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CFD modelling of the initial phase of fouling inside convective section of a combustion facility
Zlámal, Filip ; Juřena, Tomáš (referee) ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to create, based on the knowledge obtained from research, a CFD simulation of initial phase of fouling of solid particles during the combustion of solid fuels. The introduction of the work summarizes the mechanisms of fouling by solid particles. The introduction of the work summarizes the mechanisms of fouling by solid particles. Approaches to modelling the impact and deposition of particles are also described. A model is built, which is implemented in the ANSYS Fluent software with the addition of user-defined functions. The model is tested on a model of the convective part of an experimental device for burning solid fuels.
Modeling of process and power equipment fouling by solid pollutants
Strouhal, Jiří ; Turek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Hájek, Jiří (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
Modelling of particulate fouling based on Computational Fluid Dynamics enables to detect a risk of deposit development and to propose improvements in operating conditions and equipment design. The work focuses on the transport and sticking of solid particles. The size of the particles lies in the range from several up to dozens of m. The conditions correspond to the deposition of particles with a negligible liquid fraction and the deposition occurs due to particle deformation, gravity, adhesion, wall surface roughness, deposit deformation and dynamic friction. An emphasis is put on the selection of a suitable sticking model from the group of critical velocity models, which aside from the local conditions and the particle properties account for the impaction velocity. Sensitivity studies on the model settings were conducted to assess the significance of the model parameters and the included phenomena. The simulations were conducted on the case of an experimental facility for solid fuels combustion. Obtained results were compared to observed deposits.
Complex analysis of the performance of a U-type distribution system
Sýs, Tomáš ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee) ; Babička Fialová, Dominika (advisor)
Fluid flow maldistribution plays a key role in equipment used in process and energy industries, although its evaluation is often underestimated or fully neglected. Uneven flow distribution may cause thermal or mechanical load on the tube bundle, and in extreme scenarios, it can also have an adverse effect on the process efficiency. This thesis aims to find the optimal computational tools for flow distribution prediction suitable for the initial stage of the equipment design process and to identify suitable settings of these tools for their subsequent industrial deployment. The results of simplified analytical models, detailed numerical simulations, and experimental measurements were compared for the dividing header and the U-type distribution system. It was found that the results provided by simplified mathematical models, the solution of which is also significantly less time-consuming compared to detailed CFD simulations, best correspond to the measured experimental values in all modeled configurations. For arrangements with higher lateral resistance coefficient, both computational approaches provide approximately equally accurate results. However, for arrangements with lower lateral resistance coefficient, the deviation of the results obtained by CFD calculations from the experimental data is significantly larger.
Advanced computational methods for combustion of solid fuels
Strouhal, Jiří ; Vondál, Jiří (referee) ; Juřena, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to create a model of thermal conversion of solid fuel. This is achieved by means of standard modelling tools included in software ANSYS Fluent in combination with user-defined functions (UDF). In first part of thesis basic approaches to CFD modelling of solid fuel combustion are presented. Building of a mathematical model and corresponding algorithms follows. Individual parts of a created model and its parts are tested on simple physical cases and then on case of experimental reactor for analysing biomass combustion.
Modelling of flow of two gases
Strouhal, Jiří ; Lisý, Martin (referee) ; Špiláček, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis deals with interaction of two gases of different temperature and chemical composition in gasification chamber ZKG. The first chapter of the thesis is focused on biomass as a renewable energy source. At first, there is definition of term biomass and then description of physical and chemical properties, by-product and basic types of biomass. There are also described the processes of pyrolysis and combustion. The second chapter is focused on different types of combustion and gasification devices. The third chapter of theoretical research briefly introduces basic methods of CFD modeling of processes in gasification chamber including turbulent flow, transport of chemical species and heat transfer. These methods are used for case mixing of combustion air and wood gas in combustion chamber ZKG. In conclusions are evaluated the results of simulation.
Valuation of the company in an international context
Ludvíková, Denisa ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Smrčka, Luboš (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to determine the market value of the company Svijany, a.s. as of 31. 12. 2014 using the discounted cash flow methods FCFF and FCFE. The purpose of valuation is for company owners. The thesis is divided into two main chapters. A theoretical chapter defines the concepts, reasons for valuation and the main processes and principles of valuation. A practical chapter applies the methods specified in theoretical part. The practical part contains strategic and financial analysis necessary to determine the future value of the company. As a next, the results of previous analyses are applied to identify value drivers and create financial plan. Finally, based on previous calculations it is possible to focus on valuation of the company using the discounted cash flow methods. In the end the individual methods of valuation are compared.
Low EV/EBITDA multiple: inefficient market or a hidden potential for Fortuna Entertainment Group?
Bochkareva, Ekaterina ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Strnad, Martin (referee)
This thesis was initiated by Penta Investment as a reaction on the significant difference in EV EBITDA multiple of Fortuna and its peers, European listed betting and gaming companies. It seeks to find the reason for more than twice higher multiple and a possibility to increase it by applying best international practices in case there is a feasible way to do it for Fortuna. Three hypotheses address the possible reasons for the difference, peers incomparability, market inefficiency and opportunity for Fortuna to increase the multiple by bringing the most influential KPIs the average level of its peers. The analysis is done with a help of comparative analysis, benchmarking, regression analysis and interviews of equity analysts. As a result, action plan for increasing EV EBITDA multiple for Fortuna is developed.
Vliv nových technologií v energetice na domácnosti
Novák, Dominik ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Žádník, Josef (referee)
This masters thesis aims to assess and evaluate the potential of home based energy storage systems for the final user. In theoretical part it therefore describes the historical development of the European power sector with the purpose of determining, what was the impact of this development on products offered by energy providers to the final consumers of electricity. Findings from this analysis are then used to design a model, which is introduced and described in the practical part of the masters thesis. This model is afterwards used to assess the profitability of home batteries implementation by three different types of households and also to determine, what are the key drivers and constraints for the adoption of energy storage systems by households.
Příprava Firmy na Expanzi na Čínský Trh
Fučikovský, Jan ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Rott, Martin (referee)
This master thesis is written as a guideline for successful business expansion to Chinese market. It describes the regional characteristics, which are important in order to understand the Chinese culture, since without proper understanding of the culture, all of its aspects and concepts such as Guanxi, no foreign firm will be able to succeed in China. Apart of the cultural analysis it also deals with the theory of expansion, how to correctly approach it, what are the possible entry modes and financial sources. I used three case studies, which provide real life experience with this issue from different points of view. The practical part of the thesis is primarily focused on financial industry in China, specifically on investment funds and what should be the necessary steps for any investment fund, which would like to expand to Chinese market.
Company valuation
Pirkl, Jakub ; Kislingerová, Eva (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to estimate the investment value of Pivovar Holba a.s. by the valuation date of 1.1. 2015. After an introduction of the company a financial and strategic analysis is conducted. These are followed by the valuation of value drivers and their prognosis, which serves as a basis for a financial plan. Afterwards, the company is valuated based on the knowledge from previous chapters using three methods out of which the greatest emphasis is put on DCF entity. Conclusions of this thesis may serve as a basis for the owner's or potential investors's future decisions.

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