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Velké objekty v MOVPE strukturách s InAs/GaAs kvantovými tečkami
Samokhin, Jevgen ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Melichar, Karel ; Vavra, I. ; Jurek, Karel ; Mates, Tomáš ; Šimeček, Tomislav ; Hulicius, Eduard
The presence of large objects in MOVPE grown self-assembled quantum dot samples was studied. Creation of large objects and high indium concentration inside was explained as a combined process of accumulation of In atoms on the surface and their following long-range surface migration.
In situ monitorování růstu MOVPE InAs/GaAs struktur s kvantovými tečkami pomocí reflektanční anisotropické
Vyskočil, Jan ; Hospodková, Alice ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Melichar, Karel ; Oswald, Jiří ; Kuldová, Karla ; Mates, Tomáš ; Šimeček, Tomislav ; Hulicius, Eduard
Reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS) has been used for the real-time observation and optimization of single and double InAs/GaAs quantum dot layer structure growth. The properties of samples were ex situ characterized by photoluminescence and AFM.
Properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots in vertically correlated structures with 2 QD layers grown by MOVPE
Vyskočil, Jan ; Hospodková, Alice ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Oswald, Jiří ; Mates, Tomáš ; Melichar, Karel ; Šimeček, Tomislav ; Hulicius, Eduard
We have studied the shape of QDs in structures with vertically correlated QDs where two layers of QDs were grown. We investigated the influence of spacer thickness on lateral shape (elongation) of QDs and photoluminescence intensity.
MOVPE InAs/GaAs quantum dots with long-wavelength emission
Oswald, Jiří ; Kuldová, Karla ; Hospodková, Alice ; Hulicius, Eduard ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Mates, Tomáš ; Melichar, Karel ; Vyskočil, Jan
One method which enables the shift of photoluminescence spectra of InAs/GaAs quantum dots toward longer wavelengths is the covering of the dots by In.sub.x./sub.Ga.sub.1-x./sub.As strain reducing layer. With the increasing x we have observed the shift of PL maxima from 1.28 μm to 1.46 μm.
Strmé InAs/GaAs heteropřechody a velmi tenké kvantové jámy vypěstované pomocí MOVPE
Hulicius, Eduard ; Pacherová, Oliva ; Oswald, Jiří ; Hospodková, Alice ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Šimeček, Tomislav ; Melichar, Karel ; Petříček, Otto ; Chráska, T. ; Holý, V. ; Vávra, I. ; Ouattara, L.
We have found that the abruptness and symmetry on monoatomic scale is achievable with MOVPE technique as well. We are able to find only the periodicity in these structures while atomic resolution pictures give reliable thickness values.
Characterization of lasers with ë-InAs layers in GaAs
Hazdra, P. ; Voves, J. ; Oswald, Jiří ; Hulicius, Eduard ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Melichar, Karel ; Šimeček, Tomislav ; Petříček, Otto ; Kuldová, Karla
The dependence of the electroluminescence spectra on the number of ë-InAs layers and on the distance of these ë-InAs layers was studied under pulse excitation in the wide range of current densities.

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