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Lives of the Indian community in Czechia
Kohoutová, Magdaléna ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
In the practical part of this thesis, under the title Life of the Indian community in the Czech Republic, I documented the everyday life of several representatives of this nationality. My goal was to show how and why this very small minority lives here. In the photo book that emerged from this effort, I captured the Eastern and Western worlds colliding in their lives. The theoretical part of this work is devoted to journalistic photography, specifically photojournalism and documentary photography. These two genres are very close, they even overlap in many ways. I will therefore determine what the differences between them are. The next chapters already touch on the practical part of my work. I describe how to work with the depiction of foreign cultures in a photo document. I will take postcolonialist theory and its understanding of the relationship between Western civilization and the rest of the world as a guide. Subsequently, I will present the work of several contemporary Czech photographers who work with foreign cultures. I will look into their style and focus in particular on their understanding of the intercultural scale of their work.
The cultural significance of grafifiti and its image portrayed by the media
Rufer, Jan ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This practical bachelor thesis documents the creation of graffiti. In the practical part it documents the work of the Czech CSR writer crew during several different events and in the theoretical part it presents the history, development and transformation of the graffiti subculture in the Czech Republic. The work consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. The practical part, entitled Art under the cover of night, is the main part of this bachelor thesis. The photobook consists of a series of photographs taken with digital and analogue cameras. The photographs were taken during 2021 and early 2022. The aim of this thesis is to present the phenomenon of graffiti through a series of photographs. The photographs document the actual process of creating graffiti from the role of an observer on different occasions in different environments. The thesis aims to present and document the process of creation itself in a practical part. In the theoretical part I also focus on the way graffiti is (and the subculture associated with it) is perceived in selected domestic media and what image the media convey to the public about this artistic discipline. In the theoretical part I first define the slang used in the subculture. Next, I briefly introduce how graffiti has developed in the Czech Republic. In the...
Vague Terrain - Far Side of the City
Třísková, Nora ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This practical bachelor thesis examines the phenomenon of vague terrain through the medium of documentary photography. The work is focused mainly on capturing the variability of those places and exploring their meaning for the city and its citizens. The photobook Vague Prague is part of the bachelor thesis. The first part of the thesis is concerned with clarifying the terms such as vague terrain, non-place, brownfield and other terms which are necessary for understanding this topic. Furthermore, the thesis connects those concepts with the medium of photography and describes the change of approach in documenting peripheries and the transformation of visual narrative, which happened in this field in the second half of 20th century. The second part is a sixty-page long photobook, which uses the medium of documentary photography to capture the appearance of vague spaces in Prague. Photographs in this cycle combine classic documentary techniques with a more conceptual approach to the visual work. The cycle shows one of possible ways to see and understand vague spaces and potentially even fully appreciate their significance for the city.
The Perception of Authenticity in Documentary Photography from Czech Photographers'Viewpoint
Novotníková, Radka ; Silverio, Robert (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to examine the work and thinking of Czech documentary photographers, and to evaluate how they are dealing with authenticity not only in photography but also in their professions; as it is perceived as an objective way to capture reality. Photography is considered a proof of existence of the captured moments and that is why it is often perceived as a trustworthy medium. However, it is frequently neglected that photographs are moments detached from time and context, and that they are subject to the author's thinking and decision on how the situation is going to be captured and presented to the public. In the theoretical part, this thesis is dealing with the definition of authenticity and the perception of photography as an object that is credibly portraying reality of the world. These findings are consequently compared through opinions of six Czech documentary photographers, that were obtained through interviews.
Semiotic analysis of cover photographs in Vogue magazine international editions
Čápová, Tereza ; Silverio, Robert (advisor) ; Lábová, Sandra (referee)
The central theme of the diploma thesis is fashion photography on the cover pages of Vogue magazine international editions. In the empirical section, the author uses a combination of quantitative content analysis and qualitative semiotic analysis based on the concept of the French semiotics Roland Barthes. The quantitative section of the analysis works with a sample of 87 photographs, from which 8 images are later selected for the semiotic part. At the denotative level, the analysis looks for common and different signs of individual editions. At the level of the connoted image, the author tries to decode the contained signs and their meanings. The semiotic analysis traces linguistic messages, the narrative, the paradigmatic and syntagmatic arrangement of photography, or the presence of national identity. Part of the work is also a theoretical section dedicated to fashion magazines and changes in the aesthetics of fashion photography. This part contains an excursion into the history and present of fashion photography and presents prominent personalities in the field. In the theoretical part, the author defines the terms that form the ground for empirical research. At the end of the work, the results of the analysis and their interpretation are presented.
Photography of Modern Performing Arts: LARP
Šolcová, Tereza ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to create a photo essay on the subject of modern performative art called larp. The word larp itself was formed by combining words live, action, role and playing and it is an alternative to theater and film where the actors play roles only for themselves, not for the audience. The practical part of this thesis documents the preparation, organization and the course of larp events. The theoretical part of the work briefly introduces the genre of photography of performative art, especially theater and film photography. Furthermore, this work compares these genres with the photographed theme and describes their common and different elements. This thesis also briefly deals with the history of larp as a socio-artistic phenomenon of the 21st century.
Horseriding in the Czech photography
Grohová, Hana ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is mainly horse riding in Czech photography. The theoretical part focuses on the history of documentary photography and sports photography in the Czech Republic. It maps out the visual coverage of horse riding in the Czech Republic, introduces the most important figures and shows their work and successes. Through the interview with the Czech News Agency photo reporter Roman Vondrouš it describes the shape of current horse- riding photography, the state of sports photography in Czech agencies and examines current topics. The practical part includes a collection of documentary photographs that show the racetrack Chuchle Arena Praha. The pictures look into the equestrian world and are a visual evidence of its evolution. They capture not only the races themselves, but also the whole process of preparation of horse-riders. They were created during trainings away form actual races, race-day preparations and in the moments of win or loss. They show, what is hidden beneath the surface of the equestrian sport and picture the relationship between humans and horses. Moreover, the photos capture functioning of the racetrack in Velká Chuchle that exists for more than a century already and offers different types of horse-racing competitions. You can see steeplechase and show jumping here.
Visual framing of rwandan genocide in 1994
Macků, Anna ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of photographs taken during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The ethnically motivated conflict, in which the Hutu majority tried to exterminate the Tutsi minority, claimed almost a million victims in a hundred days. The Rwandan genocide is notoriously associated with machetes and radio. Most of the victims were killed with primitive weapons, and the murders of neighbours and family members took place under the influence of a propaganda radio broadcast. The thesis describes how photojournalism in the 1990s reported on such a specific conflict as modern genocide. The thesis uses visual framing analysis, which is based on the theory of framing. After that it was possible to identify the recurring visual frames through which the Rwandan genocide is depicted in the images.
Docementary Photography: "Banana Generation"
Pacovský, Tomáš ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
The main goal of this practical bachelor's thesis was to create a photographic documentary about young Czech Vietnamese people who identify as queer or as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The final photo book is a portrait of one of the community members. Through a variety of traditional as well as alternative participatory documentary methods, this book examines identity and its formation. The theoretical part reflects on the use of these participatory elements, contextualising the author's own usage in the practical section. The thesis will also present some major representatives of the Czech and global photographic scene, such as Wendy Ewald or Pavel Dias, who have used participative methods in their work. The theoretical part of the thesis also defines documentary photography.
Contemporary Social Photography
Zemanová, Kateřina ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This thesis focuses on personal lives of the 'Nový Prostor' Magazine sellers. The practical part of the thesis examines sellers' personal space, private activities, everyday concerns and the sellers' whereabouts. The thesis illuminates their individual stories and aspires to fight against social stereotypes about people who have lost their homes. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a definition of 'social documentary photography' and analyses methodological approaches to 'documentary photography' with special focus on communication with the photographed object.

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