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Separeted librarries - Library of Karel Teige
Kulová, Sára ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Vorlíčková, Blanka (referee)
The main goal of this thesis titled Separated libraries - Library of Karel Teige is based on Teige's important life events to pursue his creative activity and to connect it with his personal library. This topic will form the first part of the thesis - split into period of Devetsil and Surrealist group. In the second part, I deal with the issue of Teige's separated library and its further destiny after 1951. I focus primarily on Teige's estate in the Museum of Czech Literature and on its composition. An important item of this second part are letters between the Ministry of National Security - Headquarters of State Security and the National Security Secretary, which describe an event between the intervention of the State Security into the apartment of Karel Teige and depositing Teige's estate to the National Museum Library. This thesis should help to clarify how Teige's library was separated and where it was deposited.
Antonín Koniáš: life and work
Komárková, Eliška ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Petruželková, Alena (referee)
Antonín Koniáš life and work This thesis is showing Antonín Koniáš as one of the personalities of Czech baroq recatholization process. It introduces Koniáš from three different angles of view: as a personality, as an author of indexes of banned literature and as a mythical figure. Koniáš's perception and opinions about books is accentuated in the thesis as well as Koniáš's impact on book culture on Czech territory. Koniáš is depicted as a missionary, preacher and writer. Based on Koniáš's Indexes and a study of expert literature, the thesis highlights his views and opinions. The thesis also compares two editions of Indexes and indicates the differences between them. The thesis also summarizes a knowledge about myths concerning Koniáš, shortly introduces his first biographers and tries to estimate the number of books which Koniáš burned during his missions.
Separeted librarries - Library of F. X. Salda
Lörincová, Juliana ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis deals with the personal library of the literary critic, journalist and writer František Xaver Šalda (1867-1937). The aim of the thesis is to identificate and analyse individual parts of the library and explore its provenance features. The introduction is devoted to the life of F. X. Šalda. Mainly from the point of view of his relationship with library and with the circle of friends - the devotees. The second chapter deals with the fate of the library after Šalda's death - the identification and description of the library complexes in the National Library and the Museum of Czech Literature and their processing. In the third chapter is characterized Šalda's personal library as a complex and also analysis of its individual parts, including manuscript notes in books. Established dedications are reflected in the fourth chapter. In conclusion, the findings of the research of the Šalda's personal library are summarized. A list of dedications is stated as an attachment.
Personality of Zdenka Braunerová in Czech book design
Neradová, Kateřina ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the personality of Czech graphic artist Zdenka Braunerova. In four chapters captured first state Czech books in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the life of the painter, graphic overview of the artist's book from 1897 to 1932 and ultimately influence Zdenka Braunerova on the emergence of modern Czech book. The chapter dedicated book design is complemented by a picture attachment, which are examples of the artist's work.
History and quality of the Most Beautiful Czech Book Contest from the point of view of evaluation committee and responses of period press
Richter, David ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Landová, Hana (referee)
in English: This bachelor thesis deals with the Most Beautiful Czech Book Contest press evaluations between 1966 and 1990, also regarding the overall quality of Czechoslovak book design, typography and polygraphy. Summarization of the historical development is carried out by analyzing relevant specialized and nonspecialized periodicals. The work is divided into theoretical and historical context of the issue, the analysis itself and a brief biographical introduction to Oldřich Hlavsa, Milan Hegar, Jiří Rathouský and Adolf Hoffmeister, the four masters of Czechoslovak book design and typography.
Czech modern typography: comparison of the Comenius Script and print fonts
Vasilová, Andrea ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Šmejkalová, Jiřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with modern Czech typography. The theoretical part describes the history and development of modern typography with medallions of important Czech ty-pographers and graphic artists of the 20th century. The work involves a more detailed descrip-tion of the print font, writing font and Comenia Script font. The practical part contains a com-parative analysis of the current print font and the Comenia Script font, on the basis of which the work tries to answer the question of how close the two fonts are. The final part of the the-sis deals with the creation of fonts after 1989 and the use of both fonts today. Powered by TCPDF (
Zpráva z konference a pracovní cesty, New York 22. – 29. 9. 2016
Petruželková, Alena
23. – 24. září se uskutečnila interdisciplinární konference „States of the Book“, jejímž hlavním organizátorem byl ústav pro anglickou literaturu a filozofii West Point Academy USA ve spolupráci s Mellonovou nadací. Akademici a vědci z USA, Velké Británie a České republiky se v pěti panelech zaměřili na metody a účinky, které měly a mají texty ve formě knihy a dalších tištěných médií na společnost v různých lokalitách od starověku po současnost.
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Visual Form of Catalogues in the "Most Beautiful Book of the Year" Award as a Mirror of Contemporary Graphic Design
Mertová, Eva ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Kolárová, Marta (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the research of the "Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year" competition catalogs, that were published in the period of 1990-2016. The research itself is divided into four phases, the first stage of which deals with analyzes of individual catalogs in terms of graphic design and polygraphic processing. The second phase of the research is focused on obtaining authentic testimonies from the authors of graphic editing of the catalogs, which are cited in the text of the thesis. In two final stages of the research, the obtained results are compared and interpreted. The output of document analyzes presents a systematic overview of the ""Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year" competition catalogs, that were published in the period of 1990-2016. Keywords: The Most Beautiful Czech Books of the year (Award), Typography, Graphic design, Book Culture, Design of Publications

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