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Synthesis, structure, and opto-electronic properties of organic dies on diamond
Rezek, Bohuslav ; Čermák, Jan ; Ukraintsev, Egor ; Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Ledinský, Martin ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Kočka, Jan ; Kromka, Alexander
We prepare a thin-film heterojunction of polypyrrole (Ppy) on hydrogen-terminated diamond by electro-polymerization from solution. We combine advanced scanning techniques (AFM, KFM, micro-Raman) to characterize microscopic structural, chemical, and opto-electronic properties of such system.
Electronic transport in intrinsic H-terminated nanocrystaline diamond with various grain size
Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Kozak, Halyna ; Kromka, Alexander ; Rezek, Bohuslav ; Krištofik, Jozef ; Kindl, Dobroslav
Both effective conductivity and Hall mobility of H-NCD were found to strongly decrease with the diminishing grain size. Effective Hall concentrations (to 1017 m-2) correspond to the true hole concentrations on the surface of the grain interiors. The effective Hall mobility is a robust parameter with respect to the surface conditions.
Plošný přenos náboje na rozhraní polypyrol-diamant
Čermák, Jan ; Rezek, Bohuslav ; Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Kromka, Alexander ; Fejfar, Antonín
In this study we examine in-plane hole transport in polypyrrole-diamond interface.
The mutual interdependence of partitions in T.sub.g./sub. vicinity
Hlaváček, B. ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Šesták, Jaroslav
The solid-liquid transition is described by use of the model incorporating the non-linear interactive oscillators.The whole system of vibrations in matrix is decribed by use of techniques of deterministic chaos theories. It is shown as well, how the mutual interplay of the partition functions, plays the important role in transition from liquid to solid states.

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