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A heuristic approach to resolving graphical point feature conflicts in large-scale maps
Pumr, Daniel ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Bayer, Tomáš (referee)
The paper deals with automation of cartographic generalization of point features by displacement and selection in large scale maps. In the first part of the thesis, the theoretical foundations of this process are introduced with emphasis on the works of authors who have dealt with its automation. The next part of the thesis describes and analyses the ZABAGED data from which the state map work is produced and on which the algorithm developed in the practical part of this thesis was tested. The main objective of the work was then to determine whether it is realistic to use a solution based on sequential intelligent testing of different offset positions of overlapping point features in practice. Within this framework, the strategies by which the state space given by the possible offset point positions can be generated and searched are identified and described. These strategies were then implemented over the ZABAGED dataset, tested and compared, and a conclusion was drawn on the applicability of this approach in automatic generalization. Key words digital cartography, cartographic generalization, generalization by selection, generalization by displacement, point features, heuristics
Detection of anthropogenic terrain features in the summit area of the Luční and Studniční hora mountains (Krkonoše) with use of airborne laser scanning data
Krusová, Anna ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Potůčková, Markéta (referee)
The thesis focuses on detection of micrographic features using airborne laser scanning data. The aim of the thesis is to propose a novel method for detecting terrain features and to identify and describe terrain objects corresponding to anthropogenic interventions in the arctic-alpine tundra region in the summit area of the Luční and Studniční hora mountains in the Krkonoše Mountains. Based on existing studies, a new detection method of specific micrographic features was proposed by combining two types of data, i.e. point cloud and its raster representation. Initially, polygon approximations of terrain objects were derived from a digital terrain model, and their spatial delineation was further refined locally using point clouds. The output provides the most complete and accurate polygon delineation of the terrain features to date, considering the available data, the specific characteristics of the area, and in comparison to previously conducted studies. The proposed algorithm has identified hundreds of additional terrain features compared to the reference data. However, this number includes false positive features, which need to be manually eliminated. Key words: airborne laser scanning, micrographic features detection, archaeological prospection, digital terrain model, local relief model, Krkonoše...
Documentation of the Vidimské lávky catwalk (the Kokořínsko region, Czechia)
Martínek, David ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Tomková, Michaela (referee)
Thesis aims to create large - scale map of the Vidimské lávky catwalk (Kokořínsko region, Czechia) with an accent on representantion of anthropogenic objects in sandstone relief. Among them are unique catwalk path, artificial caves and manmade rock features. The contour method is used for rock depiction, while the data needed for its execution are acquired by drone aerial scanning using lidar technology. Part of the thesis is information about terrain mapping and other materials used in the creation of the topographical and subsequetly cartographical database. Result of the thesis is a printed map with size of 1200 x 500 mm in a scale of 1 : 700. Key words: lidar, drone, large - scale mapping, sandstone rocks, bridges
Large-scale mapping of the St. Kilian Island near Davle with emphasis on comparison with existing data
Kradijan Seider, Filip ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Šedová, Adéla (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims to topographically map the island of St. Kilian near Davle, with emphasis on usage of own data. Modern methods of spatial data collection (drone photogrammetry) and processing were used. The site is mapped mainly due to the former presence of important monastery and the significant changes of local landscape in the last century. The historical state of the island has already been modelled, but today's models only include the terrain of the island. The emphasis of the thesis is on mapping the remains of the Ostrovský klášter Monastery, creation of digital models of the terrain of the island and the adjacent Vltava river bottom and subsequent large-scale cartography. The work describes the history and current state of the site and existing older data. The methods used to acquire spatial data and the cartographic aspects essential for the site map are outlined. The practical part presents the data and their processing, completion utilizing a field survey, comparison with historical data and map production, using the ArcGIS platform. Limited use is made of scripting using the ArcPy library. Keywords: Ostrov sv. Kiliána (Davle), the Ostrovský klášter monastery, drone photogrammetry, sonar, spatial data comparison
Formula student battery pack
Lysák, Jakub ; Václavek, Pavel (referee) ; Veselý, Libor (advisor)
The thesis deals with the selection of a suitable battery cell for the high-voltage battery of a Formula Student Electric racing car. Based on laboratory measurements, a mathematical model of the cell is identified. The model implemented on the battery management system is capable of estimating the state of charge under dynamically changing conditions during a race.
Analysis of terrain skeleton lines in rocky terrain: comparison of information based on ZM 10 and DMR 5G
Kyncl, Günter ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Šidlichovský, Pavel (referee)
G. Kyncl 2022 Analysis of terrain skeleton lines in rocky terrain: comparison of information based on ZM 10 and DMR 5G Abstract This thesis deals with analysis of terrain skeleton lines in rocky terrain based on cartographic representations of rock formations in Czech state map series. The main aim of the work is to determine how much the representations of rock formations correspond to reality. In the theoretical part the method of rock drawing used in the Czech state map series is described. Then the procedure which was used to derive the terrain skeleton lines from rock formations representations is described. This procedure was for the purpose mentioned above used in author's bachelor thesis. In the next chapter selected methods used for the detection of terrain skeleton lines in digital terrain models are briefly described. Then one of the described methods is chosen and used with modifications in the practical part of this paper. The next section deals with selected methods from the field of digital image processing and computational geometry. The last part is focused on the description of selected methods used to determine the degree of correspondence of linear objects. In the beginning of the practical part the data used in this work are described. The main part of the thesis is focused on...
Thematic atlas of lookout rocks in the area of Jetřichovice in Bohemian Switzerland National Park
Linková, Klára ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Valchářová, Daniela (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of a thematic atlas, the content of which are maps depicting the most famous rock viewpoints in the area of the Jetřichovice rocks in the territory of the České Švýcarsko national park. Emphasis is placed on modern methods of topographical rock mapping and large-scale digital cartography to represent sandstone rock formations and man-made objects on them. Part of the thesis is the presentation of basic information about the locality from the point of view of geology, geomorphology and history, description of individual methods suitable for data collection in sandstone rock relief and methods of depicting rocks on large-scale maps. Furthermore, a search of available maps and plans of specific rocks is carried out and the used method of rock representation is described. On the basis of the field research, thanks to drone photography, targeting using GNSS and final data revision using the Collector for ArcGIS application, data on locations of interest are obtained, which are further processed into a geodatabase. Subsequently, a custom character key design is created for individual objects. The practical output is the thematic atlas itself including the created maps together with accompanying texts and images. The maps are processed in the ArcGIS Pro...
Thematic atlas of Scouting
Krsková, Petra ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Šimbera, Jan (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to create a thematic atlas of the Scouting, which will present the Scout movement through maps and additional text, images and graphs. Partial goals are to obtain suitable data related to the Scouting at the regional, Czech and world level, as well as spatial data serving as a topographical basis and to process them into maps using suitable cartographic methods. Theoretical part is focused on the Scouting and the literature dealing with thematic cartography is researched. The practical part describes the creation of the atlas itself, and the output of the work is the Atlas of Scouting created in ArcGIS Pro and Scribus software. Key words: Scouting, thematic atlas, thematic cartography, ArcGIS
Map of Kopicův statek and its surroundings (Bohemian Paradise, Czechia)
Peterková, Lucie ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Bayer, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create a large-scale map with touristic content of the surroundings of Kopic's farm located in the village of Kacanovy in the Bohemian Paradise. The thesis is mainly focused on the representation of sandstone rocks by the contour method and artistic reliefs on them created by Vojtěch Kopic in the last century. The emphasis is on the use of data collected by drones (lidar, optical images). The existing available map documentation of the area of interest was also evaluated, with the result that the map produced exceeds all of them in quality and detail. Detailed mapping of the objects was carried out by means of a field survey using ArcGIS Field Maps. The final map, that obeys cartographic principles, was created in ArcGIS Pro software. The large-scale (1 : 670) map of the site is in the form of a paper map in A3 format. It is probably the first map showing the surroundings of the Kopic farm in such detail and at the same time documenting the created rock gallery, which is part of the monument heritage of the Kopic farm. Key words: digital cliff drawing, large-scale map, sandstone relief, lidar, drone
Analysis of Generalization Methods of Land Use/Land Cover Objects on Czech State Map Series
Klesík, Dávid ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Skalická, Iveta (referee)
This master thesis focuses on the detailed analysis of the present manual generalization of LU/LC objects from ZABAGED data to a scale of 1 : 50 000, to propose options for its future automatization based on ArcGIS software tools. Analyses of generalization methods are carried out on the data of the entire Czech Republic, by spatially comparing topologically correct objects of different scales and examining their characteristics. These analyses are therefore built on the principle of reverse engineering, when based on known inputs (original ZABAGED data) and outputs (manually generalized Data50 data), other inputs are derived in the form of criteria values used in the current practice. This is approached in such a way that by applying these detected values in the parameters of the ArcGIS functions, results comparable to the current generalized data are achieved. The Python programming language with the ArcPy library is used to perform the analyses. The derived values of current practice are described in detail and presented in tables, while their possibility and way of application in the future process of automatic generalization is determined. These results are also confronted with the Technical procedure for the creation of ZM 50. Based on this, the shortcomings of this manual and the derived...

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