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Foreign direct investments, investment incentives and their impact on the economy of Czech Republic
Davídková, Andrea ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Votava, Libor (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with foreign direct investments and investment incentives. Theoretical-methodology framework specifies terminology which applies to the topic of foreign direct investments and investment incentives. Practical part is focused on automotive industry, where is selected a sample from companies which operates in Czech Republic. Practical part of thesis refers to the fact that it is possible to be successful even without investment incentives.
Analysis of the attractiveness of the Ukrainian market for investors based on the comparison of macroeconomic variables
Kostenko, Bogdan ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Votava, Libor (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the investment attractiveness of Ukraine in respect to macroeconomic indicators in comparison with the CIS countries which are the members of the Eurasian Economic Union and the countries which have signed the European Union Association Agreement. The beginning of the work includes a theory, a description grounds of the research, a description of the macroeconomic guidelines, types of investments, the relationship between investment and globalization. Furthermore, at the beginning of the work it is explained why exactly these economic changes took place in Ukraine. Then the countries are compared according to the selected macroeconomic indicators and foreign direct investment income. Summing up the results of the comparison as well as checking for the presence of correlation between the indices of GDP per capita and foreign direct investment income per capita using Spearman's correlation coefficients.
Costs for the revitalization of the selected watershed
Vůjtěchová, Petra ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Votava, Libor (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to create qualified estimation of essential costs needed for stabilization of drainage conditions in the landscape of spring area of the river Jihlava based on design appropriate protective measures. There are fundamental elements described in this thesis which can be used to revitalize the river basin. Further there is described how to create the costing for the measures to stabilize drainage conditions and what is the basis for costing. The task arises as a result from need to specify estimated costs which are cited between two and twenty billion Czech crowns to revitalize spring areas of the Czech Republic. The need of revitalization of basin landscape in the Czech Republic arises mainly from the necessity to decrease the outflow speed in the ladscape and to assure prevention of negative impacts of ongoing changes.
Development and Debt Management in the Czech Republic
Kupka, Ondřej ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Vopátek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the development of the government debt in the Czech Republic, in particular in terms of its structure, the assessment of the sustainability of the current government debt level and the assessment of the setting and operation of debt management in the Czech Republic, in comparison with the recommendations of important international institutions. Used will work primarily analytical, synthetic and comparative methods. The first chapter introduces the theoretical definition of the concepts of public debt, including its causes, impacts and forms of coverage. Subsequently, the thesis deals with the theoretical approaches in the sphere of governement debt management. The next chapters assess the development of the government debt in the Czech Republic, its structure, institutional solution and overall debt management. Finally is evaluated the sustainability of the Czech Republic's current indebtedness and realized the comparison of debt management with IMF and World Bank recommendations.
Basic Income as an Instrument of Social Policy
Caizl, Josef ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
Subject of this bechalor's thesis is to evaluate theoretical concept of basic income. At first the paper will define basic income as such and then it will describe it's history and alternations. Futher, the paper will uncover fucntion's of current social welfare system in the Czech republic. Primary goal of this thesis is evualuate economic and social benefits of basic income, and lays down a question if it's possible to ipmlement such system in the Czech enviroment.
Unemployment and Inflation in the Czech Republic and Neighboring Countries
Kuchařík, Tomáš ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Krbová, Jana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to verify the existence of dependence between inflation and unemployment through the Phillips curve in the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries (Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Germany). This observed relationship is complemented by the economic development of both macroeconomic variables in these countries. The first chapter is devoted to the theoretical background of inflation, unemployment and Phillips curves. In the second chapter, the data used to verify the existence of the inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment is defined. The third chapter is country-by-country, with the development of inflation and unemployment rates first and then Phillips curves based on available data. The last section is devoted to a summary of the achieved results.
Factors Influencing Individual's Decision-making in Financial Markets
Neugebauer, Petr ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Fujcik, Lukáš (referee)
There has been an endless discussion on the efficient-market hypothesis between different academic schools. Many recent studies have opened up towards the paradigm shift in rational thinking problem. This thesis deals with the issue of asymmetric information interpretation during altered mental states. The purpose of this study is to discover the effect on agent's behaviour using a practical tool such as a daily trade plan. If traders succumb to irrationality, they probably make poor choices below their potential levels. Therefore the experiment was conducted with students of FM VŠE. The variables were measured before and after the intervention which was applying the trade plan. The additional data collection mapped the personal context of self-reflection and management of well-being. The results indicate the advantage of using the daily trade plan for manipulating the factors that can negatively influence the quality of decision-making.
Basic unconditional income in the Czech Republic
Zdeněk, Adam ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Votava, Libor (referee)
Aim of this thesis is to analyze the economic connotations of BUC implementation in Czech republic. It quantifies impact on State finance, Gross domestic product and typical families. For purposes of quantification there was developed economic model which follows the system dynamics principals and it enables to develop unlimited amount of scenarios.
Desicioning about living and the way of financing it
Rodová, Kateřina ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis on subject of "Decisioning about living and the of way financing it" is covering whole process of financing your living. This involves choosing the type of living, the form of funding this living and the way to get a loan, either non-life or life insurance. The goal is to review the whole process of acquiring the proper living and finding the crieria upon which is good to go by while chosing a living and its financing. Every aspect of this will be shown on concrete example with help of desicion making tree and analysis of the financial market.
Economic convergence of countries as a result of EU accession
Lejsek, Vojtěch ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Burianová, Kateřina (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to find out if economic convergence happens in reality between chosen countries after their admission to the European Union. This thesis examines nominal and real convergence. Through analysis and comparison of statistical data this thesis compares individual macro-indicators of nominal and real economic convergence and examines if convergence happens. Convergence is observed in time line on chosen countries.

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