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Detection and genotypisation of Helicobacter pylori strains in Waldeyers lymphatic tissue and its relationship to the formation of pathologies in this area
Nártová, Eva ; Astl, Jaromír (advisor) ; Smilek, Pavel (referee) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim ofthis study was to reveal the presence ofHelicobacter pylori (HP) in the Waldeyers lymphatic tissue in the group ofchildren and adults, along with its possible role in the etiology of tonsillar carcinoma and benign diseases (chronic tonsillitis, OSAS, adenoids). In our study we have confirmed the hypothesis that HP is presented m the Waldeyers lymphatic tissue. as well as in the stomach and that the oropharynx and epipharynx are the an extragastric reservoir ofHP. Mucosa associated lymphatic tissue in the stomach is similar to lymphatic tissue ofWaldeyer ring. These conditions can be very favourable for the survival ofHP and thus can promote inflammation changes and immune changes as well as in the stomach. ln our study, using the real-time PCR method we have detected high incidence ofHP DNA in adenoids and tonsillar tissue. ln the group ofbenign diseases, the most frequent genotypes were CagA­ VacAsIbm1 and CagA-VacAslbm2. In the group of patients with tonsillar carcinoma, the most frequent genotype was CagA-VacAslbml. Genotyping identified strains ofHP showed differences in comparison with the predominant strains which are most frequently found in the stomach. Genotypic analysis ofI-IP strains showed that the less prevalent virulent strains ofHP, known as cagA negative and vacA positive....
The effect of various experimental, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions on epithelial cells of the airways
Uhlík, Jiří ; Konrádová, Václava (advisor) ; Lichnovský, Václav (referee) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Tichý, František (referee)
The effect of various experimental, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions on epithelial cells of the airways Powered by TCPDF (
Potential and significance of extended embryo culture
Uher, Petr ; Rokyta, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pilka, Ladislav (referee)
The aim of this dissertation thesis is to emphasize the sense of extended cultivation of embryos to the stadium of blastocyst and its influence on success of assisted reproduction and facilitation of pre implantation diagnosis, analysis of cultivation media and derivation of human embryonic stem cells. Author summarizes current literary findings in assisted reproduction and examines the currently used methods. Author also submits his own published experimental works, in which he compares his own results of infertility treatment with usage of extended cultivation to blastocyst with results of other techniques. Furthermore author submits his own published experimental works which are using extended cultivation for pre implantation diagnosis and its improvement. Another experimental works includes possibility of stem cells derivation. Usage of extended cultivation to blastocyst convincingly leads, according to author's own experiments and simultaneously to available literary findings, to higher success of infertility treatment. This is especially significant by middle-aged mothers. Sufficient term of cultivation enables not just selection, but also biopsy and its generic treatment. Long-term cultivation also enables analysis of cultivation media - but these didn't met the expectations for increase of...
Genetic Regulation of Limb Development
Šnajdr, Pavel ; Grim, Miloš (advisor) ; Peterka, Miroslav (referee) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee)
Lx in SHR.Lx rat manifests in homozygotes as hindlimb preaxial polydactyly. We showed that a 2,964-bp deletion in Plzf (Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger) intron 2 is the only candidate for Lx. The deletion removes the most deeply conserved CNE with putative regulatory influence on Plzf expression. Using in situ hybridization we found reduced expression pattern of Plzf in Lx/Lx limb and anterior expansion of expression domains of Plzf targets Hoxd10-13 genes and Bmp2, in the absence of ectopic Shh expression. Rat hd manifests in homozygotes as reduction or loss of digits II and III on both hind and forelimb and impairment of spermatogenesis leading to male infertility. We showed that hd mutation is caused by an insertion of an endogenous retrovirus into intron 10 of the Cntrob gene resulting in the translation of a truncated protein. In situ hybridization showed that expression of cartilage condensation marker Sox9, and Bmp receptor Bmpr1b is absent from the distal parts of the digit condensations II and III. Studying spermatogenesis we showed that centrobin (protein of Cntrob) localizes to the centrosome, manchette, and the marginal ring of the spermatid acroplaxome. Mutant spermatids show a disruption of head-tail coupling apparatus leading to spermatid decapitation . We demonstrated distinct...
Sleep-dicordered Breathing at Risk Pregnancies
Hudecová, Jana ; Slouka, David (advisor) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Měchurová, Alena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to highlight the severity of sleep-disordered breathing at risk pregnancies, as these disorders have a high share on the occurrence of cardiovascular problems at a later age. In the group of high-risk pregnant patients, breathing disorders in sleep lead to higher morbidity of patient as well as newborns. Currently, there are increasing risk factors in the population of pregnant women. Risk factors for the development of OSAS, which are examined in detail in this thesis in pregnant women, include BMI, age, pregestational and gestational hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The theoretical part of the thesis contains the findings of the risk pregnancies. The most serious unit is preeclampsia. For that reason, the greatest attention within high- risk pregnancies is aimed to the incidency, ethiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia. Furthermore, the theoretical part includes findings related to sleep- disordered breathing and focuses on OSAS and its health complications. In the special part of the thesis, there is an assessment of results regarding risk pregnant women with the presence of OSAS and without present OSAS. Keywords Preeclampsia, hypertension, OSAS, pregnancy, risk factors
The value of endoscopy of the salivary glands in the prevention of chronic disease
Hostička, Lubor ; Skálová, Alena (advisor) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Mazánek, Jiří (referee)
The author of this work deals with the problems of the sialolithiasis. He summarizes current knowledge of the etiology of the disease, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. There are described conventional therapeutic approaches, but the main part is dedicated to current practices which are used after the introduction of new technology-sialoendoscopy. The endoscopic technique is described in this work, the evaluation of its benefits, but also its limits. The author's efforts for conservative approach to the issue sialolithiasis, the exact localization of the sialith and extraction with preservation of the salivary gland is based on publications in the scientific literature. He documents this procedure with the resultes of his own research. There is evaluated using sialoendoscopy in treatment of the sialolithiasis in cases where the sialolith is located in hilum of the submandibular gland. This localization was in the past often an indication for extirpation of the submandibular gland. The author statistically rates files of extirpated submandibular glands in the author's workplace in two five-years periods. The first period is in the time when the sialoendoscopy is not used for examination and treatment of the sialolithiasis yet. In the second period the sialoendoscopy is available, there is also...
Risk factors for Reinkeho edema and the possibility of their influence
Pavelec, Václav ; Slípka, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sobotka, Pavel (referee) ; Chrobok, Viktor (referee)
1) The emergence Reinkeho edema significantly contributes to menopause. It is one of the most important factors. Our data suggest that it would not be so if they were women hormonally substituted. The second most important moment for the recurrence of RE are manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux. It can be accompanied by reflux laryngofaryngeálnlm, but not necessarily. It seems that its influence may be indirect, through vagal innervation (reflex). Uncover and reflux time it zaléčit proton pump is essential for proper treatment. Diagnostic methods are different with regard to the patient's good to find the least burdensome method. Dynamic scintigraphy of the esophagus is in such examination. Antibodies against HP in the stool indicate the need to treat helikobakteriózu regardless of the extent of gastrointestinal symptoms. Essential for initiation of drug treatment finding Reinkeho edema as one of the manifestations of GERD. HP eradication can be achieved by the use of proton pump inhibitors. In refractory cases the H + blocker or associated with typical gastroenterological problems, we recommend to treat the patient with antibiotics and chemotherapeutics Smoking has a significant influence on the RE, especially if the patient stops smoking after surgery, relapse escapes with great hope. We do not at...
Laser radiation in minimally invasive medicine
Slouka, David ; Slípka, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Betka, Jan (referee) ; Vostracký, Zdeněk (referee)
Introduction. The development trend of modern medicine is minimal invasiveness while maintaining sufficient radicality . This is aided by a great deal of new knowledge, revolutionary technical achievements and work approaches. Examples of this are numerous - an excimer laser for myopia, radio frequency thermoablation in the treatment of liver metastases, the use of a harmonic scalpel in endoscopic or open surgery. These are all examples where minimum damage is incurred on the "way" to a treating an organ with the same radicalism as with traditional surgery. The ultrasonic knife and radiofrequency thermotherapy have entered medicine in a multidisciplinary way, which, however, remains incomparable with the expansit of the phenomenon called laser. Lasers bring together a group of devices with very diverse characteristics, enabling applications in many fields of medicine. Wavelength defined by an active medium, coherence, collimation and monochromaticity predisposes lasers to a single technically unique selective influence of various tissues with their great energy. This enables a device belonging to a group of lasers to crush kidney stones, as well as evaporate a cornea or cut enamel. Objectives of the work. Our objective was to determine the benefits of laser medicine to minimize invasiveness in...
Histomorphological Changes in Normal and Pathological Cartilage Tissues and after their Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
Kaňa, Radim ; Nečas, Emanuel (advisor) ; Slípka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Ludvíková, Marie (referee)
1 Abstract Introduction Autologous transplants of the cartilage tissue from the pinna is commonly used in reconstructive surgery of the nasal skeleton. The present study used animal models to elucidate responses of the auricular cartilage to its damage or transplantation to ectopic sites. Histomorphological analysis of changes observed in auricular cartilage including immunohistochemical study of different isoforms of actin and S-100 proteins was performed. Human articular cartilage prepared by in vitro cultivation using artificial scaffolds was also studied after its transplantation. Aims of the study The aim was to study histological changes and expression of chondrocytic markers (α- SMA and S-100 proteins) in intact, artificially traumatised, or in a human auricular cartilage cultivated in culture medium. An attempt to grow human auricular cartilage chondrocytes implanted in vitro into various types of three dimensional scaffolds aimed at testing chondrocyte survival and phenotype both in the culture and after transplantation to immunodeficient mice. A human auricular cartilage transplanted into the nasal skeleton of patients during a reconstruction surgery should be submitted to a histomorphological examination. Research assumed also comparison of the auricular cartilage responses to a damage,...

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