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Influence of knee joint position variability on pressure and force parameters of the foot: comparison of passive and active standing position
Hanák, Vojtěch ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Moc Králová, Dagmar (advisor)
The semester thesis focuses on the comparison of pasive and active standing using a posturographic examination. In the theoretical part of the work, the postural system is characterized, a description of the postural bone segments of a person and an analysis of the gait cycle. Also listed here are some chronic injuries affecting soccer players. The author describes the measurement methodology using the DIERS 4D motion lab device. The results of the pilot measurement are interpreted in the work.
Monitoring deviations of body composition measurements on the InBody 770 device
Kashkina, Aleksandra ; Bátorová, Michaela (referee) ; Adamík, Richard (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on monitoring variations in body composition measurements using the InBody 770 instrument, which uses bioelectrical impedance (BIA) technology. The theoretical part of the thesis includes technical information on body composition components, a description of the principle of bioelectrical impedance and an introduction to the InBody 770. The practical part includes a pilot measurement, the results of which served as the basis for the main measurement. The main measurement involved three types of interventions: physical contact, application of a fat cream and drinking one liter of water. The measured values were analysed and evaluated using statistical tests. The results showed that each of these interventions had an effect on body composition.
Comparison of measurement accuracy of optical and 3D kinematic system
Surkoš, Ondřej ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Kundera, Václav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of the accuracy of two instruments for measuring the vertical jump, using a different measuring principle, namely "Optojump next" and "BTS Smart DX". In the theoretical part, the individual devices are discussed, on what principle they work and are compared with each other. In the practical part we deal with the methodology, processing of measured data and evaluation of the results of measurements.
Monitoring the effect of fatigue on the quality of selected physical exercises through 3D kinematic analysis.
Smetana, Matěj ; Bedáňová, Kamila (referee) ; Adamík, Richard (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on determining the effect of fatigue on physical activity, for this purpose, kinematic analysis was used. The measured exercise was a front squat, in which two measurements were made, one without the effect of fatigue and the other with the effect of fatigue. The two measurements were compared.
The Study of Conditions for the Establishment of the Athletic Club in Lipník nad Bečvou
Hanáková, Michaela ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Peričková, Lucie (advisor)
In this thesis topic is dealt with conditions for the establishment of the athletic club dedicated to children and the public. The analysis identified and itemized conditions for the establishment, athletic club in terms of both material and technical, and in terms of the support center, training possibilities and cooperation with the local football club. Part of this work is to propose a process of important steps before the founding of the athletic club in this city.
The Importance of Employee Benefits with Sports Content to Improve the Lifestyle of Employees in Selected Companies with Sedentary Jobs
Zemánková, Eva ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Blahutková, Marie (advisor)
The aim of this paper is to address the importance of focusing employee benefits on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and exercise. The tools used will involve extensive research in a variety of fields, as well as employee surveys. The authors will focus on providing benefits recommendations and modifications to the benefits structure that will lead to the improvement of quality of life of employees with sedentary jobs.
Analysis of the Healthy Lifestyle of Univerzity Students from the View of Physical Activity
Ďurčová, Ivana ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Lepková, Hana (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the analysis of the lifestyles of university students from the view of physical activity and processing of questionnaire investigation. Based on the obtained data is prepared SWOT analysis and set of recommendations for addressing lifestyle changes of university students.
Evaluation of the error rate of the InBody 770 and Bodystat 4000 devices in case of violation of the measurement conditions specified by the manufacturer.
Pevalová, Nicole ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Bedáňová, Kamila (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the error rate evaluation of the InBody 770 and Bodystat QuadScan 4000 bioimpedance devices used for human body composition analysis. The theoretical part of the thesis contains technical knowledge about the individual instruments as well as a description of the bioelectrical impedance used by the aforementioned instruments for their operation. The practical part consists of measurements of subjects using both devices. The monitored variables are impedance, BFM (body fat) and TBW (total body water). The measurements consist of a reference measurement on each device separately and then four error measurements are made where the measurement conditions set by the manufacturers are not followed. The measured values of impedance, body fat total body water were statistically compared using a two-sample t-test. Instrument error was quantified using the mean relative deviation of the error measurements from the reference measurement.
Monitoring the activity of selected groups of skeletal muscles during squats on balance pads using EMG.
Šidla, Jiří ; Bedáňová, Kamila (referee) ; Adamík, Richard (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the topic of monitoring the activity of selected groups of skeletal muscles during squats on balance pads. Thigh muscles of 21 probands (21,81 ± 2,06 years old, 184,53 ± 5,19 cm, 72,50 ± 4,75 kg) were measured using EMG when they did squats without balance pad and with five balance pads (BOSU concavely, BOSU convexly, T-bow, foam pad and Vicore). Ten of these persons was measured also with inflatable balance pod. Mean and mean of the 10 highest peaks of filtered and normalised measured signals were statistically analysed. There were some statistic differences of both parametres between measurement without balance pad and measurements with some balance pads (BOSU concavely, BOSU convexly, Vicore and balance pod) using analysis of all thigh muscles together, analysis of anterior-posterior stability and analysis of dexter-sinister stability. There were some statistic differences between these balance pads and the other two pads (T-bow, foam pad).
Evaluation of postural changes due to sedentary employment in BUT students using the DIERS 4D Formetic device.
Opálková, Martina ; Adamík, Richard (referee) ; Bedáňová, Kamila (advisor)
This thesis deals with the evaluation of postural changes due to sedentary activity with VUT students using the DIERS 4D Formetric device, monitoring changes in the angles and distances of individual parts of the spine using an optical scanning method. The measurement itself is performed while standing and also sitting (Brugger sitting technique). This static diagnosis is used to determine changes after sedentary activity of at least six hours during the day.

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