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Therapy of diabetes mellitus and its possible complications
Durasová, Lenka ; Vopršalová, Marie (advisor) ; Tilšer, Ivan (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Mgr. Lenka Durasová Abstract Therapy of diabetes mellitus and its possible complications The aim of this thesis is to describe and explain the therapy and possible complications of diabetes mellitus. My document also includes a few interesting case reports belonging to this topic. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition that occurs when the pankreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Hyperglycemia and other related disturbances in the body's metabolism can lead to serious damage to many of the body's systems, especiallity the nerves and blood vessels. A diabetes epidemic is underway. At least 171 million people worldwide have diabetes. This figure is likely to be more than double by 2030. Around 3,2 million deaths every year are attributable to complications of diabetes. Diabetes has become one of the major causes of premature illness and deth in most countries, mainly through the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. There are two basic forms of diabetes: Type 1 - people with this type of diabetes produce very little or no insulin. People with type 1 diabetes require daily injections of insulin to survive. Type 2 - people with this...
Treatment of asthma bronchiale
Čudová, Martina ; Tilšer, Ivan (advisor) ; Pourová, Jana (referee)
Topic: Therapy of asthma bronchiale Author: Martina Čudová Bronchial asthma is a lifetime chronical inflammatory disease of the airways. Chronical inflammation is linked to bronchial hyperreaktivity and both lead to reversible and variable obstruction of airways. The prevalence of this disease has been increasing in recent years, mainly in children and teenagers, where asthma becomes the most frequent disorder. Asthma isn't curable, but thanks to opportune diagnosis and correctly configured treatment, the patient can be absolutely without difficulties. Conversely, untreated asthma leads to irreversible functional environments, which deteriorate the patient's performance and his quality of life. An important part of the treatment is preventive proceding, its goal is the avoidance of the patient's contact with triggers. Pharmacotherapy is devided into treatment of exacerbation, when alleviation drugs are used, primarily inhalational rapid acting β2-agonists and long-term anti-inflammatory therapy, there are drugs of choice inhalational kortikosteroids. The latest substances include the antileukotriens and monoclonal antibody against IgE (omalizumab).
Monitoring lipid lowering output / / in the pharmacy with specialized centers in the years 2005 - 2006
Sedláčková, Anna ; Vopršalová, Marie (advisor) ; Tilšer, Ivan (referee)
Cardiovascular diseases present the cause of more than half of all deaths in the Czech Republic. As confirmed by many clinical studies, pharmacotherapy with hypolipidemics is definitely beneficial for patients in a secondary prevention of ischemic heart disease. This thesis aims to observe and compare the consumption and spectra of hypolipidemics dispensed in years 2005 and 2006 using data from a single pharmacy with specialized sites; moreover it aims to observe changes in their consumption after generic atorvastatin preparations entered the Czech market and after atorvastatin was enabled to be prescribed by general practitioners, using a month-by-month analysis of the three mostly dispensed hypolipidemics in year 2005 (atorvastatin, simvastatin and fenofibrate). Using the Paenium pharmaceutical electronic system, the consumptions of individual hypolipidemic medical preparations in years 2005 and 2006 have been recorded as a number of packages actually collected by patients upon their medical prescriptions. To enable the consumptions of individual active substances and also groups of hypolipidemics to be compared, these numbers have been converted into Defined Daily Doses (DDD) and the percentage of individual active substances and groups of hypolipidemics within the total consumption have been counted....
Prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases
Pavlásek, Karel ; Tilšer, Ivan (advisor) ; Vopršalová, Marie (referee)
Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Diseases Student: Karel Pavlásek Tutor: Doc. MUDr. Ivan Tilšer, Csc. Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové The Charles University in Praque, Czech Republic Theme: The research is particularly focused on Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Objective: The purpose of the Thesis is to summarize briefly contemporary attitude to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Methods: Data processing and research.The information gathered for the purpose of the Thesis are from Czech, foreign and internet sources. Results: The purpose of the Thesis is to summarize up to date attitude to the cardiovascular disease, especially to the ischemic heart disease. It is focused on prevention and pharmacological therapy. The pharmacological therapy is divided into therapy that leads to decrease of mortality and into therapy which might cause relief, but where any influence on mortality exists. Especially drugs that decrease mortality is the significant part of prevention. With their therapeutic effect we can ensure higher standard of living of the patients. Conclusion: I have tried to describe the attitude of scientific society to the ischemic heart disease.
Advances in antithrombotic prophylaxis and therapy
Vykrutová, Iva ; Tilšer, Ivan (advisor) ; Melicharová, Ludmila (referee)
Thrombotic disease and it's consequences are worlwide one of the leading causes of death. There are prescribed anticoagulants for treatment and prevention. Currently these prescribed drugs - cumarins, unfractioned and fractioned heparins, which have many adverse effects are tried to be replaced. This review is focused on summary informations about two new anticoagulants drug - direct inhibitor f Xa (rivaroxaban) and direct thrombin inhibitor (dabigatran), which could substitude currently used drugs in future. These new substances were clinical tested, where proved safety and efficiency. In these days their indication allow for patients after knee and hip joint replacement. Advantages of rivaroxaban and dabigatran: per os aplication once a day predictable pharmacokinetics and therapeutic response low potencial of drug interaction no needs of monitoring of coagulation Disadvantages of rivaroxaban and dabigatran: limited experience yet significant financial cost unknow antidote In the future these drug could be used for other indications.
Biological activity of plant metabolites I. Influence of plant constituents on some species of the genus Eimeria
Kvapilová, Jana ; Opletal, Lubomír (advisor) ; Tilšer, Ivan (referee)
SOUHRN K přípravě extraktů a následnému testování bylo na základě literatury vybráno několik drog - Caryophylli flos, Curcumae longae radix, Ocimi sancti herba, Origani herba a jedna izolovaná substance knicin (z Cardui benedicti herba). Z těchto drog jsem metodou kontinuální extrakce (perkolace) připravila extrakty a poté u nich stanovila sušinu. Potřebné množství zhomogenizovaného extraktu jsem sorbovala na celozrnnou mouku tak, aby v konečném množství roztěru 200 g byly nasorbovány 2 g suchého extraktu a byl dokonale homogenní. Tento roztěr byl dispergován do krmiva pro myši a krysy tak, aby výsledná koncentrace byla 100 ppm. V případě knicinu jsem obdržela již izolovanou substanci, příprava roztěru probíhala obdobným způsobem. Každý z extraktů a knicin byly testovány v jednom experimentu, jehož délka se pohybovala kolem asi 7 - 8 dnů. Testovaná látka byla podávána pokusné skupině zvířat (mastomyši a myši CD1) v krmivu, kontrolní skupina zvířat dostávala stejné krmivo, ale bez přídavku testované látky. Kokcidiostatický efekt se zjišťoval jako rozdíl v kvantitě vylučovaných oocyst mezi testovanou a kontrolní skupinou. Dle grafu 19 je patrné, že nejlepší kokcidiostatickou aktivitu vykazovaly tři extrakty připravené z drog Ocimi sancti herba, Caryophylli flos a Origani herba. U Ocimi sancti herba bylo...
The pharmacological therapy of arterial hypertension in special ambulances and general practitioners
Mlčochová, Michaela ; Tilšer, Ivan (advisor) ; Mladěnka, Přemysl (referee)
~ 3 ~ ABSTRACT Topic: Pharmacological treatment of arterial hypertension in specialist ambulance and at general practitioners Made by: Mgr. Michaela Mlčochová OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study is to evaluate and to compare pharmacological treatment of hypertension, effect of pharmacological interventions and risk profile of hypertensive patients in the cardiology ambulance of 1st Department of Medicine, University Hospital in Hradec Králové and in surgeries of general practitioners. METHOD: Only diagnosed, drug-treated hypertensive patients were incuded, fifty patients in each group. We compared medication, achieved blood pressure and risk profile. RESULTS: 78% of patients in the cardiology ambulance and 54% of patients at general practitioners achieved recommended blood pressure levels (BP < 140/90 mmHg). Combined therapy was used in the same rate in the both groups (78%). The most often prescribed medication were beta-blockers in cardiology ambulance and ACE inhibitors and diuretics at general practitioners. Complications of hypertension were more often in the cardiology ambulance (90% vs. 46%), respectively the risk factors were more often in the patients treated by general practitioners (86% vs. 62%). CONCLUSION: The therapy of arterial hypertension was more successful in the cardiology ambulance. But...

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