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Use of analytical methods and chemometry to verify the geographical authenticity of honey
Marková, Lucie ; Křikala, Jakub (referee) ; Diviš, Pavel (advisor)
The teoretical part of this bachelor thesis is focused on the process of producing the honey by bees, its composition and means of its adulteration or ways to detect substandard products. The experimental part describes methodes, which were used to observe the samples. Sacharides, organic acids, mineral content, the amount of dry matter, titration acidity and conductivity were meassured. Obtained data were used for differentiation the Czech and foreign honey. The result of the statistical analysis shows the calcium, copper and glucose content are suitable paramteres to differentiate the Czech honey from that externals. Theese parameters could be used to distinguish the two different geographical origin of honey. Nevertheless, the total evaluation seems to be insufficient for differentiation these two groups. The efficiency could be icreased by the including more samples for analysis, or meassuring more parameters. Finally, some of the parameters were used for quality control of honey.
Optimization of Tax Burden of a Concern
Stratilová, Aneta ; Marková, Lucie (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with a proposal of recommendations that will lead to tax reduction in corporate income tax for a selected concern. The theoretical part is focused on the legal framework of corporate taxation and the definition of basic areas in which it is possible to perform tax optimization. Thesis also defines the concern, its forms and methods of organization and describes its connection in the international context. In the practical part, the acquired knowledge is applied to the data about the selected company and an analysis is performed in the given areas of optimization, while recommendations are formulated leading to a reduction of the company’s tax liability.
Comparison of Corporate Tax of a Selected Company in the Czech Republic and Austria
Havlová, Michaela ; Marková, Lucie (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the comparison of corporate tax in the Czech Republic and Austria. The theoretical part deals in general with the taxes and tax systems of both countries. The next part is focused on the analysis and comparison of corporate tax in the Czech Republic and Austria. This issue is further illustrated on the selected company for the tax period 2020. Finally, is proposed a procedure for the further business of the company.
'The Holocaust Law' and the defence of Polish history under the PiS government
Marková, Lucie ; Šmidrkal, Václav (advisor) ; Kochnowski, Roman (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe two central narratives of the Holocaust in the collective memory of Poland on the example of the clash of these narratives in one of the biggest debates in Polish history, triggered by the publication of Jan Tomasz Gross's book Neighbours in 2000. The first attempt to focus legislatively on those who do not follow the official narrative of the past of the Holocaust, was the creation of "Lex Gross" in 2006 during the first period of the reign of the right-wing conservative political party PiS. In 2018, the proposed legislation was elaborated into an Amendment to the Act on the IPN, known as "Holocaust Law" which had provoked a great controversy. The aim of this one-case study of the amendment is to present the motives for the amendment and explain the controversy it provoked within the framework of politics of memory of PiS. The amendment is interpreted in the context of different narratives of Holocaust, so-called memory wars - that means in the collective memories of the national states on the one hand, and of transnational acteurs on the other. Thus, memory may become the subject of populism, which heralds the disintegration of the neoliberal consensus.
Pilsen Alternative Music Scene in 1983-1995
Marková, Lucie ; Vaněk, Miroslav (advisor) ; Morávková, Naděžda (referee) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
Pilsen Alternative Music Scene in 1983-1995 Lucie Marková Abstract The aim of this dissertation thesis is to broaden knowledge about the Pilsen alternative music scene in 1983-1995, especially in the framework of three main themes. The basis of the research is content analysis of oral-historical interviews with witnesses who were part of the Pilsen alternative music scene in the selected period. These witnesses were not only active musicians, but also their fans, or organizers of their performances. Their memories were further compared with knowledge gained from the literature, period newspaper, archives materials and ego documents. The first of the main themes focuses on the musical everyday life of musicians, like getting musical equipment, finding rehearsal room or institution of the founder and organizing public performances. The second part of this dissertation thesis describes the relationship between members of alternative music scene and representatives of political power based on several specific cases (Rockfest, Peace Concert of Olof Palme and repression). The whole text is concluded by chapters devoted to the ninetieth of twentieth century, dealing with the transformation of the Pilsen alternative music scene. All these themes are observed primarily by the witness's perspective. Key words: Pilsen...
Contacts of a Child in Foster Care with a Child's Biological Family
The diploma thesis deals with contacts of a child in foster care with a child's biological family. The aim of this work was to map the experiences of children in foster care with contacts with biological family. The diploma thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on approaching the system of surrogate family care, further explains the differences between partial forms of surrogate family care. Attention is paid to the experiencing of children, child's identity and also to the subject of attachment. The work deals in detail with the biological family of a child in foster care and their subsequent contacts as one of the main topics. The practical part follows the qualitative processing of narrative interviews, where the effort is to describe how children in long-term foster care experience contact with a biological family. The work is focused on the experience of a child in foster care with contacts with a biological family from the perspective of nine young people growing up in a foster family who formed the research set. The method of simple intentional selection and the snowball method were used to select the participants. The obtained data were evaluated using the cluster method. The research showed 7 clusters common in the participants' statements. These are the following clusters: the child's contact with the biological family; obtaining information about the biological family; feelings connected with contact; child's attitude to the biological parent (relatives); foster parents' reaction to the contact; child-foster relationship; current view of the contact. Each participant looks at the course of contacts with the biological family individually, but the results of the research have shown that there are situations that informants and informatics have in common. For example, the desire to get to know their biological parents, although individuals need time to process the obtained information about the biological family before contacting the biological family. The thesis will help to raise awareness about foster care and may be useful for future foster parents.
Sub-culture of Depeche Mode fans in the Czech lands with a focus on the period 1987-1995
Kubík, Josef ; Marková, Lucie (advisor) ; Houda, Přemysl (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to extend the knowledge about the subculture of fans of the British music group Depeche Mode in the Czech lands, especially in the years 1987-1995, in the period of perestroika and transformation. The research focuses mainly on the main features of this subculture, how it was organized and what activities it carried out, both within the limitations of socialist Czechoslovakia and in the period after the Velvet Revolution. The whole work is based primarily on interviews with active members of the subculture. The interviews were conducted using the oral history method. In addition to interviews, research is based on resources and information from specialist literature, archive materials, and periodicals. The work brings new insights into how the subculture of depechies in CSSR and later in the Czech Republic worked. According to media estimates, this subculture has had up to 250,000 members in its peak period, it created its own organizational structure and its members were easily recognizable for their typical visual elements. The work also reveals how the state power of socialist Czechoslovakia influenced the everyday life of the subculture, as well as the deeper subculture's relationships and interactions with other subcultures and communities. In addition, the...
Prague City Hall's attitude to prostitution
Marková, Lucie ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Havelková, Hana (referee)
The diploma thesis The City Hall of Prague attitude towards prostitution is based on the constructivist paradigm and uses feminist theories. It examines, by means of a critical reading, the attitudes of the City Hall of Prague towards prostitution and its development in course of time. The period of investigation was determined by the beginning of municipal intention to introduce a regulatory bill. For this purpose all the relevant press releases from the period 2003 and 2015 were gathered. These documents are concerned with prostitution and they are accessible on press service section of portal used by the City Hall as a medium for press releases. A theory part introduces basic concepts and trends in feminist debates concerning prostitution. The core of the thesis consists of four categories derived from the source data.These are: definition of prostitution, prostitution as a problem, needs and goals, and support and repression. The categories are treated critically from the viewpoint of feminist theories. The author follows not only the topics concerning prostitution, but also the way they are presented. There are also topics mentioned the City Hall neglects. The City Hall, by expressing and non-expressing its attitude towards partial themes, shapes their real form, development and...
Pilsen music scene in 1968-1983
Marková, Lucie ; Vaněk, Miroslav (advisor) ; Diestler, Radek (referee)
The aim of essay is to broaden knowledge of Pilsen alternative music scene in 1968- 1983. The study is focused on the conditions, under which was the rock subculture in Pilsen formed, by what has been this subculture affected and how to deal with various restrictions by the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. The main basis for this research, are interviews with members of rock band in West Bohemian metropolis in a given period. These interviews were realized using oral history. Beside this, the study is supported also by knowledge of literature, period newspaper and archive materials. The study presents new facts in the areas of retraining examinations, Festival of political songs, whose national phase was held in Sokolov and public performances. Furthermore, authoress presents musician response to article Nová vlna se starým obsahem, published in magazine Tribuna in 1983. The research is focused on musician view on said areas, which could enrich the already know facts and help to fill space in history of pilsen music scene in the past regime. Key words Pilsen music scene, beat music, oral history, retraining examinations, Festival of political songs, new wave

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