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The ceiling painting of Juda Tadeas Supper in the cemetery church Finding of the Holy Cross in Moravská Třebová
Šelemba, Michal ; Oulíková, Petra (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
The main purpose of the diploma thesis is the ceiling painting of Juda Tadeaus Supper in the cemetery church of the Finding the Holy Cross on the Cross's Hill in Moravská Třebová. The main part of the diploma work is about theologically well considered iconografical conception of the paintings. In the same line, the diploma work will talk about each topic accompanying by Latin inscriptions of Bible, liturgical texts and extracts of the Church Fathers, and also there will be older non-precise or faulse opinions related to the iconography of the painting. Furhter, the diploma work will be talking deeper about the link between the liturgical fiction and painting iconography showing the Legend of the Holy Cross and the themes concerning the last human things and the saving objects for the souls in the purgatory together with Eucharist and Five wounds of Christ supported by post-trident theology. The aim of the diploma work is to show the interesting iconography programme of the regional artistic work, whose thorough realisation is to be compared with the nowdays most interesting realisations of the mural paintings occupy takes up of the unique place.
Motif of ships and fish on Baroque pulpits in Central Europe
Eliáš, Štěpán ; Oulíková, Petra (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
Ship and Fish motif of baroque pulpits in Central Europe The subject of the bachelor's thesis are the pulpits. Specifically, those that originated in the Baroque period and in the history of art have experienced the terms Schiffskanzel, Fischerkanzel, Schiff-Petri Kanzel and Fischkanzel. What these pulpits have in common, apart from the location in the Central European area,is that they contain the theme of fishing and sailing. The reader will get acquainted with the mutual relations of ship and fish pulpits.
Personality of Elizabeth of Thuringia and her representation on panel paintings of high altar in the Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth in Košice
Vagaská, Veronika ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
The topic of my bachelor work is Personality of Elizabeth of Hungary and her representation on panel paintings of main altar in Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth in Košice of years 1474 - 1477. Elizabeth of Hungary, daughter of king Andrew II. and his wife Gertrude, was a patron of town and cathedral, where the main altar is dedicated to her. In my bachelor work I want to present her personality and legends of Elizabethan cycle of main altar in this cathedral.At the same time, the thesis deals with the authorship of panel painting, which is a controversial topic of art historians.
The Former Church of St. Lawrence under Petřín at Malá Strana in Prague
Bělohlávková, Monika ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
Resumé This bachelor's work concernes with history of The former church of St. Lawrence under Petřín on Malá Strana in Prague, today which services as concert and exhibition hall of festival The Prague's spring and The Club of friends of festival The Prague spring's. This work endeavoures to take down build and history developement od the church, rich mural and general exoneration of this object, which was provided during 90th years of 20 th century. This exoneration was related to mainly return originaly wiew of sacral space to this object. Originaly form of the church was sacral, but during 19 th century this former church was rebuild on dwelling house.The exoternation concerned about large restauration of wall paintings, which was discovered during restoratione's works. The oldest discovered paintings stems from Romanesque period, but we can see here mural from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Keywords: Gothic architecture Prague Plantation Nebovidy Former the church of St. Lawrence under Petřín / on Újezd / in Nebovidy Restauration of wall paintings Pages 42 Words 14 159 Marks (without interspace) 78 316 Marks (cum interspace) 92 837 Paragraphes 295 Lines 1423
Foundations of Marie Margaret Countess of Waldstein
Svobodová, Jana ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
RESUMÉ MARIE MARKETA OF WALDSTEIN'S FOUNDATIONS This bachelor's work represents Marie Marketa, Countess of Waldstein, as the founder of sacral objects in her estates, and presents an overview of buildings with an explanation of their origin in the given locality. Bachelor's thesis is part of research on Waldstejn's patronage in northern Bohemia prepared for the exhibition of this important aristocratic family in the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov. During my research, I did mapping of individual sites and I described them. From my point of view the work in the field was important, this means acquisition of photographs of individual churches and gathering additional information on the creation of buildings. Most reference period was the years 1724-1729, when the Countess of Waldstein was truly generous in promoting the arts, when the favorable financial situation help her. Thanks to this situation newly built or restored religious buildings on Waldstein's estates were built. Such as decanal church of St. James in Mnichovo Hradiště, St. Nicholas in Turnov, and St. Vojtěch in Kruh near Doksy, St. Wenceslas in Boseň and the chapel of St. John of Nepomuk at Waldstein, St. Stapin in Klokočka. The aim set for this work I managed to meet, even though I remained in this work due to my research even more...
The Subsidiary Churches of Roman Catholic Parish Říčany near Prague
Žilková, Markéta ; Pučalík, Marek (advisor) ; Oulíková, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis The Subsidiary Churches of Roman Catholic Parish Říčany u Prahy deals with churches, which currently belongs to the Říčany`s parish, and freely continues in the bachelor thesis The Church of St Peter and St Paul in Říčany. At the beginning, history of the parish is briefly introduced. The thesis is divided into chapters according to individual churches. The development of architecture, chronological description of the interior painting and sculptural decoration and liturgical applied arts, which are located in particular churches, follow after a historical introduction. The churches' most significant treasures include the original rotunda in Kostelec u Křížků, gothic frescoes in Olešky and Kostelec, the painting of Archangel Raphael with young Tobias by Karel Škréta in Kostelec, baroque altar in Tehov a classical tombstone of archbishop Salm-Salm in Kamenice. The biggest contribution of this thesis is the detailed summary, finding of analogies (particularly similarity of gothic presbyteries in Otice and Kunice, baroque reconstruction of churches in Tehov and Kolovraty and baroque altars in Kostelec u Křížků and Kamenice), dating of baroque frescoes in the presbytery of church in Kostelec, finding of provenance of altar in Tehov and elaborating of history of smaller villages (especially of...
Baroque Painting of Religious Buildings at Veselí nad Moravou
Kostkanová, Adéla ; Pučalík, Marek (advisor) ; Oulíková, Petra (referee)
The title of the submitted bachelor theses in the field of study History of Art is "Baroque painting of religious buildings in Veseli nad Moravou". The theses present baroque paintings of religious buildings in the 18th century in the city Veseli nad Moravou as well as its cultural and artistic flowering. The main aim of this paper is summary and description of the painting religious works of three different churches and personal confrontation of church decoration from available materials.
Capitular Church of Raising of The Holy Cross in Litomyšl
Vacek, Miloš ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
1 Abstract At first the Diploma thesis "Capitular Church of Raising of The Holy Cross in Litomyšl" acquaints shortly with history of Litomyšl, which went before and is important for understanding later period - foundation of a Monastery of the Augustinians the Hermits. This is concern mainly about a Monastery of the Benedictines and then about a Monastery of the Premonstratensians. In 1344 a Bishopric was founded in Litomyšl (Chapter 1). The second resident Bishop Jan II. from Středa founded the Monastery of the Augustinians together with the Church of Raising of The Holy Cross in 1356 (Chapter 2). There was an important change in the meaning of the aforementioned Church during the Hussite period - in 1448 a Parish Office was transfered here from destroyed Church of St. Clement (Chapter 3). In this thesis description of architectural history of the Church is not missing; construction of the Church took 20 years and modifications continued until the Hussitism (Chapter 4). Till the 20th century many noble families cared the Church; these families were also owners of a domain of Litomyšl (Chapter 5). Till the 20th century the Church went through many reconstructions and also a few cardinal renovations (Chapter 6). In the beginnig of the 20th century the Provost titular was given Litomyšl Deanery. Several years...
Holy Trinity Church in Klášterec nad Ohří
Dercaci, Alexandra ; Oulíková, Petra (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
Holy Trinity church in Klášterec nad Ohří Abstract Hоly Trinity Church was built in the mid-sixties of the 17th century. The construction was ordered by Count Michаel Oswald Thun and it was a part of a Baroque rebuilding of his estate in Klášterec. Among the other contruction projects were e.g. the reconstruction of the castle, building of sala terrena and founding of extensive gardens, decorated with sculptures from the early Baroque sculptor Jаn Brоkoff. Plans for the church were developed by a significant architect Cаrlo Lurаgo and construction was realized by builder Rossi de Luca. The plans, however, differ from the final form of the church. In my thesis i summarize the knowledge about the church I found and try to look into drew defign of towerd facade of the church from architect Lurago. And the goal of my work is to connect his design with similar buildings.
Baroque domes and the St. Francis of Assissi Church in Prague
Sýkora, Petr ; Oulíková, Petra (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the St. Francis of Assissi Church in the Old Town of Prague as a building with the first true dome on a drum, constructed by Jean Baptiste Mathey who was originally a painter. Thanks to him Prague got a building that is architecturally as significant as Rome's St. Peter's Basilica. The thesis also researches the attempts to emulate Roman architecture. Architects active in Bohemia had been trying to construct a dome over the nave from the beginning of the 17th century. However, they only accomplished a true dome with the arrival of Mathey. Even Carlo Lurago, who was the best-known architect of the time, didn't succeed to place a dome over the nave, although he tried it on many buildings. Giovanni Domenico Orsi, on the other hand, managed to include a dome-like shape in his buildings, but many of his projects didn't survive to this day or remained on paper. Besides the St. Francis Church itself, this thesis also deals with Roman inspirations. The construction of this church wouldn't have been possible if Mathey hadn't brought with him from Rome the latest knowledge about Roman architecture and buildings being constructed back then. He was undoubtedly influenced by Carlo Rainaldi and other outstanding Roman architects who were active at that time.

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