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Racionalizace systému skladování ve vybrané firmě
Chovancová, Markéta Bc. ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor)
Práce se zabývá skladovacím systémem hotových výrobků v konkrétní firmě. S pomocí dostupné literatury se zaměřuje na výchozí situaci ve firmě, popisuje současný stav způsobu uskladnění a prodeje konkrétních výrobků a navrhuje řešení pro optimalizaci. Záměrem práce je změna současného systému tak, aby došlo k ostranění skladování u externí firmy, zjednodušení a snížení manipulace s hotovými výrobky, převedení expedice výrobků přímo do závodu a dosažení celkového zefektivnění současného stavu skladování a expedice hotových výrobků konečnému zákazníkovi v konkrétní firmě.
Selection and Evaluation of Suppliers in a chosen Enterprise
Vicanová, Lucia ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor's work fixates on the description of selection process and valuation process of suppliers in the selected firm. Within the frame of work it was evaluated current position of the situation in the machine company Strojop, identified existing problems and devised advisible arrangements.
Technical logistics services in the selected firm
Pivec, Jan ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hesková, Marie (referee)
In the teoretical part, there is determinated the theory of logistics with a focus on logistics services. In the practical part is given the current state of the issue in the company Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a. s., and there are identified the existing problems and indicated solutions to selected problems.
Analysis of Transportation Network of a chosen Town
Zákostelská, Eva ; Černý, Jan (advisor) ; Lukšů, Vladimír (referee)
In a selected city to choose a specific decision on the transport problem, describe possible decisions and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. The work analyze the transportation network of Milevsko. It addresses the question of whether it is appropriate to move the bus station from the city center to its edge and on this place to build a supermarket.
Selection and Evaluation of Suppliers in Brisk Tabor, a.s.
Ketnerová, Gabriela ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is a comparison of theoretical finding and recommendation with solving in concrete enterprise Brisk Tabor a.s. The findings from the professional publications are summarized in the theoretical part. The system of selection and evaluation of suppliers in the plant is analysed in the practical part. Several recommendations and proposals result from theoretical knowledge and from a practical experience. There are a new form for selection of suppliers and modified form for regular evaluation of suppliers.
Analysis of a Transportation System
Petržílka, Radek ; Černý, Jan (advisor) ; Lukšů, Vladimír (referee)
The presented Bachelor thesis is focused on a logistic sector of a chosen enterprise. It solves primarily the problem of transportation and forwarding. Based on identifiable data, it focuses on the analysis of chosen factors from logistics. The thesis makes full use of available information. Golem Company has been chosen for the analysis of a transportation system. It is a company with a well-built hinterland and specializes primarily in transportation of goods using road freight service. The solved factor is the analysis of variants for foreign trips. It describes the way drivers are used to their full capacity, possible saving of time, the AETR contract. Another logistic factor solved in this thesis is an analysis of a correct decision-making. Organizational incorporation of logistics takes the first place in this firm.
Distribuce výrobků k zákazníkovi ve vybrané společnosti
Spálenková, Michaela ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hesková, Marie (referee)
The aim of the work is to give a detailed insight into the ways and methods of product distribution as used by a food industry manufacturing plant. Distribution chain management from a marketing and logistics point of view is analysed focusing on transport options and potential. Theoretical basis and terms definition are provided, the emphasis being laid on the function of distribution, its intermediaries, and channels in terms of logistics costs. The work describes options a company has when creating a distribution chain. Distribution warehouses and ways of transport are considered as the most important factors. The practical part of the work deals with product distribution at a Danone company, focusing on rules, specifics, and risk areas. Process optimization is proposed with regard to costs, transport effectivness and customer needs.
EFQM Model Excellence and possibilities of its use in a concrete company
Ivánek, Martin ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
In the theoretical part of this thesis TQM principles are described together with its pracitcal framework, EFQM Model Excellence. This model is briefly descriobed with the main focus on the possibilities of its use and its outcomes. Self assessment is the most used part of the model so, it is logical to deserve the most attention. In the practical part of the job, the self assessment method and process is applied to a selected company. The company is evaluated in every criterium of the Model and the main strengths and areas of improvement are analyzed. In the end, everything is summarized so that one can concentrate on the most important findings.
Management of a chosen Firm's Stock
Štolbová, Karina ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Truhlář, Pavel (referee)
The work deals with the management of stocks in a particular company. With the help of available literature focuses on the baseline situation in the company, describes the current system of inventory management of raw materials and proposes measures to improve the management of stocks in the selected raw materials warehouse. The aim of work is to change the current system in order to reduce the average physical stock, and thus a reduction in funds tied in stocks of raw materials. The basic thesis is ABC analysis of stock items made in the warehouse of raw materials.
Contentment surveying of customers of Modra pyramida co-operative bank
Pešková, Olga ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on processes of control and contentment surveying of customers. The theoretical part contains principles and procedures recommended for this activity. The practical part covers the suggestion to implement the contentment surveying of customers of Modra pyramida co-operative bank where customers' contentment surveying is not carried out yet.

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