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Overlaps of Theathre photography: The Phenomenon of Slam Poetry
Vlasáková, Šárka ; Lábová, Sandra (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to capture the atmosphere of the Czech slam poetry scene and the essence of this young and increasingly popular genre, which is based on the interaction between the artist and his audience. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is a photobook titled Slam poetry: Beyond the limits of poetry. It introduces the genre of Slam poetry through authentic moments from Czech exhibitions, backstage and workshops at school workshops. Furthermore, it also brings personal stories of artists and refer to the creative process of slam texts themselves. The theoretical part aims to describe the specific photographic elements, which are used during the photobook production. It explains the characteristics approaches to theatre photography and focuses on its well-known authors, especially in the Czech environment. It also looks for the overreach of this type of artistic photography into the social sphere through the introduction of photography of subcultures connected with a particular artistic genre. It introduces the phenomenon of slam poetry from its origins through the international and domestic scene to its influence on primary and secondary school education.
Photojournalism after Digitalization: State of Photojournalism in the Czech Republic
Lábová, Sandra ; Silverio, Robert (advisor) ; Nilsson, Maria Elisabeth (referee) ; Allan, Stuart (referee)
This dissertation undertakes ethnographic research to examine photojournalism in the Czech Republic comprehensively. It builds on the importance of news images in the media representation of reality while considering the authenticity of photography. It stresses photojournalists' role in gatekeeping decision-making and discusses the challenges they face in the evolving media market and developing technology. The research employs qualitative and quantitative methods to examine four dimensions of current photojournalist practice in the Czech Republic: professional identity, production process, ethical standards, and working conditions in light of rising competition. Key findings show passionate and dedicated professionals facing challenges in digitalization and limited resources. Respondents prioritize authenticity and autonomy but highlight the concerns about the underrepresentation of photo departments and the impact of competition in photojournalism. Nevertheless, they express high job satisfaction, viewing their profession as prestigious and rewarding. This research sets a foundation for future longitudinal studies of Czech photojournalists by providing arguments for several concerns, such as gender disparity, technological advancements, and audience perception of visual narratives.
Discourse Analysis of Czech Media in Connestion with Concept of Surveillance Society
Mikolandová, Anna ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This thesis deals with the concept of a surveillance society in the modern world and its representation in the Czech media. It aims to deduce the discourse of the domestic media on this issue and the narratives that form it. For this purpose, James Paul Gee's method of discursive analysis originating from the linguistic tradition is chosen. In addition to the texts, the visual representations that accompany them are examined through qualitative content analysis. The conclusions of the research are compared with the findings presented in the theoretical part of the thesis. The thesis focuses on the issue of surveillance and presents the key ideas and research that have shaped the emergence of the entire field of surveillance studies. These include texts by Jeremy Bentham, Karl Marx, Max Weber and Michel Foucault. Other contemporary theorists have then drawn on these, whose research is also the focus of the thesis, and present the dominant issues and current problems related to the main theme of the thesis. These include, for example, Gilles Deleuze's concept of the society of control, "new" surveillance by Gary T. Marx, dataveillance, i.e. the use of data for surveillance in Roger Clark's theses, Mark Poster's superpanopticon, the issues related to the use of CCTV camera systems addressed by Clive...
Mob lynching: Analysis of framing and sourcing patterns in news media coverage in India
Rodrigues, Ronald ; Dimitrov, Michal (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
Mob lynching, an act where a group of people brutally beat an individual/s to the extend of mercilessly killing them publicly is being committed in India. These acts have mushroomed since the election of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in May 2014. This paper examined frames and sources used by three mainstream national newspapers the Times of India, the Indian Express and The Hindu in the coverage of mob lynching during the first term of Modi from May 2014 to May 2019. Further, the paper studied factors that influence journalists during their coverage and conducted interviews with 6 journalists from the newspapers. The paper aimed to analyse whether the media questions the existing impunity and attributes responsibility for acts of mob lynching. The study found results indicating that mob lynching is portrayed as a 'Conflict' by the news media with a comparatively lower use of the responsibility frame and a heavy reliance on 'police' as sources. The study also pointed out that mob lynching is not an isolated incident but a larger systemic issue in India where the media has an important role in questioning the failure of systems. Keywords Mob lynching, cow protection, Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, news media coverage, Narendra Modi, framing, source, journalist
From bricks to pixels and memory: An Instagram-ic multimodal analysis of the meanings upheld in the journalistic commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall
Machado Raupp, Eric ; Lábová, Sandra (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
Bibliographic note Raupp, E. M. (2023). From bricks to pixels and memories: An Instagram-ic multimodal analysis of the meanings upheld in the journalistic commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 96 p. Master thesis. Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Supervisor prof. Mgr. Sandra Lábová Abstract The fall of the Berlin Wall stands as a momentous and pivotal event in world history, evoking an enduring and evolving collective memory. In this context, journalism plays an essential role in how societies remember. As the years elapsed since the breach of the border, noteworthy transformations have taken place globally, including the communications domain, wherein the integration of social media has become an indispensable aspect. Within this panorama, this research explores the meanings shaping collective memory in journalistic posts on Instagram commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Fall on 9 November 2019. The study employs Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis to examine 11 publications from seven international media outlets. The findings show that geographic location and cultural detachment play a role in how the news organization approaches the theme and identifies five dominant meanings associated with the Berlin Wall, such as its...
Postcolonial photographic representations of Global South in the context of environmental disasters: The Haiti case
Kotvalová, Lucie ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The present thesis examines the media representation of Haitian men and women in the context of environmental disasters from a postcolonial perspective. The work builds on the work of postcolonial authors such as Edward Said, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Walter Mignolo, Aníbal Quijano and Gurminder K. Bhambra, according to whom the system of power formed during the colonial period did not end with the formal independence of the former colonies, but transcends this imaginary boundary and materializes to this day through various pathways and processes, termed coloniality. It is precisely the possible continuity of contemporary forms of representation with colonial narratives that the thesis traces in three media discourses - the British media outlet The Guardian, the Czech server and the Qatari media outlet Al Jazeera. Through a combination of social semiotic analysis applied to selected photographs and a discursive historical approach to critical discourse analysis used to deconstruct meanings in media texts, representations were analysed in the context of two Haitian natural disasters: the 2016 Hurricane Matthew and the 2021 earthquake. The research showed that modes of representation change in relation to the location from which they are formed and subsequently articulated, and are thus...
Media coverage of violent events and journalistic ethics
Matúšová, Simona ; Lábová, Sandra (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with media coverage of violent events and journalistic ethics. It addresses both the opinion of journalism and media professionals, as well as the public's view, on the publication of photographs depicting violence. In the theoretical part, the work is devoted to the role and development of journalistic photography, as well as journalistic ethics and specifically the ethics of photojournalism. It also discusses the phenomenon of desensitization to violence. A qualitative method in the form of a focus group was chosen for the research. Using thematic analysis, the opinion of selected recipients on ethically questionable photographs and desensitization to violence is explored.
Visual representation of the climate change in online news
Čermáková, Kristýna ; Lábová, Sandra (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The thesis focuses on journalistic photography in news articles about climate change. In the theoretical part it anchors concepts such as the effects of climate change and its impact on society, explains the workings of stereotypes and solution journalism. It also focuses on fixing the definition of environmental photography and describes the workings of newsrooms, gatekeeping and agenda setting. It will then use a form of mixed quantitative and qualitative research to answer the research question of what photographs are selected for articles about climate change around the world. In the quantitative part, it will use content analysis to map three hundred photographs from three Czech media outlets,, and The thesis will explore the hypotheses that visually impressive photography will have more space regardless of the weight of the topic, and that stereotypical methods of sampling will predominate when using illustrative images. The qualitative part will answer the research question through three semi-structured interviews and then form a conclusion in the form of an grounded theory. This will reflect on the relationship of Czech newsrooms to the use of photography as an information medium for climate change issues, the possible agenda setting or the journalist's...
Visual Representation of Brexit in Britisch Online Media
Benešová, Stanislava ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of visual representation of Brexit, which was a once-in-a-lifetime event that affected millions of Brits. The United Kingdom held a referendum in 2016 which resulted in the country'sleaving the European Union. That led to a major shift in British media discourse. Brexit had a political, economic,and social impact and that manifested in the thematical agenda. The visual coverage consisted not only of portraits of politicians but also of campaign posters, reportage photographs, and illustrative images.This thesis examinestwo traditional British newswebsites which are The Guardian and The Daily Mail. Analysisof several newsarticlesis conducted using a combination of discourse analysis and compositional interpretation. It is examined what the visual coverage of Brexit looked like and what effect it had on the media agenda.

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