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Sharing economy as an innovative exchange instrument in the area of financial services in the context of an ongoing digital revolution in the Czech Republic in 2016
Demyanenko, Sergey ; Barák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Brabec, Petr (referee)
The bachelor thesis examines the issue of so called sharing economy and its impact on consumer behavior of individuals in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of thesis defines the historical, social and economic context, that enabled the emergence of this modern exchange model and provides an overview of the financial services in the sharing economy operating on the Czech market. The empirical part presented in the form of a questionnaire survey reveals the main benefits of services of the sharing economy, defines the perception of financial services of collaborative consumption by a specific group of population of the Czech Republic and examines the potential development of this model as a whole. The results of the research indicate that, notwithstanding the relatively low level of trust in the collaborative consumption services and quite limited familiarity with the financial services of the sharing economy, the future positive development of this exchange model, which under the right conditions will gain significant national economic significance, may be expected.
Comparation of The Dutch and American pension system (2015)
Němec, Lukáš ; Brabec, Petr (advisor) ; Lukášová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the problematic of systems of old age security pension in the Netherland and the United States of America. The theoretical part attemps to introduce the breakdown of pension systems according to the financing method, the operator, or the construction of pension benefits. The practical part deals with the brief presentation of history of pension systems, the demographic situation in the monitored countries and the analysis of the state of pension systems according to individual pillars. The aim of the thesis is to analyse and to compare the state of pension systems in selected countries and to propose changes for the pension system of the Czech Republic. This bachelor thesis concludes that the Netherlands pension system is more advantageous and better set than the system in the USA. Therefore, the outcome of the thesis is that the Dutch pension system is a convenient inspiration for the Czech pension system.
Comparison of wage compensation and sickness insurance in the Czech Republic and Great Britain in the period 2007 - 2016
Holík, František ; Brabec, Petr (advisor) ; Tománková, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis provides an analysis of wage compensation and sickness insurance in the Czech Republic and analysis of wage compensation in the Great Britain. The differences between aforementioned systems emerge from different approach to social policy. The British system arised from a liberal model of social state. On the other hand, Czech system arised from a redistributive model. In the Czech model, higher social benefits are provided. It makes higher pressure on the state budget. Benefits in the British model are at a low level and are tested by income. The Czech system provides a higher salary replacement rate than the British system. The Czech system is more solid and provides higher coverage ratio of mandatory spendings. But the British system offers absolute equivalence. All employees in the Great Britain recieve the same amount of wage compensation.
Analysis of Pension Reform in the Czech Republic in 2010-2016 in the Context of Demographic Development
Vojtěch, Zdeněk ; Krebs, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Brabec, Petr (referee)
The pension system is an important part of social policy and public budget. Negative demographic development put pressure on the financial sustainability of the pension system therefore political establishment are forced to implement reform measures. The aim of the thesis will be to analyze the pension system of the Czech Republic between 2010 and 2016 and on the basis of this analysis to propose measures for its improvements. In the theoretical part the thesis will examine the social policy and issues of pension systems. At the same time it will pay attention to the international institutions and their proposals. In the practical part the thesis will be focused on demographic development which is a fundamental factor of the long-term stability of the pension system. It will analyze the changes in the pension system in the period under review. The conclusion of the thesis will show the possible ways to improve the stability of the pension system.
Analysis of the impact of individual political parties represented in the Deputy Chamber of the Czech Republic on pension reforms, their consistency and the resulting form of reforms in between the years 1990-2015
Baloun, Matyáš ; Brabec, Petr (advisor) ; Křeček, Štěpán (referee)
This thesis introduces the influence of individual political parties represented in the Deputy Chamber of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on the pension reforms, their consistency and the subsequent form of the reforms in between the years 1990 - 2015. The political ideologies that connect to the forms of pension theory are analyzed in the theoretical part, followed by the retirement models, including their funding, that are commonly used worldwide. The current state of the pension system in the Czech Republic and the introduction of the Czech post-revolutionary political system are presented at the end of the theoretical part. There are chronologically arranged periods in the practical part, in which the individual changes in the development of pension systems in the Czech Republic are shown. The party's pre-election campaigns are presented in selected periods, and an analysis of the political influence on the enforced final changes in the pension system is then conducted. The influences of political subjects on the final forms of the law are summarized based on available data at the end of the thesis, proving that it is possible to declare important laws with negligible influence on the final form of individual laws in the Czech political environment even with a relatively small number of Member of Parliaments in the Deputy Chamber of the Czech Republic.
The Coordination of Social Security System in the European Union in the Case of Pensions (2016)
Měska, Ondřej ; Brabec, Petr (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis presents a complex analysis of the social security system in the European Union with a special emphasis on the pension systems, or better, their coordination. The existing level of pension systems coordination has been a result of a long development process that is reflected in a sophisticated legislation. The thesis also introduces a case study in which an individual has gained a working experience from five EU countries and applies for the retirement pension in the last of these countries. This case study has been prepared in order to review the overall pension system functionality as well as to demonstrate its weeknesses. In the final part of the thesis, the author summarizes his recent conclusions and finds the EU system to be very elaborate in the field of legislation and its overall coordination. However, the system hardly allows to an ordinary citizen to calculate his/her expected retirement amount that would i.e. enable him/her to anticipate his/her standard of living as a retiree.
Far from Integration: An Example of Disunity in the EU Social Policy - Parental Leave (2016)
Pešek, Jakub ; Brabec, Petr (advisor) ; Pekárek, Štěpán (referee)
Well-integrated economic policies, open market and advanced institutional frameworks are examples of successful EU integration process, nonetheless, EU still contains areas, such as social policy, which have been almost untouched by integration. This may be a serious issue because social policy influences economic growth, development and the level of employment. Therefore, the EU should search the most appropriate social policy and examine its integration. The thesis questions this integration of social policy on the apposite example of parental leave. Furthermore, it describes and examines the parental leave in three EU countries (UK, SE, CZ), which represent diverse welfare state models. Parental allowances are computed for five standardised families describing real-life situations. Also, they are compared to demonstrate the disunity and the specifics of the systems. The main contribution of the thesis resides in the unconventional approach of using the calculations of the benefits to directly investigate the integration of social policy.
Factors influencing women's return to the labor market after maternity leave in Prachatice district in the years 2008 – 2015
Kosmatová, Kateřina ; Kubelková, Karina (advisor) ; Brabec, Petr (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the factors that influences women's return to labor market after maternity leave in Prachatice district between years 2008 and 2015. Based on the teoretical resources there are created questions of semi-structured interview which is conducted with sixteen women from Prachatice district with children at age from 0 to 7 years. The part of the thesis is also analysis of labor market in the district in mentioned time period using the data relates to the employment and unemployment of women. Based on the results, the hypotesis is verified:"Women in Prachatice district deemed the return to the labor market after maternity leave as complicated and local labor market does not fit to their requirements." Women find job offers for mother with children as deficient, shows heavily dependence on help from extended family, in district is low supply of care facilities for younger children, operating time of kindergartens doesn't correspond to the needs of working mothers. The study includes recommendations for Prachatice district suggested by author which are added-value to the thesis. There is no study dealing with the situation of women in labor market yet, the results might be a stimulus for further researches.
Analysis of the position of persons with disability in the labor market in the years 2000 - 2014
Kolářová, Michaela ; Czesaný, Slavoj (advisor) ; Brabec, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with a position of persons with disability (PWD) in the labor market from the perspective of these individuals. Based on the data obtained by questionnaire survey was conducted SWOT analysis which shows that PWD do not perceive negatively their own position on labor market. However, there is always something to improve, whether by themselves or in the surroundings in which they move. Furthermore, this thesis analyzes the impact of legislative measures to promote the employment of people with disabilities in 2000 - 2014. Based on the data obtained by the Czech Statistical Office was conducted regression analysis of three models. Estimates of econometric models support the hypothesis that higher unemployment in the case of persons without a disability employment is declining persons with disabilities. Further, it failed to confirm the hypothesis that the impact of legislative changes to promote employment for persons with disabilities has a positive effect on the employment of these persons. The last hypothesis that says that these legislative changes have no impact on the unemployment rate of persons without a disability was confirmed.
Comparative Analysis of Liberal and Mandatory Health Insurance Systems (specifically the USA and Czech Republic)
Topinková, Kateřina ; Krebs, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Brabec, Petr (referee)
The thesis aims to critically compare liberal and mandatory health systems, and based on detected advantages and disadvantages of each, propose certain solutions and recommendations to optimize the health care system. During this task it also puts into context historical, legal and ethical backgrounds which strongly influence the system set up. Optimal adjustment of the health care system is an issue that worries most of the world's countries and this thesis, with it's unbiased evaluation, proposes suggestions on potential better functionality and effectiveness of health care. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the major economical terms connected to health care and the typology of healthcare systems. In the following practical part, the US and the Czech healthcare systems are analyzed as the representatives of the liberal and the traditional mandatory health care systems by the international comparison method and the result shows positive experiences from the systems, applicable especially for the Czech Republic.

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