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Implementation of IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement in the Selected Business Unit
Vlčková, Veronika ; Střížová, Dana (referee) ; Křížová, Zuzana (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with the developments of fair value measurements rules and presentation of major changes in this field. The main objective is the international accounting standard IFRS 13 – Fair Value Measurement and its application in specific company. The analysis of long-term tangible assets is the cork of the work. A point is to show the revaluation impacts, eventually a reduction in the value of that asset in the financial statements. Subsequently, there are displayed risks to users of financial statements resulting from accounting information.
The recruitment and selection of employees in Czech Airlines, a.s.
Vlčková, Veronika ; Palíšková, Marcela (advisor) ; Legnerová, Kateřina (referee)
This Bachelor´s thesis is dealing with analyse of the recruitment and selection process in Czech Airlines, a.s. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part includes background information and clarification of general terminology in areas of personal activities, planning, recruitment and selection of employees. The practical part is focused on introduction of the company, description of the process of recruitment and selection of employees within the company. The aim of this thesis is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the company in areas of personal activities. This part is based on the use of following methods: interview with HR manger, survey and analysis of the internal materials. The contributions of the thesis are suggestions for improvement of recruitment processes and their efficiency.
Reproductive systems and possibility of hybridization in genus Arabidopsis
Vlčková, Veronika ; Lučanová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Rooks, Frederick (referee)
This bachelor thesis is a literature review focused on plants of genus Arabidopsis. Despite numerous studies dealing with the model species A. thaliana there are only a small number of papers about its closest relatives, especially certain aspects are completely neglected in present literature. Species of the genus Arabidopsis can be found almost all over the world but their development center is most likely in Europe. This thesis summarizes general information on all representatives of this genus with a focus on European territory and concentrate mainly on their reproductive systems and hybridization. Species of the genus Arabidopsis frequently hybridize with each other and between different ploidy levels within these species. Due to such numerous hybridization and polyploidizations, including past and recent ones, the taxonomy of this genus is extremely complicated and has not been fully elucidated yet. This paper also includes main methods of experimental study of the reproductive systems. This bachelor thesis is a theoretical basis for the subsequent master thesis, in which I will conduct an experimental study addressing reproductive modes and the possibilities of hybridization between different taxonomic representatives and ploidy cytotypes of group A. arenosa.
Dietary habits of patients with acute coronary syndrome
Vlčková, Veronika ; Tuka, Vladimír (advisor) ; Matoulek, Martin (referee)
This work focuses on eating habits of patients with acute coronary syndromes. It is divided in two parts. The first deals with atherosclerosis and its risk factors and with acute coronary syndromes, their diagnosis and treatment. At the end of the first part, the cardiovascular risk assessment and healthy lifestyle are discussed. Original data are presented in the second part. I have compared the eating habits of patients with acute coronary syndromes with a control group of healthy people. The preferences of different types of food and their amount consumed weekly are reported. I have also compared basic antropometric data, the amount of regular physical activity and smoking habits. The questionnaires were filled with 19 patients and 30 healthy controls. Key words: Acute coronary syndromes, Atherosclerosis, Risk factors, Eating habits, Physical activity
Rehabilitation of a Total Achilles Tendon Rupture
Vlckova, Veronika ; Mahr, Edwin (referee) ; Holubářová, Jiřina (advisor)
Rehabilitation of a Total Achilles Tendon Rupture Rehabilitace Uplného Přetržení Achillovy Šlachy This Bachelor Thesis encompasses a selected patient with an orthopaedic injury and investigates assets in relation to the diagnosis at hand. There is extensive research covering the anatomy of the Achilles tendon and foot, biomechanics, weight bearing, pathological foot types, clinical presentation of , diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation of an Achilles tendon rupture, as well the technique of PNF. Examination and therapy was conducted on an adult male at Centrum léčby pohybového aparátu (CLPA), an orthopaedic and sport traumatology rehabilitation center in Prague, following a total Achilles tendon rupture that occurred during a soccer game. Rehabilitation took place two and a half months after surgical repair of the tendon, under my practice and the supervision of PhDr. Edwin Mahr PhD from 04.01.2010 to 19.01.2010. An additional check up therapy of PNF occurred on 02.02.2010. Therapy was focussed on reducing pain and improving the overall functional capability and stability of the patient. Key Words: Achilles tendon, Achilles Tendon Rupture, Pes Valgus, Pes Planus, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

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