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The use of solar collectors in the Czech Republic
Kočka, Jan ; Kic, Pavel (advisor) ; Vaculík, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to approach the market of solar systems in the Czech Republic and the subsequent design of the solar system in the selected object, in this case RD Divišov. In the chapter Overview of the findings from the literature there are outlined the general knowledge about the Sun and the use of solar radiation. In addition, this chapter provides a general overview of solar collectors followed by the approach of the necessary elements for the functioning of the solar systems. In the chapter Default conditions of the solved object there is characterized the selected one, and there is described the current system in this object. Chapter The design of the solar system in a given object includes the proposal of individual elements of the solar set for water heating. There are compared variants with different demands, different input parameters on the basis of values and graphs chosen the most efficient option for this project. At the end, the economic evaluation of the proposed system with the subsequent comparison with the current system and possible return. The work is ended by summarizing of the whole issue.
Nanopositioning with detection of a standing wave
Holá, M. ; Hrabina, J. ; Číp, O. ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Stuchlík, Jiří ; Kočka, Jan ; Oulehla, J. ; Lazar, J.
A measuring technique is intended for displacement and position sensing over a limited range with detection of standing-wave pattern inside of a passive Fabry-Perot cavity. In this concept we consider locking of the laser optical frequency and the length of the Fabry-Perot cavity in resonance. Fixing the length of the cavity to e.g. a highly stable mechanical reference allows stabilizing wavelength of the laser in air and thus to eliminate especially the faster fluctuations of refractive index of air due to air flow and inhomogeneity. Detection of the interference maxima and minima within the Fabry-Perot cavity along the beam axis has been tested and proven with a low loss transparent photodetector with very low reflectivity. The transparent photodetector is based on a thin polycrystalline silicon layer. Reduction of losses was achieved thanks to a design as an optimized set of interference layers acting as an antireflection coating. The principle is demonstrated on an experimental setup.
Synthesis, structure, and opto-electronic properties of organic dies on diamond
Rezek, Bohuslav ; Čermák, Jan ; Ukraintsev, Egor ; Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Ledinský, Martin ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Kočka, Jan ; Kromka, Alexander
We prepare a thin-film heterojunction of polypyrrole (Ppy) on hydrogen-terminated diamond by electro-polymerization from solution. We combine advanced scanning techniques (AFM, KFM, micro-Raman) to characterize microscopic structural, chemical, and opto-electronic properties of such system.
Charge transport at polypyrrole diamond interface
Rezek, Bohuslav ; Čermák, Jan ; Kromka, Alexander ; Ledinský, Martin ; Kočka, Jan
Changes of surface potential and photo-current under illumination indicate exciton splitting at the polypyrrole-diamond interface and transport of holes to diamond.
Study of microcrystalline silicon by combined AFM microscope
Mates, Tomáš ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Rezek, Bohuslav ; Fojtík, Petr ; Drbohlav, Ivo ; Luterová, Kateřina ; Pelant, Ivan ; Kočka, Jan
Recent results by combined AFM (topography and local conductivity) and correlation between microstructure and electrical properties of thin silicon films.

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