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Creation of Functional Requirements for IS from Process Analysis of an Organization
Mařík, Ondřej ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Řepa, Václav (referee)
The thesis focuses on the creation of functional requirements for an information system based on process analysis of an organization. In the theoretical part introduces the reader to the basic concepts related to business processes, their modeling and relationship with the company information system. Then, two approaches to analysing the functioning of the organization are presented, namely the approach of consultancy company Logio and the MMABP methodology. The practical part describes a real project of process analysis and creation of functional requirements for IS of a trading company. The MMABP approach is then applied to the same company. In conclusion, suitability of both approaches is evaluated and observed differences between them are identified.
Comparing the possibilities of using open-source e-commerce cms when implementing an e-shop
Kmínek, Jan ; Samec, Marek (advisor) ; Svatoš, Oleg (referee)
The aim of this thesis is a survey of currently available open-source e-commerce systems and their use in the implementation of an online store with subsequent comparison. To achieve this goal, firstly in the theoretical part the actual e-commerce systems are analyzed and then important concepts related to them are mentioned. The theoretical part is focused on the history of these systems, and there are also described several trends and innovations in the field of e commerce. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the analysis of current e-commerce systems, their division and brief description of the main current leaders. The conclusion of this section is devoted to the selection of three platforms, that will be further elaborated in the practical part. Specifically, these three platforms are: OpenCart, Prestashop and WooCommerce. Finally, there are determined metrics for examining and comparing features, options, advantages and disadvantages of these platforms. The practical part is then followed by the actual implementation of online shops in selected systems. Particular system is always described for each metric. The conclusion of the practical part is focused on the comparison of the e-commerce solution and it contains few details on all three e commerce, including recommendations to the readers for the use of selected e-commerce cms. The main contribution of this work is a comparison of selected open-source e-commerce cms when opening an online store. The reader of the thesis should learn all he needs to know about the impletation of system and its requirments. On that basis, it should be possible to decide, which is the best option when implementing an e-shop.
Analysis and improvement suggestions for IT change management process
Čecháková, Zuzana ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Řepa, Václav (referee)
This thesis focuses on IT change management process. The main aim of this document is to perform an analysis of the current state of IT change management functioning in a specific corporation and to suggest possible improvements. The theoretical part is dedicated to business processes in general and to possible approaches to their improvement and additionally a Methodology for Modeling and Analysis of Business Process, which is used in the empirical part of this paper, is characterized as well. Further, various methodics, concerning the area of change management, are described. The thesis focuses primarily on ITIL as it is the set of practices which is being followed for process creation and optimization in the aforementioned corporation. The empiric part consists of IT change management models of the chosen company and a description of the process and its roles. Identification of the weak points is derived from the analysis of the current state and in conclusion a possible solution is suggested. The proposed precautions might improve process functioning and increase its efficiency as well as user satisfaction
Process model of the organization
Hrabětová, Marie ; Řepa, Václav (advisor) ; Svatoš, Oleg (referee)
This thesis is dealing with the topic of process modeling. The first part of the thesis demar-cates the term process and its elements and presents different points of view on modeling reality. For the process and object dimension of modeling reality some basic models and notations for their creation (BPMN, Eriksson-Penker, UML) are shown in the thesis. It is followed by an introduction to methodology of modeling and analysis of business pro-cesses MMABP and the procedure of designing process system which emerged from MMABP. First four steps of this procedure are used to create preliminary process analysis of chosen enterprise with the intention to reveal areas of processes offering space for im-provement.
Process modelling of project management within a bank
Chramosta, Adam ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Samec, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with model of project realization within the bank. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts which complement each other. The first part, the theoretical one, is focused on defining theoretical assumptions about the business process', modelling, project and key performance indicators. The practical part includes the determination of project realization course, its comparison with established standards and subsequently designs of business process model. Along with the designed model there are set appropriate key performance indicators which are compared with ITIL and Prince 2 approaches. These three components of practical part meet the goal of the whole thesis.
Tool for creating executable processes Flowly
Procházka, Jan ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Dzurenko, Miroslav (referee)
Flowly is a tool for iBPMS packages, as are these intelligent suites for process management nicknamed by Gartner. These are technologies that make it possible to create and execute processes. Development of processes for these platforms goes through standard IT delivery cycle even for trivial and routine processes. Goal of this thesis is to create a tool for creating runnable business processes based on IBM Business Process Manager platform. The tool will allow creation of executable processes without programming or deep technical knowledge. Processes are created using a wizard like configurator in which processes can be drawn, users have ability to add data to the process, notifications, define SLAs and use other features. Tool created within this thesis is a workflow tool, which is a subset of iBPMS suites. The goal of this thesis is achieved by defining general functionalities of workflow tools which lay down basis of functionalities Flowly should contain. Following chapters describe in detail the creation of the tool, from initial analysis and design to technical details of implementation and user documentation. Benefits of the tool lie in simplicity of creating processes in iBPMS suites, increased agility of the company, when the creation and deployment of new process is shifted into the order of days and in massive reduction of cost of routine processes and agendas due to reduced IT involvement.
Protection of personal data in the context of a data warehouse
Tůma, David ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Kosíková, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with problematics of protection of personal data in Czech republic with link to legislation of European Union. The main subject of the thesis is detailed analysis of current legal standards and identifying the requirements resulting from the changes adopted. The found changes are practically judged from the data warehouse perspective and for each of them is presented a practical solution.
Process driven organization
Vandírková, Jana ; Řepa, Václav (advisor) ; Svatoš, Oleg (referee)
The subject of the master thesis Process driven organization is using UML language and BPMN methodology to model business processes of the selected organization, followed by using obtained diagrams organization for upgrade any of modeled diagram existing business processes leading to prosperity of the selected organization.
Web application for learning history
Hlinovský, Marek ; Samec, Marek (advisor) ; Svatoš, Oleg (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is implementation of the web application's functional concept, which should be adequate learning tool for students, who study History. This application should be implemented in consideration of the possibility of its future extension. To achive the aim of this thesis in theoretic part of work is firstly presented an analysis of History as an school subject, its contemporary form and function. Afterwards an analysis of already existing web applications for learning History is made. Practical part of the thesis is dedicated to author's concept of web application. At first the concept of application is described. Consequently the work concentrates on the technologies used during the development of application. These technologies are mainly framework Ruby on Rails for the application's server part, framework Angularjs for the application's client part and format JSON, that is used for communication between two parts mentioned above. After that the use of these technologies during the creation of the application is documented. At the end the work contains a simple user guide, which shows to the users how to use this application. The main contribution of this bachelor thesis is the creation of the learning tool for students.
Business processes analysis and optimization proposal for procurement department of bank institution
Škodová, Markéta ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Řepa, Václav (referee)
This work is focused on the business processes analysis and subsequent optimization of procurement department of bank institution. The main objective is to analyze actual state of processes and propose a solution that would lead to their optimization and more effective work of department. The first part of this bachelors thesis is theoretical. I deal with the matter of process modeling and used methodology. In the second part, I describe the bank institution in general and focus on the procurement department in more detail - I describe job content, organizational structure and used software. Next part is about business processes of department - their analysis and subsequent evaluation. In conclusion, there is improvement proposal for processes.

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