the correlation of economic growth and taxation. The impact of taxation is integrated to the model through its effect on accumulation of physical capital, development of human capital and technology. The source of panel data used in the analyses is statistical databases of OECD, World Bank, Maddison historical data and Penn World Table. For better comparison of the results more different methods of measuring tax burden were used. It was share of tax income on GDP, share of income from different types of taxes on total tax revenue, labor tax and compound tax quota. Results than differ by measurement of tax incidence. It is too complex to set clear recommendation for growth, nevertheless it is obvious, that the goal of economic and political authorities is to shift the tax burden from direct to indirect taxes.
Fiscal rules in the Czech republic after joining the EU
Šafránek, Patrik ; Ježek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
This thesis concerns fiscal rules which represent a possible solution of excessive deficits of public budgets. The chosen topic is very relevant as most developed countries are now facing the problem of fiscal imbalance. The aim of the thesis is to analyze existing rules in the Czech Republic and to formulate recommendations for its public budgets with regard to the specifics of the economic and political environment. The main hypothesis is that fiscal rules in the Czech Republic are not well designed and do not contribute to the stabilization of public finances. This hypothesis was partially proved true. Proposal to strengthen the fiscal framework by implementation of the reform of medium-term expenditure frameworks and by adopting debt rule at the constitutional level results from the realized findings. Further recommendation is to establish independent fiscal institution that would oversee the fiscal policy in the Czech Republic.
Costs and benefits of the privatization process in a period of transition economy in the Czech Republic since 1990
Štícha, Jan ; Ševčík, Miroslav (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The Czech Republic went through transformation of economy in the 90s. The key part of this proces was privatisation. It became the most important political economy proces in the history of the Czech Republic. The privatisation proces especially the nonstandard voucher privatisation is still important topic of public, politics and economic discussion. Purpose of this thesis is to evaulate the privatisation proces in the terms of its revenues and costs. The first chapter is focused on the economic history of privatisation ideas and its use in political practice. The main part is devoted to the analysis of the privatization process in the Czech Republic. Evaluated are the various methods of privatisation and the process as a whole. The final two chapters are focused on the comparison of the Czech privatization processes with the same processes in Hungary and Poland. Evaluated is the speed of the privatization process, the fiscal impacts and impact on the development of selected macroeconomic indicators. The working hypothesis was confirmed: The proceeds of the privatization process exceeded its costs.

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