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Jan Palach lives on in the memories of those living in Všetaty
Luzar, Kamil ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Mücke, Pavel (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the perception of the personality of Jan Palach by the inhabitants of the town of Všetaty. People of different generations, gender and education who shared his place of birth or residence with him. The whole study is based on a thorough heuristic work, which helped to draw the historical context. However, the emphasis is put mainly on the subjective statements of the addressed narrators, processed by years of proven methodological procedures of oral history. The focus is given to ordinary people who do not have direct family or friendly ties to Jan Palach. And because he himself wanted to snatch just such an ordinary Czechoslovak citizen from post-occupation lethargy, the study focuses on the degree of direct or indirect influence on the lives of the narrators.
Xenophon?s education in the ancient world
LUZAR, Kamil
The bachelor work deals with the education in the ancient world, more precisely with the education in the ancient Greece in the period from 428 ? 354 before J.C. It also describes different stages of City states, including chronological events. In that era, the work follows the ancient writer Xenophon from Athens where it describes Xenophon?s life, performances and his work analysis. The work deals also with Socrates?s life and work and describes the his relation to Xenophon.

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2 LUZAR, Kamil