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Services for young adults who leave children's homes after reaching the age of majority
Kőrberová, Denisa ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Pazlarová, Hana (referee)
My bachelor's thesis aims to identify and compare the interventions and methods of social workers in youth services after leaving the children's home after reaching adulthood. The results of this bachelor thesis can be useful for social workers who want to work with this target group, or want to get an overview of services for young people after leaving the children's home after reaching adulthood. The bachelor thesis can serve as an outline of interventions and methods of social workers who work with this target group. It can also provide insight into the issue of young adults leaving the children's home for the general public. Key words: social worker, institutional care, social work, social services, substitute family care, subsequent independent life
Possibilities od education and supervision for workers in day care centres for eldery people in the territory of capital city of Prague
Váňová, Barbora ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Vodáčková, Daniela (referee)
There are two aspects of this bachelor's thesis. The first section is theoretical, and it is here that I drew on the literature. Own research is the realistic component. The theoretical component of the project focuses on professional knowledge about social services in general and daily center in particular. I often work with the target audience and their unique characteristics. In the final section of the theoretical section, I discuss supervision. The practical part is divided into three parts. In the first part I find out the composition of workers in day hospitals for seniors in Prague. In the second part of the research of this work I find out whether the bad epidemiological had an effect on the frequency of supervision. I also find out what form of supervision employees have more often and what topic they discuss most often. And whether employees have confidence in the supervisor. The third part of the research is focused on the education of employees. Whether they can choose training topics and whether employees apply the acquired knowledge in practice. If they have the opportunity to participate in other forms of education. Whether the topics of the training are repeated or whether they lack a topic. And what effect did the bad epidemiological situation in 2020 have on training (whether they had...
Optimization of the model of work with a child with autism and his family in Pestrá, o.p.s.
Chourová, Kristina ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (referee)
The topic of my bachelor's thesis is the help of assistance dogs to children with autism and a description of social service which is interconnected with the training of assistance dogs. For fulfilling the aim was chosen an analysis of case reports of selected children with autism who obtained an assistance dog and use the related social service. The output is a description of the importance of complex support for families of children with autism in the form of providing social services in obtaining an assistance dog and further coexistence with it and monitoring the progress of these children. Key components of the Pestrá, o.p.s.'s work model are demonstrated, such as getting familiar with the children and building a good relationship between workers, children and their families and the role of parents in working with children with autism. An important element is the multidisciplinary cooperation of the assistance dog trainer with the social worker who works with the child and his family. For families interested in obtaining an assistance dog for their child with autism, it is possible to use the results of my work to create a handbook that would introduce them to the process that would await them and thus facilitate their decision-making. In this way, it is also possible to popularize information on the...
Foster families and the quality of their support
Dudková, Michaela ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of foster families quality support.The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe how foster parents perceive the support of the accompanying organization and whether the preparation they have gone through in the beginnings prepared them to take the child into care.The research was based on using the technique of semi-structured interviews. The obtained data have been divided into the following categories - preparatory course, support of the accompanying organization and state support.At the end of the diploma thesis, the main research questions are answered, and recommendations for subsequent practice are also give Key words: Accompanying worker, Foster care, Foster parent, Support
Cooperation of low-threshold facilities for children and youth with institutions of social and legal protection of the child
Sládek, Václav Samuel ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
The master thesis deals with the topic of cooperation between low-threshold facilities for children and youth (NDZM), and the authorities of the social and legal protection of children (OSPOD). To obtain the results, one objective was set: 'To identify the forms of cooperation and non-cooperation of the low-threshold facilities for children and youth with the authorities of the social and legal protection of children.' The theoretical part consists of four chapters that describe general information about the NDZM and OSPOD, the term of at-risk youth, and the possibilities of cooperation between the two above-mentioned entities. The empirical part of the thesis presents the results of structured and semi-structured interviews with NDZM and OSPOD staff from the South Bohemian Region and the capital city of Prague. A total number of 31 workers from the South Bohemian Region (15 NZDM; 16 OSPOD) and 26 workers from Prague (13 NDZM; 13 OSPOD) participated in the interviews. For the final results, the interviews were annotated and analysed with the use of contrast and comparison techniques. The conducted research offers perspectives on cooperation and non-cooperation between the entities through the eyes of NZDM and OSPOD workers from the South Bohemia Region and the capital city of Prague. The results...
Cooperation of a hospital social worker with state administration when dealing with an alternative family care
Turaiová, Zuzana ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the cooperation and communication of a social worker in a hospital with state administration bodies when providing alternative family care. The theoretical part defines basic concepts. It also describes the role of a social worker in the hospital in the solution of alternative family care and subsequent cooperation with state administration bodies that are participants in this process. The theoretical part is divided into two chapters. The first deals with social work in general, then specifies social work in health care and in the hospital. It describes the state administration, social investigation and the process of cooperation. The second part is devoted to substitute family care and the typology of mothers.The empirical part contains research, which was attended mainly by hospital social workers who deals with alternative family care in the hospital and pass information to the state administration and the Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children. The discussion part compares theoretical knowledge from the literature with empirical knowledge obtained by quantitative research.
Structure of the day in the life of the homeless people
Novotná, Linda ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
(in English): This thesis focuses on the structure of the day of the homeless people. It is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the first chapter of the theoretical part the basic terminology of homelessness is examined, with its internal and external factors and its typology. The next chapter is dedicated to the basic human needs, it introduces the theories of human needs of the renowned authors; furthermore, it describes the needs of the homeless people. The last chapter of the theoretical part compares the structure of the day of homeless people, to the people with secure housing. The practical part of the thesis focuses on the structure of the day of the homeless people. Using the methods of semi-structured interviews and participant observation, the thesis examines the particular structure of the day, the needs these people have and how they meet them. The qualitative survey was conducted at the day care facility of The Salvation Army.
Analysis of the social services planning in the region Hradec Králové
Květenská, Daniela ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Holda, Dalibor (referee)
The transformation of social services is a current topic. Social services in context of their social change are the topic of this dissertation. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on social serivices in wider context of social politics and social help as a basic background of providing social services. Furthermore, you can find here roles of individual subjects and objects of social services. The course of social services transformation is described in the chapter which characterises the aims and main changes of the new social services. The chapter describing the planning of social services introduces the research. The theoretical part leads to the summary of the theoretical analysis. Empirical research is introduced by the characteristics of the region, i.e. Hradec Kralove. The research itself deals with the analysis of the current state of social services planning in selected municipalitites of Hradec Kralove region. We have chosen two research strategies: quantitative and qualitative, the latter is an integral part of the research. The aim of the dissertation is the analysis of the social services planning in the municipalitites of Hradec Kralove region. We are trying to find the influences of future and social services planning and also what strategies are used by the municipalities.
Possibilities of strengthening parental competencies of mothers using non-alcohol drugs
Motyčková-Pětrošová, Veronika ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Richterová-Těmínová, Martina (referee)
Tato práce se zabývá možnostmi posilování rodičovských kompetencí matek, které užívají nealkoholové drogy. Praktickou platformu tvoří rámec systému služeb o.s. Sananim. Téma matek, užívajících nealkoholové drogy, se v ČR ocitá ve středu pozornosti zhruba v posledním desetiletí, přičemž, díky nárůstu počtu klientek, jednoznačně nabývá stále na významu. Po první vlně porevolučního rozvoje služeb pro uživatele nealkoholových drog, a stabilizaci jejich systému, nastal nyní trend specializace na specifické cílové skupiny. Skupina těhotných žen a matek, které užívají nealkoholové drogy, je jednou z nich. Během počátečního období tvorby služeb pro tuto cílovou skupinu bylo úsilí věnováno především na realizaci adekvátní protidrogové péče. Užívání drog matkou však v sobě spojuje dva problémové okruhy - drogy a mateřství. Domnívám se, že v dlouhodobém měřítku jsou efektivní pouze intervence zaměřené do obou sfér. Proto nyní, když systém péče stabilně funguje, by, podle mého názoru, měl další krok směřovat na cílenou a systematickou podporu rodičovství klientek. Ačkoliv by se totiž mohlo zdát, že odpovídající služby pro matky s dětmi jsou v celospolečenském kontextu běžně poskytovány, opak je pravdou. Pro těhotné ženy a matky, užívajících nealkoholové drogy, je totiž běžná síť podporující a rozvíjející rodičovské...
Legal consciousness of school-age children
Pazlarová, Hana ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Hartl, Pavel (referee)
Despite of the fact that the Czech Republic i s a developed country there are sti ll some challenges to be faced in childrens rights domain, mostly in involving children into everyday life of society connected with their participative rights. The thcoretical chapters analyze the childrens rights movement, and the implementing and monitoring ofthe Convcntion on the Rights ofthe Child both on the intemational and national Ieve!, with emphasis placed on Roma population in the Czech Republic. The research was focused on the lega! awareness of Czech school children with special consideration for Roma children as well. About one thousand children expressed their opinions and attitudes toward their rights.

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