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The Princ and the Gardener
Poljaková, Terézia ; Ryška, Pavel (referee) ; Lungová, Barbora (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis, which is a comic called The Prince and the Gardener, is inspired by the symbolism of transition and research into the queer ecology. Queer Ecology can be understood as a link between queer theory and critical environmentalism. Queer ecology aims to combat any divisions, such as the imaginary boundaries between our body and outside environment, humans and non-human animals, masculine and feminine or life and not life. In this text, my aim is to find and expand the connections of queer theories with the natural sciences as well as with my own work.
Beetle armour
Polášková, Lucie ; Ryška, Pavel (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of an author's accordion book, examining the relationship between textual and pictorial communication of information. The narrative is thematically set in the stylized realm of insects, where it works with the metaphor of the exoskeleton of the beetle as a portable armor, architecture, or outline. The fictional story deals with the life cycle of a beetle. He wonders how beetles are born and how do they leave the world? The aim of my bachelor thesis is the realization of an atypical prototype of an accordion book, which is located on the border of a building kit, a toy and a book. The realization of the prototype will use traditional techniques, including digitization and image post-production.
Stock Price Bubbles: Identification and the Effects of Monetary Policy
Koza, Oldřich ; Matějů, Jakub (advisor) ; Ryska, Pavel (referee)
This thesis studies bubbles in the U.S. stock market and how they are influenced by monetary policy pursued by the FED. Using Kalman filtering, the log-real price of S&P 500 is decomposed into a market-fundamentals component and a bubble component. The market-fundamentals component depends on the expected future dividends and the required rate of return, while the bubble component is treated as an unobserved state vector in the state-space model. The results suggest that, mainly in recent decades, the bubble has accounted for a substantial portion of S&P 500 price dynamics and might have played a significant role during major bull and bear markets. The innovation of this thesis is that it goes one step further and investigates the effects of monetary policy on both estimated components of S&P 500. For this purpose, the block- restriction VAR model is employed. The findings indicate that the decreasing interest rates have a significant short-term positive effect on the market-fundamentals component but not on the bubble. On the other hand, quantitative easing seems to have a positive effect on the bubble but not on the market-fundamentals component. Finally, the results suggest that the FED has not been successful at distinguishing between stock price movements due to fundamentals or the price misalignment.
Modern Banking and Preference Channels
Regináč, Jozef ; Ryska, Pavel (advisor) ; Pečená, Magda (referee)
Financial markets are nowadays more important than ever. Financial crisis of the previous decade demonstrated their power to influence stability of the whole economy. Since the consensus blames weak regulation and considers the only solution to be its extension, this thesis tries to provide the proof of existence of other options. The focus is firstly aimed at the weaknesses of the fractional reserve banking, which does not follow the basic legal principles of a deposit contract. This practice results in price fluctuations and favoritism of first takers of newly created money. Moreover, the thesis develops a new method of analysis, which emphasizes the application of preferences in exchanges. Important outcome of this method is the demonstration that the public does not have to always prefer the most evolved form of institution. All institutions within commercial banks are then analyzed with the use of this method and the thesis shows where preference channels are being interfered with. This analysis also reveals another outcome of fractional reserve banking, which is that the newly created money is only used according to the preferences of commercial bankers. We suggest that circumvention of the true nature of a deposit contract leads to a similar outcome in loan banking, where funds gathered by loan...
Dependency between Deflation and Recession in Japan over the Past Two Decades
Vopat, Daniel ; Ryska, Pavel (advisor) ; Franče, Václav (referee)
Aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find out if and in what manner has been the real GDP growth influenced by change of price level in Japan during last twenty years. This period is in Japan characteristic by economic stagnation often accompanied by deflation. Many economists and politicians presume that deflation keeps Japanese economy from growing again and they consider deflation to be an undesirable element that needs to be prevented. We use methods of econometric analysis to achieve our goal. To be more specific we use ordinary least squares estimation on quarterly data. The model is estimated in two ways to prevent possible influence of world economic crisis in 2008 and 2009. First model takes into account all collected data and second model drops out data from world economic crisis period. According to the first mentioned model analysis, the fourth lag of price level is negatively correlated with real GDP growth on 5 % significance level. To put it in another way, deflation was followed by acceleration of quarterly real GDP growth. This correlation was insignificant in the second model. Our research indicates that there is no reason to consider deflation being the cause of long lasting economic stagnation. Powered by TCPDF (
Austrian Business Cycle Theory and the Recession of 2007-2009 in the US Economy
Stračina, Jakub ; Ryska, Pavel (advisor) ; Mejstřík, Michal (referee)
This paper aims to evaluate merits of the Austrian business cycle theory in explaining the 2001-2009 business cycle in the US economy. The theory postulates that a monetary shock upsets equilibrium in the market for loanable funds and adversely influences coordination mechanisms of the economy. The structure of relative prices is distorted and resources are misallocated as a result. The economy follows an unsustainable investment trajectory inconsistent with the amount of available resources and with the consumer preferences. When the inconsistencies are revealed, some of the investments are liquidated and costly correction follows. After providing exposition of the theory and description of the US economy in 2001-2009, the theory is confronted with the data. Although some deviations are conceded, mainly in development of the labor market, analysis presented in the paper supports the Austrian business cycle theory as a solid theoretical tool for explanation of the economic development throughout the examined period. The theory exhibits its main strengths in accounting for development of relative prices and linking them to conditions in the market for loanable funds.
The Impact of Age Structure on Inflation - Example of Developing Countries
Zakaraia, Khatia ; Ryska, Pavel (advisor) ; Janda, Karel (referee)
Many countries in the world experience demographic transition - significant decrease of fertility rates and increase share of the old population. The pace and characteristics of demographic shifts however are individual for each country. At the same time these countries face low inflation rates or even deflation. In this thesis I demonstrate how demographic changes are correlated with low inflation rates. I estimated two different models - VAR and FEM for panel data using two samples of developing countries. The primary argument of using two separate groups for estimating the same problem is robustness check, whether all three imposed hypotheses will hold in any sample of the population. These hypotheses are - first, deflation is positively correlated with increased share of the old population, second, low inflation in developing economies has structural pattern due to demographic changes and third, deflation can be forecastable if it is driven by demographic trends. Despite the heterogeneity of the results from PVAR and FEM, a negative impact of aging population on inflation has been proved. Also estimation results support our two hypotheses that low inflation if it is partially driven by aging structure changes, has structural rather than cyclical characteristics and is predictable. Contribution...
Consumer credits in Czech Republic through the optics of behavioral economics : the impact of the form of presented information on the individual's decision making
Švejdová, Lenka ; Bauer, Michal (advisor) ; Ryska, Pavel (referee)
This study is inspired by behavioral economics, which reveals some of the biases in people's behavior and stresses the importance of the form of presented information. The aim of this study is to show the impact of the form of presented information on the individual's decision making in case of choosing consumer credit. We design hypothetical questionnaires each with one specific table introducing three different consumer credits. Each table provides participant with different form of contract conditions, which however always bear the same level of price and sanction information. Such price and sanction manipulations enable us to measure the participants' trade-off between the price of the credit and related potential sanction costs and how the preferences change if we add claryfing form of contract conditions. Empirical analysis reveals that if the conditions of the consumer credits are presented in more transparent way, it seams to be possible to nudge consumers towards safer credit without restricting the range of options. The effort of the study is therefore to show the importance of financial institutions providing borrowers with transparent and unambiguous credit contracts.
Multimodality MR Imaging of Pathological Changes in Schizophrenia
Slezák, Ondřej ; Ryška, Pavel (advisor) ; Mechl, Marek (referee) ; Heřman, Miroslav (referee)
Multimodality MR imaging of pathological changes in schizophrenia Aim: To prove structural changes of the neocortex and white matter of the brain indicating connectivity disorder in early phases of schizophrenia. Material and methods: A prospective monocentric study comparing a cohort of patients after the first episode of schizophrenia (on average 15.6 days after the initial hospitalization) with a control group of healthy persons. Probands were examined using a complex MRI protocol. Twenty-six patients and twenty-four healthy persons were examined in total. Three dimensional T1 and T2 data and DWI data were analyzed using TBSS FA, FBA a surface- based morphometry. Results: Large areas of dispersively decreased FA were found in patients compared to control group using TBSS. Several fixels of decreased FD metric were found using FBA in the anterior commissure of patients and one sporadic fixel of decreased FDC metric was found in frontal white matter of the brain. No statistically significant areas of cortical surface area and cortical thickness differences were found using SBM. Conclusions: Large areas of decreased microstructural integrity of the white matter of the brain were found. However, it was not possible to specify the nature of its corruption using FBA. Our findings indicate the crucial role of...

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