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Non-pharmacological methods for influencing memory consolidation during sleep
Němcová, Monika ; Kopřivová, Jana (advisor) ; Honc, Ondřej (referee)
Sleep plays vital role in many physiological processes of the human body, including the consolidation of memory. The beneficial effects of sleep on memory consolidation have long been known, but only in the last two decades the knowledge of the relationship between sleep and memory has been used to develop interventions to improve memory consolidation during sleep. Two of these approaches are the focus of this work: closed-loop auditory stimulation (CLAS) and targeted memory reactivation (TMR). They are of particular clinical interest, as they are non- pharmacological, which minimizes the risk of dependence and abuse. In addition, they do not impose exogenous force fields on the brain and are, therefore, considered safer than other similar interventions. The aim of this work is to describe CLAS and TMR in detail, to investigate which factors influence their efficacy, and to discuss their clinical potential in the treatment of memory- related disorders.
Vývoj spotřebitelských preferencí na trhu vajec v ČR
Němcová, Monika
The Bachelor Thesis deals with what are the consumer preferences on the eggs market. By way of introduction discusses the agricultural fair, specifics of demand and also selected commodity, which means eggs. Eggs are very important food in the nutrition and so are parts of a diet of most people. The aim of this thesis is to find out what information is of interest to consumers when buying eggs. These information is get through questionnaire survey and is focused on basic characteristics, such a price, colour of shell, or whether information mentioned on wraps are sufficient for the consumer sufficient, or what extra information would be welcomed.
Kvalita drobného ovoce v průběhu skladování
Němcová, Monika
Diploma thesis "Quality of the small fruits during the storage" follows up the characteristic of the different species of small fruits and less known species of small fruits and their substance composition, possibilities of quality rating and storing of these fruit species. The cornelian cherry fruits, varieties 'Vydubecký', 'Lukjanovský' and 'Fruchtal' and the rowan tree fruits, varieties 'Discolor' and 'Businka' and how do they behave during the storage was the main subject of the practical part. The cornelian cherry and the rowan tree fruits were storaged in two temperature variants (18 °C; 4,5 °C). The state of health, the fruits quality and weight loss were evaluated. The content of soluble dry basis, total acids and antioxidant capacity of the fruits were determined using the laboratory experiments.
Determining The Existence of Financial Synergy Effects of Consolidating Units in The Selected Industry
Němcová Kotoučková, Monika ; Kubovic, Pavel (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of merger, the individual possibilities, which can be realized. Furthermore, the interest is directed towards the motives leading to this intention and the impact of these activities. One of the strongest motives of mergers is the synergistic effect, whose existence in the selected economic sector is the primary aim of this work or the assessment of its existence in the selected economic sector in specific business entities.
Optimization of Corporate Income Tax by Using Tax Receivable Adjustments
Němcová Kotoučková, Monika ; Pěta, Jan (referee) ; Brychta, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of receivables from the point of view of the civil code, the law on accounting and law on taxes on income with an emphasis on the risk receivables. In connection with this issue is a concern directed to the creation of accounting and legal rectifying items with the ultimate purpose to use the rectifying items to optimize tax revenue.
Legal status of women in Roman law
Němcová, Monika ; Skřejpek, Michal (advisor) ; Falada, David (referee)
English abstract Legal status of women in Roman law This rigorosum thesis deals comprehensively with problematics of the position of a woman as a legal subject in the Roman law. The thesis is divided in three main chapters whereas the first one deals with the historical events and legal regulations that influenced the position of a woman in individual periods of the Roman state system, in a Roman family as well as in the entire society. The second chapter is devoted to the competence of a woman in the Roman law, mainly to the legal personality, capacity, legal as well as procedural competence. In this connection, the subchapter deals with the position of a woman as a person alieni iuris and sui iuris and the institute of guardianship of adult women in the sui iuris position. The third chapter is focused on the legal position of a woman in a Roman family. It analyzes the roles that a woman could play in a family gradually. It means the role of a daughter, wife, mother, and widow whereas the largest emphasis is placed on the position of a woman in the Roman marriage and related institutions. The extramarital forms of coexistence such as concubinatus and contubernium and the problematics of property law between spouses are not left out. The semifinal chapter concentrates on the legal position of a woman in...
Vaccination Schedule - The Past, Prezent, and Future
Němcová, Monika ; Dáňová, Jana (advisor)
Vaccination is one possible means to prevent the emergence and spread of many infectious diseases, and even though we now consider it obvious, it has been one of the most significant discoveries in the history of medicine. Thanks to vaccination, smallpox has been eradicated worldwide and polio has disappeared in many countries. Yet even today, millions of people are dying around the world, who could have been saved by vaccination. Fortunately, the Czech Republic has had a long history of vaccination programs, with the first vaccination dated back to 1821 when an Imperial decree ordered a vaccination against smallpox. In 1960 the Czech Republic became one of the first countries in the world which had eliminated the polio virus. Therefore, I have chosen as the theme of my BA diploma work, the topic 'Vaccination Schedule - The Past, Present and Future'. The thesis is divided into several chapters, with one being a summary relating to immunity and the immune system, with types of vaccines and individual vaccinations being included in routine vaccinations. Individual diseases are not sorted alphabetically, but by the time they were included in the vaccination calendar. Each disease is briefly described by its characteristics, clinical features, incidence, disease history and vaccination options. The work also...
Kvalita drobného ovoce v průběhu skladování
Němcová, Monika
The bachelor thesis ,,Quality of small fruits during storage" is dealing with the description of particular kinds of fruit, substance composition, technological parameters, ways of harvesting and occurrence of diseases and pests. Part of the thesis is designated to the possible means of storage of small fruits, description of technologies focused on controlled atmosphere and ULO. Two of the currant cultivars (Trent and Detvan) were observed, during the time of the storage, in the practical part of the thesis. Atributes in differences assessed, were concerning if the fruits were treated with ozone, the state of health of the fruits and the controll of mass decrease. The content of soluble dry basis was deremined by labaratory experiments.
The Proposal of Company Marketing Mix
Němcová, Monika ; Prudil, Tomáš (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the marketing mix of company ZEMAN Váhy s. r. o. The theoretic part deals with the definitions of marketing, marketing mix and marketing analysis. The analytical part contains analysis of the marketing mix of selected company and marketing analysis. The proposal part contains proposals for improvement.
The Proposal of Company Marketing Strategy
Němcová, Monika ; Březa, Marek (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the marketing strategy of company Thesis includes analysis of current company situation. Based on the marketing analysis and marketing research are made suggestions and recommendations, which leads to better financial situation of company.

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