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Biological effects of various hemp fractions
Vacková, Hana ; Skoumalová, Petra (referee) ; Němcová, Andrea (advisor)
Cannabis is the only plant which contains cannabinoids and thanks to these compounds it has enormous potential. This thesis deals with the analysis of technical hemp. Effects of cannabinoids and methods used for cannabis analysis are discussed in the theoretical part. The experimental part includes spectrophotometric characterization of cannabis, it´s antimicrobial effects and thin layer chromatography analysis. Three sorts of Cannabis sativa L. were analyzed, namely Finola, Fedora and Kompolti. Firstly, the content of polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidant activity in prepared tinctures were determined. Moreover, antimicrobial test were performed using disk test and turbidity determination. Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and yeast organism were tested. It was found that cannabis tinctures possess good antimicrobial effects. Some of them are comparable with synthetic antibiotics. Finally, thin layer chromatography enabled visualization of cannabinoids in prepared tinctures.
Haemophilia and its complications in the musculoskeletal disability, the possibility of physiotherapy
Vacková, Hana ; Knoppová, Tereza (advisor) ; Jandová, Dobroslava (referee)
Title: Haemophilia and its complications in the musculoskeletal disability, the possibility of Physiotherapy. Target: To summarize the knowledge about haemophilia, its clinical symptoms, manifestations of the locomotive apparatus and an overview of treatment possibilities. To search in the literature about appropriate physiotherapy for patients with haemophilia and to process them into a coherent overview. Method: To summarized information about haemophilia and an overview of physiotherapeutic treatment options via literature review. Conclusion: The obtained information shows the positive benefits of physiotherapy for patients with haemophilia as a preventive and curative therapy.
Marketing Research of Customer Satisfaction
Mrázková, Monika ; Vacková, Hana (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The thesis deals with a survey of customer´s satisfaction in Jiří Mahen Library in Brno. The theoretic part describes the problematics of marketing research, the branch of allowance organizations and a questionnaire as a tool for collecting information. The practical part of the diploma work analyses and presents the results from the questionnaire investigation, recommendation and suggestions for improvement, which could lead to increase an of the visit rate of the Jiří Mahen Library, to an improvement of the quality of library services, and customers´ satisfaction.
Use of microscopy and flow cytometry to molecular characterization of carotenogenic yeasts.
Vacková, Hana ; Skoumalová, Petra (referee) ; Márová, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of presented bachelor thesis is to optimize the methods for study of yeasts using flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy. The theoretical part deals with the structure of yeast cells, principles and application of flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy. Use of microscopy and flow cytometry in study of pigmented microorganismswas reviewed too. In the experimental part methods optimization was performed on yeasts Cystofilibasidium capitatum, Rhodotorula glutinis, Sporobolomyce sroseus, Sporobolomyces shibatanus. Further, the growth curve and the viability of yeasts under the influence of stress factors (freezing and the heat shock 60 C) was measured. Cystofilobasidium capitatum has shown to be more resistant to stress than Rhodotorula glutinis. It was found that there is the possibility of using methylene blue instead of propidium iodide in yeast cell analysis by flow cytometry.

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1 VACKOVÁ, Helena
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