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Application of correlative AFM/SEM microscopy
Hegrová, Veronika ; Fejfar, Antonín (referee) ; Konečný, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is dealing with application of Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy. All measurements were carried out by atomic force microscope LiteScope which is designed especially to be combined with electron microscopes. Advantages of Correlative AFM/SEM Microscopy are demonstrated on selected samples from field of nanotechnology and material science. Application of the correlative imaging was proposed and then realized particularly in case of low-dimensional structures and thin films. Further, this thesis deals with the possibility of combining Correlative AFM/SEM Microscopy with other integrated techniques of an electron microscope such as Focused Ion Beam and Energy Dispersive X-rays Spectroscopy.
Silver catalysed nanoscale silicon etching in water vapour
Křížek, Filip ; Pikna, Peter ; Fejfar, Antonín
N+-doped silicon substrates were etched by water vapour under the silver nanoparticles acting as a catalyst. Thin silver layer was deposited on two silicon wafers, where one of them was thermally annealed in nitrogen to create silver nanoparticles. Subsequently, both samples were annealed in water vapour and afterwards analysed by Scanning Electron Microscope. The images have shown that the annealed silver nanoparticles burrowed into the silicon substrate in the case of both samples. This new method of silicon etching introduces an alternative way of manufacturing nanohole arrays in silicon substrates.\n
Preparation and characterization of nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage
Bouša, Milan ; Kavan, Ladislav (advisor) ; Fejfar, Antonín (referee) ; Velický, Matěj (referee)
Graphene research is nowadays one of the worldwide most prominent fields of interest in material science due to many extraordinary properties of graphene and related materials. However, the different techniques of synthesis and subsequent handling and/or treatment have a substantial impact on the properties of the graphene and thus a lot of efforts have been focused on developing of the advanced methods for graphene preparation and characterization. Graphene can be easily produced by oxidation and consequent exfoliation of the bulk graphite; however, resulting graphene oxide needs to be reduced back to graphene-like structure due to partial restoration of sp2 network. Herein, a detailed study of the structural evolution of the graphene oxide during electrochemical treatment has been performed using X-ray photoelectron, Raman and infrared spectroscopies and the results were compared with non-oxidized graphene nano-platelets. Additionally, graphene oxide in composite with LiFePO4 olivine material, which is electrochemically almost inactive in a freshly made state, has been tested by repeated electrochemical cycling. Using various electrochemical methods, the progressive electrochemical activity enhancement has been observed and spontaneous graphene reduction was identified as responsible for this...
Structure and properties of DLC layers for industrial applications
Mates, Tomáš ; Ledinský, Martin ; Vetushka, Aliaksi ; Pikna, Peter ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Marek, A. ; Vyskočil, J. ; Erichsen, J. ; Dawah, P.
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) layers based on amorphous carbon are used for wide range of applications, mostly for mechanical protection of various industrial components. We examined DLC layers at micro- and nanoscale by two independent microscopic techniques: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) with a good agreement. We compared DLC layers grown on steel substrate and Si wafer and found similarly structured clusters and a certain difference in the density of nucleation centres. The measurements of local mechanical properties by the AFM tip revealed that the Si wafer behaves as softer material compared to the growing DLC nanoclusters that also exhibit lower values in the map of the relative local friction coefficient. Finally, we observed changes in the Raman spectra of the DLC exposed to annealing at ambient conditions and found a gradual shift from the diamond phase to the graphite phase as a function of increasing temperature.
Early stages of indium growth on the Si (100) surface
Javorský, Jakub ; Ošťádal, Ivan (advisor) ; Fejfar, Antonín (referee) ; Šikola, Tomáš (referee)
Self-assembled chains composed of group III and IV metals on Si(100) are studied for possible applications in nanodevices using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. In this thesis we experimentally identify the structure of indium chains and analyze their creation and decay. The chains are found to be single atom wide and grow and decay by attachment/ detachment of single atoms. The chains are found to preferably nucleate on C-type defects (dissociated H20 molecules). Diffusion of the In adatoms is almost isotropic, despote the anisotropic structure of the surface. Low temperature experiments show first- ever observation of a free single group III metal on the Si(100)-2×1 surface.
Development and applications of near-field imaging methods in the terahertz spectral domain
Berta, Milan ; Kadlec, Filip (advisor) ; Fejfar, Antonín (referee) ; Adam, Auréle J.L. (referee)
We are reporting on a study of the near-field sensitivity and resolution of a metal-dielectric probe (MDP). The propagation of the electromagnetic field across the probe was studied experimentally by means of time-domain terahertz spectroscopy and numerically simulated by CST MicroWave Studio 2008. Several localised areas at the probe end facet were distinguished and showed to be sensitive to the local dielectric properties and local anisotropy of the sample. Contrast and sensitivity measurements were conducted in several configurations of a MDP; the results were confirmed by simulations. The acquired data were analysed by using singular value decomposition that enabled separating independent physical phenomena in the measured datasets and filtering external disturbances out of the signal. Independent components corresponding to the changes in the output terahertz pulse upon varying the probe-sample distance and reflecting the local anisotropy in a ferroelectric barium titanate (BaTiO3) crystal were extracted and identified. The domain structure with characteristic dimensions of about 5 um was resolved during imaging experiments on the ferroelectric BaTiO3 sample, i.e. the resolved structures were ten times smaller than the characteristic dimensions of the end facet of the probe and forty times smaller than...
Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Films
Vetushka, Aliaksei ; Fejfar, Antonín (advisor) ; Čech, Vladimír (referee) ; Sládek, Petr (referee)
Amorphous and nano- or micro- crystalline silicon thin films are intensively studied materials for photovoltaic applications. The films are used as intrinsic layer (absorber) in p-i-n solar cells. As opposed to crystalline silicon solar cells, the thin films contain about hundred times less silicon and can be deposited at much lower temperatures (typically around 200 0 C) which saves energy needed for production and makes it possible to use various low cost (even flexible) substrates. However, these films have a complex microstructure, which makes it difficult to measure and describe the electronic transport of the photogenerated carriers. Yet, the understanding of the structure and electronic properties of the material at nanoscale is essential on the way to improve the efficiency solar cells. One of the main aims of this work is the study of the structure and mechanical properties of the mixed phase silicon thin films of various thicknesses and structures. The key parameter of microcrystalline silicon is the crystallinity, i.e., the microcrys- talline volume fraction. It determines internal structure of the films which, in turn, decides about many other properties, including charge transport and mechanical sta- bility. Raman microspectroscopy is a fast and non-destructive method for probing the...

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