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Biotechnologické metody v reprodukci skotu
Novotná, Eliška
This bachelor thesis deals with biotechnological methods of cattle reproduction. It is a research from academic articles and literature. In the beginning of this thesis, basic information about reproduction, insemination, and its history is described. The history is followed by a description and explanation of individual methods of searching for heat in cattle. Furthermore, this thesis describes various methods of cattle insemination and the use of embryo transfer, which is compared with the insemination itself. Subsequently, methods of gravidity detection and their use are summarised and described. Finally, the information about the insemination of cattle is summarised.
Výuka biomedicínských techniků na KOCHHK FNUSA
Novotná, Eliška ; Gál, Břetislav
Článek pojednává o výuce studentů třetího ročníku biomedicínské techniky na klinice otorinolaryngologie a chirurgie hlavy a krku ve fakultní nemocnici u sv. Anny. Na této klinice jsou nejprve studenti seznámeni s možnostmi jejich působení jako biomedicínských techniků/ inženýrů v oblasti ORL. Výuka je rozdělena do dvou bloků, kdy v prvním jsou seznámeni s problematikou sluchového ústrojí a jednotlivými audiologickými vyšetřeními a s možností sluchadlové korekce. V druhém bloku jsou studenti pod vedením zkušených lékařů seznámeni s oblastí kochleárních implantací, a poté s prací s pacienty při nastavování těchto implantátů.
Linear drive control based on object motion detection
Novotná, Eliška ; Harabiš, Vratislav (referee) ; Sekora, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with motion detection and linear drive control. The diploma thesis is divided into a theoretical part, where the part of ultrasonic sensors and linear actuators, including the types of individual linear actuators, is mainly described and explained. The practical part presents the solution itself, both in terms of hardware and software. This part therefore contains the system design together with the flowcharts and the simplified 3D design of the structure. At the end of the work is given a sample of the final structure.
The reconstruction of the life story of young adults being exposed to an adverse effect of their family
Novotná, Eliška ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Vodáčková, Daniela (referee)
The thesis deals with understanding the interpretation of life story, important people and agency in life story of young adult being expose to an adverse effect of their family. The theoretical part is focused on life story and life story work, namely methods of create life story book. The thesis defined young adult in institutional and foster care, their needs and rights. The special chapter is life story work with traumatized children. The empirical part consist of analysis of four autobiographical narratives collected by the method of narrative interview, life story book and lifeline. The collected information are analysed with holistic-content, holistic-formal and categorical-formal analysis. This work includes feedback participants in research probe reconstruction of life story and life story work. At the conclusion of work are recommended other methods for further research.
Wiretapping and recording of telecommunication traffic
Novotná, Eliška ; Galovcová, Ingrid (advisor) ; Šelleng, Dalibor (referee)
The thesis deals with wiretapping and recording of telecommunication traffic which is an indispensable instrument for law enforcement on one side, but on the other side nevertheless it intervenes in lives of wiretapped persons in a significant way. The first chapter of thesis focuses on the area of the right to privacy because to be able to assess whether the wiretaps are realized in accordance with the legislation or not, it is essential to know from a legal point of view what falls within the privacy of individuals, which single rights involve the term right to privacy, and so which rights are protected. In the following part, the term wiretapping and recording of telecommunication traffic is explained and the amendments of legislation of this institute are summarized. On the development of the amendments of legislation it can be observed the fostering of protection of right to privacy by/over time on the development of the amendments of legislation. The next part focuses on the issue of the wiretap warrant, specifically on the procedure leading up the wiretap warrant, its compulsory content according to the criminal procedural code, the test of three-degree efficiency control of lawfulness wiretap warrant, and also the jurisdiction which is really important in this issue. The last point which...
The Role of Tyrosine Kinase Activity of Mitochondrial ERBB2/HER2 in Breast Cancer
Novotná, Eliška ; Rohlena, Jakub (advisor) ; Vrbacký, Marek (referee)
Breast cancer is a common malignant disease affecting millions of women worldwide. Amplification of HER2 oncogene, a tyrosine kinase receptor, in breast cancer allows application of targeted therapy, but approximately one third of patients develop resistance to treatment. Relocalization of HER2 from the plasma membrane into the mitochondria was found and suggested as one of the potential causes of such resistance. Here we document that the function of mitochondrial HER2 is distinct from that of HER2 in the plasma membrane. Mitochondrial HER2 enhances cancer cell energetic metabolism, proliferation and migration in vitro, and tumour formation in vivo in mice correlating with elevated level of ROS signalling. The kinase activity of mitochondrial HER2 is unaffected, therefore I investigated its role in mitochondrial HER2 function. Moderate, endogenous levels of the kinase activity of mitochondrial HER2 drive pro-tumorigenic properties of breast cancer cells, while constitutive kinase activity sensitizes these cells to cell death and attenuates tumour formation in animal models. On the other hand, impairment of kinase activity due to mutation in the ATP binding site of mitochondrial HER2 supports adherence-independent growth in vitro and tumor growth in vivo. We propose that HER2 function in...
Effect of foam rolling on mechano-nociceptive and vibrational sensation.
Novotná, Eliška ; Čech, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Demeková, Júlia (referee)
The thesis deals with the evaluation of the influence of foam rolling on selected parameters of somatosensory perception (pressure-algic threshold, vibrotactile sensation). The theoretical part discusses fascial tissue, summarizes the current knowledge of foam rolling and focuses on the mechanisms of pain and vibrotactile sensation. The research part consists of a randomized blind study on a group of 15 healthy probands (11 women, 4 men), which evaluates the effect of foam rolling. The effect is objectivized by pressure algometry and vibrametry on the m. rectus femoris and m. biceps femoris of both lower limbs (measured before and after therapy). The value of the pressure pain threshold (PPT) increased after foam rolling. Vibrotactile threshold (VT) was lower after foam rolling than before its use, which means that vibrotactile sensitivity was increased. The results show that these changes do not occur only in the interventioned m. rectus femoris, but some changes in parameters can be found in other muscles as well. Keywords fascial tissues, foam rolling, pressure algometry, pressure pain treshold, PPT, vibrametry, somatosensory system, nociception, diffuse noxious inhibitory control, DNIC
Binaural hearing aid correction with one power supply
Novotná, Eliška ; Kolářová, Jana (referee) ; Vlk, Daniel (advisor)
This thesis will be devoted to binaural hearing correction with single source power. This correction is aimed at elderly patients who are most likely to have presbycusis. The theoretical part is focused on individual types of hearing loss, possibilities of their audiology tests, also about theory of hearing aids. The practical part contains a model of hearing aid and a possible way of testing. The work compares binaural corrections with proposed model.

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