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Assessment of effectiveness of evaluation system of employees in the selected organization
Davidová, Alena ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
This thesis deals with motivation, stimulation and evaluation of employees. The aim is not only to asses the effectivity of employees' evaluation system in chosen organization from impact to their motivation perspective, but also to elaborate recommendation for it's improvement. I gained the data from questionnaires. Answers were processed by descriptive statistics. In conclusion were suggested possible changes of motivational and evaluational programme.
Analysis of Communication Flows in a selected Organization
Růžková, Michaela ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Míková, Irena (referee)
This bachelor's thesis analyses communication flows in a selected organisation. Its main aim is to assess the current state of internal communication within the organisation. The assessment was carried out using an analysis of communication flows, forms and tools. The results of the analysis were used to identify areas where communication problems occur. Besides this, the thesis aims to find out whether the organisation's employees are sufficiently informed, or whether they are exposed to an excessive amount of information, or even misinformed. Lastly, the thesis is, based on the identified problematic areas, recommend how the level of internal communication could be improved.
Emotional Personality Characteristics and their Impact on the chosen Aspects of Communication in Organization
Bednářová, Monika ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Balgová, Dagmar (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out whether the emotional characteristics of a personality influence some chosen aspects of a communication in a specific organization. The emotional characteristics in the research are represented by an emotional intelligence. The studying of the emotional intelligence is based on its key components- sociability and emotional stability. The status of the communication is determined in terms of its content and relationship aspects. The research aims to monitor the presence of the individual components of the emotional intelligence at a selected workplace as well as the perceived quality of each component of communication; these facts are summarized and evaluated. Subsequently, relations between the components are evaluated. The necessary data for my research is obtained through a questionnaire survey in an organization X. The selection of the psychological methodologies (questionnaires) which is used to create a questionnaire, is described in the methodological procedure. The conclusion of this thesis includes summarized results, the most important findings as well as the recommendations for the organization X in which the research is carried out.
Adaptation of new Workers in a selected Company
Kurhan, Katsiaryna ; Míková, Irena (advisor) ; Hiršová, Miloslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the process of adapting new employees in the organization. In the practical part I will deal with the description of the individual aspects of the process of adaptation, what it consists of and how it is affected. In the practical part, I will focus on the adaptation process in one of the largest American resort and evaluate its success.
Effect of intercultural models in advertising
Maliňáková, Lucia ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Šimůnek, Michal (referee)
The present thesis deals with the topic of intercultural models in advertising. The theoretical part is concerned with the definition and characteristics of culture and cultural dimensions. It also describes and compares the Hofstede model and the GLOBE model. It defines the concept of advertising and its aims and means. The methodology section describes the design of focus group interviews that are used in the practical part of the thesis. The aim of this work is to compare the consistency of opinions of respondents on the TV commercials presented with the Hofstede model. In its sub-goals, the work aims to identify the attributes of advertisements that respondents are most addressed by, and to select the most appropriate advertisement for the Czech market based on evaluation of the respondents.
Differences in Motivation of Workers of Different Ages in a selected Organization
Bošanská, Denisa Patricie ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Bednářová, Martina (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on work motivation and its differences by age categories. Secondary objectives are: determine the age structure of workers, describe and analyze the motivation structure of the various age categories, to plan and structure the motivation system for management. There are explained basic concepts, which are related with motivation, theories of motivation and sorting age groups in the theoretical part. Mentioned concepts were necessary to write out the practical part and survey research also helped me to complete the process. I evaluated and interpreted the obtained data from survey research by descriptive statistics in the practical process. The obtained results from the survey research were compared with theory knowledge. I then completed the recommendations of the motivation system from the findings of my research.
Motivation of Volunteers Who Work in Non-Profit Organizations
Pernicová, Denisa ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The primary focus of this bachelor´s thesis is a complex analysis and the consequent evaluation of volunteers´ motivation working within a chosen volunteering scheme. Proposal of appropriate methods of evaluation and rewarding targeted at the coordinator of such a scheme is a further goal of this work. In the theoretical part I discuss the topic of volunteering and motivation. Based on these observations, the practical part of the thesis consists of an analysis of the volunteers´ motivation within a chosen sample; I process the coordinator´s practices with the volunteers and offer appropriate measures for improvement. I have gathered the data using surveys and personal, partly-strucured interviews with the participants of the volunteering scheme Program 5P. The bachelor´s thesis concludes with comparison, evaluation and interpretation of the data.
Efficiency in the use of psychodiagnosis methods in tender
Tkadlecová, Aneta ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Smejkalová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on methods of recruitment, especially on psycho-diagnostic methods. The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to find the opinion of the HR manager on the effectiveness of using psycho-diagnostic methods in the tender procedure. The partial aim is to find out which types of psycho-diagnostic methods are most used in practice. I also wondered if organizations are evaluating the efficiency of the tender and what method they use to do so. The last partial goal is to find out the opinions of the HR managers on the psycho-diagnostic methods. The data needed to meet the main objective was identified through a questionnaire survey. At the end of the bachelor thesis are summarized and evaluated the obtained information, research questions, partial goals and main goal.
Motivational potential of the work and its use in the creation of incentive program
Filipová, Simona ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Králová, Věra (referee)
Thesis deals with motivation potential of work in a selected organisation, identification of presence of job characteristics according to Hackman and Oldham Job Characteristics Model, their perception of intensity and importace for employee. Furthermore proposing improvements of job characteristics and enrichment of employees' job. Another goal is to find satisfaction with current motivation program and in case of deficiencies to propose changes. Data were obtained by using questionary, this data were processing by descriptive statistics. In conclusion, were proposed possibles changes in case of job characteristics or in case of motivation program if enrichment of job characteristics was not suffice.

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