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Analysis of the reproductive behavior changes in the Czech Republic focused on the increasing age of primaparas
Chlubnová, Markéta ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the reproductive behavior and its changes. It focuses on the factors affecting the age of primaparas. The thesis analyses changes in the Czech society, which supervene after the events of 1989. The thesis finds out, that the reproductive behavior was distincly affected by changes in the family behavior. Furthermore, the thesis assesses the effect of the education process, its prolonging and growing ratio of women at the universities. There is made an analysis of the harmonization of family and professional role. According to thesis's outcomes, the Czech Republic doesn't have enough places and institucional care equipment for preschool children. Furthermore, employers don't provide enough work flexibility, especially part -- time work.
Current Family Policy: Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Sweden
Burianová, Michaela ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
Abstract This bachelor thesis inquires into the family policy in the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Sweden. In the first part, there are defined theoretical basis for better understanding of subsequent practice part. It describes current forms of family that are complementing the traditional family. There are also described selected demographic variables in each country -- total fertility and birth rates, marriage and divorce rates -- these are explained in terms of development over time. In the second chapter, there are described family policies in the individual countries and their global perspective. The practical part of this thesis is divided into three chapters and each chapter is devoted to one of the studied countries. There are defined individual family supports, as they are implemented in the state, as well as the amount and requirements for their return. The practical part is the foundation for a comparison between countries.
Work–life balance in the Czech Republic
Kalátová, Michaela ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Sunega, Petr (referee)
The effort to harmonize work self-realization with the care of children brings parents in the Czech Republic number of problems. Gender stereotypes cause that it is mainly women who must cope with the double load. This thesis deals with the most problematic areas such as the lack of alternative employment or small extension of alternative care for childern. The aim is to define the reasons for this and propose possible solutions that makes easier harmonzation of family and work in the Czech Republic.
Involvement of women after parental leave at the present labor market
Kučerová, Barbora ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
After maternity or parental leave are women one of the vulnerable groups at the labor market. They are presumed to have less time flexibility and lower performance, which result from the expected childcare and housework. The aim of this essay is analyze the level of women's support at the labor market, focused on women returning to the labor market after maternity or parental leave and formulate measures, which could lead to an improvement of their position. In the introduction is discussed the development of the women's situation in Czech society, characteristics risks of the labor market for women with children and current support of women-mothers at the labor market. The core of the practical part is the analysis of family policy instruments to simplify women's return from parental leave to the labor market, analysis of financial support from the European Union and support from employers in the context of corporate social responsibility. There is compared current family policy in the Czech Republic and in other European country - France.
Mental Health Care and Financing in the Czech Republic
Kůs, Jan ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Silvie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with mental health as a specific and significant part of the health in general. The thesis analyzes mental health determinants and contemporary socioeconomic factors, which are negatively affecting the state of mind and are increasing the probability of occurence of mental disorder. Based on analyzis, the thesis is finding out that the current state organizational structure in mental health care in the Czech Republic mismatches with The World Health Organization's recommendations. Despite some notable efforts trying to restructure the system, changes leading to community service based model are very slow. The crucial part of the thesis is focused on analyzing the mental health expenditures of the General Health Fund during years 2006 to 2012. The major part of mental health expenditures lead to specialized hospitals. The results are confirming the dominant role of the psychiatric hospitals within the mental health care in the Czech Republic.
Parental contribution and birthrate in Czech republic in 1999-2012
Kryštofová, Nela ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Kobliha, Pavel (referee)
The main theme of this bachelor work is the development the parental contribution and its relation to the number of births in the Czech Republic since 1993. Analysis of the the parental contribution is concerned with legislation and the amount the parental contribution. Increase or decrease of births, depending on the development of the parental contribution I will find by using data of fertility. By comparing the Czech Republic legislation of the parental contribution and parental leave with Great Britain and Sweden I will meet with great differences. Therefore, I propose a reduction the period of maternity leave, but due to better institutional framework Preschools and employers greater loyalty to mothers or fathers on parental leave.
System of day care for preschool children in the Czech Republic
Šírová, Kateřina ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
Women on maternity leave are considered one of the most vulnerable groups in the labor market. Because of their prolonged failure of the working process in connection with child care they have difficult conditions in search of employment. The system of day care for preschool children should help women to eliminate this effect. The thesis is aimed to examine the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems of day care for preschool children based on the analysis of legislation and in comparison with systems of other European states. The work also compares the sufficiency of the regions of the Czech Republic and its possible effects on female unemployment.
Pension reform in the Czech Republic and demographic development
Vašíčková, Kateřina ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Brabec, Petr (referee)
The paper work is focused on the issue of pension reform, which has been recently made in the Czech Republic. The first part of the paper describes the pension systems, their types and differences among them. Further the work is dedicated to progressive development of the pension system. It is focused on the signifficant changes that were made within the so-called Small and Big pension reform and introduces the versions of the pension reforms of particular political parties based on Bezděk report's conclusion. Further the work analyzes the factors, which have impact on the progress of the pension system with focus on future trens of demographic development. In conclusion the paper work evaluates the fullfilment of the goals set by the government and describes the results, which the reform has brought in two years of its functioning.
Analysis of the gender segregation development in the Czech labour market in the past decade
Dulovec, Adam ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
Theme of this bachelor thesis is the current state of labour market segregation in the Czech Republic and its development in the past decade, as in the period after joining the European Union. The first part focuses on the historical context of mutual equality in society, the definition of some important terms and especially legislation on both Czech and European level. The practical part of the thesis is exploring the current state and development of the Czech labour market segregation. Based on the analysis of statistical indicators can be stated, that the range of gender segregation in the labour market in the Czech Republic, despite all the efforts to reduce the gender inequality and gender differences, increases. Significant impact on the labour market segregation has education. However it is not its highest reached level, but different choice of fields of study for men and women. This has an impact on deepening gender stereotypes and feminization or masculinization of some labour fields. The Result of this development is the difference in wages, due to the higher concentration of men in better-paid wage employment. The thesis also finds that the principle of equal pay for equal work is far from being fulfilled.
Historical development of housing policy in the Czech Republic
Machulda, Petr ; Poláková, Olga (advisor) ; Štekláč, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the historical development of housing policy since the end of the 19th to the late 20th century in the Czech Republic and its influence on the development of the housing capacity. The theoretical part describes the historical development of housing and its importance in human life. The following part is dedicated to the development of housing policy, its instruments and objectives. Next parts are focused on specific historical periods starting from Austria-Hungary, when the state first intervened significantly in the housing sector, through the First World War, interwar period, World War II, socialism and the transition period. For the purposes of this analysis are used contemporary legislative sources, statistical data and resources dealing with the historical development of the Czech Republic.

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