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Využití robotického systému Agrointelli při různých zemědělských operacích
This thesis deals with the monitoring of the Agrointelli Robotti 150D autonomous robotic system. The device was monitored during deployment in a normal agricultural operation planting strawberries, sowing sunflowers and corn, weeding corn and sowing canola. The work includes conducting an experiment to compare the autonomous and conventional rigs in sowing canola. The paper also describes the problems found during the observation and gives suggestions for their solution.
Machines for precision agriculture - preparation of teaching materials
The bachelor's thesis deals with technologies for determining the variability of land and vegetation. Attention is also paid to the issue of yield maps and navigation systems, the use of which in agriculture is constantly increasing.
Use of Jr. NBA League programme for Czech basketball
Němec, Jiří ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Use of Jr. NBA League programme for the Czech basketball Objectives: The main goal of the thesis is to completely analyze all four seasons of Jr.NBA in Czech Republic and to suggest specific recommendations for organizers. Methods: To achieve the goal of the thesis there were used methods such as primary external data analysis, in-depth interview, online survey, participant observation and SWOT analysis Results: Aspects of communication of the organizational matters and organization of Draft and The Finals are among the strengths of the programme. Weaknesses such as the number of schools and high competitive game requirements for schools participating in the programme are found to be severe. The biggest opportunity of the project is in getting bigger and more intense cooperation of clubs both within the project and in a way of approaching more kids for their youth programmes or after-school activities. Sport events which will be taking place next year or years after can be significantly used for promotion of the project and Czech basketball as well. Possibly the next waves of global pandemic or some other consequences related to Mother Nature can be considered for real threats.
Spotřebitelské chování a vnímání u značek vybraných produktů
Němec, Jiří
This bachelor thesis describes the consumer behaviour and brand perception of cereal products. It investigates the attitude to the selected brands, its preferences and brand elements. Based on the results investigated through questionnaire research are provided recommendations for selected brands of cereal products.
Virtualizace síťové brány Juniper pro výukové účely
Němec, Jiří
This bachelor thesis deals with principles of virtualization of computers, networks and network elements, especially the vSRX firewall. The theoretical part is devoted to the approaches to virtualization nowadays and virtualization software. In the practical part, an application for controlling a small virtualized network designed for educational purposes containing vSRX firewalls is created and described.
Moving Objects Detection in Video Sequences
Němec, Jiří ; Herout, Adam (referee) ; Španěl, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with methods for the detection of people and tracking objects in video sequences. An application for detection and tracking of players in video recordings of sport activities, e.g. hockey or basketball matches, is proposed and implemented. The designed application uses the combination of histograms of oriented gradients and classification based on SVM (Support Vector Machines) for detecting players in the picture. Moreover, a particle filter is used for tracking detected players. The whole system was fully tested and the results are shown in the graphs and tables with verbal descriptions.
Finding Specific Secondary Structures in DNA Sequences
Němec, Jiří ; Burgetová, Ivana (referee) ; Martínek, Tomáš (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on analyse and design an algorithm for searching specific structure in DNA sequences, especially for detection of quadruplexes. Work objective is to design and implement an effective application with linear time complexity. Work includes description of searching and used algorithms including their complexity.
Illumination with respect to biological functions
Němec, Jiří ; Štěpánek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Baxant, Petr (advisor)
The paper summarizes the basic light-technical parameters, the principles of visual and non-visual photoreceptions and the effects of light on the organism. Several chapters focus on the mechanism by which light affects hormone levels and the circadian rhytm of the organism. In relation to the lighting system, the impact of electromagnetic radiation, associated with the controls, on the body is also considered. Briefly described are systems based on smart LED light sources or smart switches. The result of the thesis is to choose the solution that best suits the requirements of the contracting authority.
Aspects of social media use by basketball clubs
Němec, Jiří ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Crossan, William Morea (referee)
(En) Title: Aspects of social media use by basketball clubs Objective: The main goal of the thesis is to propose fitted and simply applicable activities to improve the social media communication among cooperating club fans and other target groups of users. In order to reach the goal it was necessary to study a suitable literature and analyze external and internal data that monitor their activity on social media. Methods: questioning (electronically), in-depth interview, data analysis (external and internal), monitoring of clubs social media activities, scoring model Results: Within the determined parameters, BK JIP Pardubice got the best review of all seven cooperating clubs. Last season the club had the best content on Facebook page. The club also got lots of positive points in matter of Total Page likes, Talking About, Engagement and Impressions. On the other hand, the clubs Orli Prostejov and NH Ostrava got the pretty poor review. The best Instagram profiles had clubs NH Ostrava and USK Prague. On the other hand, Orli Prostejov received the least points because of non-existing club Instagram account. Based on the gathered knowledge, there were made some recommendations as:  Definition of measurable goals Before start of the season determine relevant value of parameters such as Total Page Likes...

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