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Preparation of Pyrazinamide Derivatives as Potential Antiinfectives. (Study of Structure Activity Relationships)
Juhás, Martin ; Zitko, Jan (advisor) ; Vávrová, Kateřina (referee) ; Svobodová, Radka (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Training Workplace Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis Doctoral Degree Program Pharmaceutical Chemistry Candidate PharmDr. Martin Juhás Supervisor doc. PharmDr. Jan Zitko, Ph.D. Advisor prof. PharmDr. Martin Doležal, Ph.D. Title of Doctoral Thesis Preparation of Pyrazinamide Derivatives as Potential Antiinfectives. (Study of Structure Activity Relationships) Antimicrobial resistance is considered one of the greatest threats of the 21st century. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, tuberculosis (TB) was the deadliest infectious disease, responsible for approx. one and a half million deaths each year. Resistance is very common in TB. Therefore, this work deals with the research of new potential antimicrobial substances with a particular focus on the activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the main cause of TB. The introduction of this work briefly describes the current state of research on derivatives of pyrazinamide, which served as the prototype structure of the prepared substances and follows with a basic overview of modern computer-based methods used in drug design. The next part comments on the used chemical and biological methods, and the obtained structure-activity relationships in the presented publications....
Kvalita trvanlivého pečiva ovlivněná vlákninou
Svobodová, Radka
The aim of the diploma thesis "Quality of durable pastry influenced by fiber" was to propose recipes with the addition of bamboo and hemp fiber and grape seed flour in the amount of 3%, 6% and 9% and then evaluate the influence of the added fiber on the quality of the biscuits. A total of 20 samples were baked, for half of the basic raw material was used wheat flour, and spelled flour was used for the rest of the samples. The bakery experiment found that the best effect on the product volume and the weight after baking had bamboo fiber. Minor losses of baking had biscuits with wheat flour. Sensory, the best sample was with 3% of grape seed flour with spelled flour, and the best sample by consumer was with 6% hemp fiber from spelled flour. The most fragile samplewas from spelled flour with 3% hemp fiber and the brightest color had wheat samples with bamboo fiber. The highest nutritional values were the control samples and the lowest energy contained biscuits with bamboo fiber added to both recipes.
Chleby z netradičních surovin s využitím koření
Svobodová, Radka
The thesis "Bread made of unusual ingredients with use of spices" focuses on the composition of individual components that are needed for baking and dividing of the loaves of bread according to the valid legislation. It also deals with the technological process of production of the wheat and rye bread, such as with the preparation of the leaven, the maturation, the process being in motion during baking or with getting cooler and packing. There is described the suitability of the bread spices and compared the use of traditional and unusual spices in the bakery industry. The thesis is supplemented with the foreign research. In conclusion, there is a bread product range available on the domestic market. It was created ten recipe according to one baked breads. The best was evaluated consisting of bread: rye, wholemeal rye flour, buckwheat flour, yeast, sourdough, water, salt, fat of wild boar, sesame, bacon and chilli.
Optimized lost wax process by using numerical simulation
Svobodová, Radka ; Horenský, Jiří (referee) ; Horáček, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to ascertain the process of injecting the wax through an injection moulding machine under certain input conditions and with the help of the simulation program Cadmould 3D-F®, to perfect the injection and the following solidification of the wax. Only thanks to a perfect injection and the following solidification of the wax, a precise wax pattern can be made. In order to compare the process of injecting the wax mixture, we are helped by the Cadmould 3D-F® simulation program and the records of the injection taken by a video camera. In this thesis a simulation program used when simulating the injection of plastics was applied, as a means of comparison. In this case the similarity between the rheological characteristics of both wax and plastic was exploited.
Scoring Processing System for Protein Identification in Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Valla, Martin ; Svobodová-Vařeková, Radka (referee) ; Provazník, Ivo (advisor)
The goal of my diploma thesis was finding a suitable method for unifying score values from various protein identification search tools in MS/MS mass spectrometry into one single score value. Data coming from the output of mass spectrometer are processed in two independent search tools Mascot and X!Tandem. These were selected especially for their wide usage in proteomic labs. Both results are evaluated through newly designed function and unified by single valued score clearly identifying found proteins. Newly designed scoring value is called Matascore and function producing this score was implemented in MATLAB. Function and its results were successfully tested by real data available in public databases on the Internet.
Cement mixtures and their utilization in castings production to improve working environment
Svobodová, Radka ; Cupák, Petr (referee) ; Burianová, Klára (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes the production of cement, its subdivision and use in industy, its chemical, physical and technological properties. Here it is writen about its virtues and qualities, but also about drawbacks and deficiencies. For the cement mixtures is important their porosity and total recovery in cement mixtures. As a result of the environmental protection, it is written about recovery and recycling of cement and its subsequent use as well. This thesis also involves laboratory measurement of mechanical properties.

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