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Poet Karel Doskočil
Krásenská, Klára ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Kudlová, Klára (referee)
Karel Doskočil (1908-1962), historiographer, archivist, editor and poet passes unnoticed over a long period of time. This thesis' primary goal is to introduce Doskočil's work in the literary historical context, including two published collections Větve stromů (1941) and Milosrdenství (1947) and other unpublished texts as a part of Doskočil's estate. Approaching Doskočil's literary work in its wholeness (as enabled though access to personal archive) as well as putting it into perspective of the so-called catholic literature appears to be a desirable reminder of an author threatened by collective oblivion. The thesis also remembers Doskočil's scientific activities, altough it does not constitute a crucial subject of our work.
Enchantment of Words. The Limits of Religious Language In Poetry
Krásenská, Klára ; Krásová, Eva (advisor) ; Wiendl, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis main subject is the phenomenon of empty language, especially regarding the religious discourse. Why is it possible that our language activity may seem empty, insufficient, even dead? The religious field/part of human experience appears to be particularly liable to this phenomenon. Can religious language be "not enough" for the individual transcendental experience? What is so specific about religious language demanding truth? Similar questions are also asked by poets regarding to language as such, therefore we follow both this dual line of thinking and the involvement of religious language in the language of poetry. The analogy with the poetic language appears fruitful in several aspects, which leads us to the final question: Is it language of poetry that could eventually offer a functional solution?
Is that you God in that void?" Spirituality in I.M. Jirous's and J. Zahradníček's prison poetry
Krásenská, Klára ; Bartoň, Josef (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
First of all, the author briefly introduces some of the most fundamental moments in the lives of both poets and also the circumstances they were facing as political prisoners during the period od 50's and 80's in the communist Czechoslovakia. The main part of the thesis primarily analyses those poems of Jan Zahradníček and Ivan M. Jirous, that were written while both authors were persecuted and jailed by the regime. The aim of this thesis is to characterize and compare those motifs and topics in the prison poetry collections, that are common for both poets, due to similar circumstances, that determined their lives. Nevetherless, the main topic basically connecting all of them discusses poets' relationship with God in the context of personal crisis. The author will concentrate especially on the revealing and interpretating those spiritual moments, that can be understood as a reflection of Jirous's and Zahradníček's personal spiritual experience.

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