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Design of heating sources for a family house
Svoboda, Roman ; Lisý, Martin (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the choice of heating source for an older family house. It contains a summary of currently used heating sources with their advantages and disadvantages and possibility of combination whit other structural elements. The third section is the calculation of thr heat loss of pre-selected object. Finally the thesis deals with the economic appreciation of specific sources and their cost-effectiveness.
Tool for Business Processes Support on Mobile Platforms
Svoboda, Roman ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The scope of this thesis is to design tools to support business processes on mobile platforms. The work deals with both the Enterprise Resource Planning systems issue, as well as the database synchronization and the possibilities of secure data transmission between the mobile device and the server. The work also includes familiarization with the most widely used mobile platforms and tools for multi-platform application development. The last part of the thesis comprises a model of an application meant to support business processes on mobile devices, including a description of its implementation, used tools and testing.
Interface Between Matrix and Graphic LCD
Hartmann, Lukáš ; Svoboda, Roman (referee) ; Götthans, Tomáš (advisor)
This work describes design interface between matrix with controller HD44780 and graphic LCD. This device replace 2x20, 4x20, 4x40 character display. Character which should be displayed are send through a parallel interface, such as matrix display, or send through SPI bus. Communication line RS-485 are used for set language character set. Language character sets are saved into external flash memory.
The Company in a Competitive Environment
Zeman, Marek ; Šrédl, Karel (advisor) ; Svoboda, Roman (referee)
This bachelor dissertation deals with a position of the selected company in a competitive environment. The dissertation is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part determines substantial terms which have been mentioned within the dissertation and creates reinforcement for practical part of the thesis. The latter part identifies mainly terms like a company and its goals, fundamental types of competitive environment and analysis of internal and external environment. The practical part is devoted to the analysis of the company METAL STEEL s. r. o., which sells stainless and carbon steel. The financial analysis, collecting chosen ratio indexes, helps to evaluate a situation of the company. Further more there is a description of the main competitors on the market. The current position of the company is reviewed in accordance with comparison method. The SWOT analysis was utilized for identification of strong and weak aspects/points of the company in the conclusion part of the thesis.
Comparison of The Development of Greek and Czech Economy
Zapletal, Jan ; Svoboda, Roman (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
Summary Thesis Comparison of Greek and Czech economies has been devied into two main parts, the theoretical and the practical one. The theoretical part was about gaining an important theoretical knowledge, which lead to a broader understanding of the issue. There were mentioned descriptive methods, describing various macroeconomic indicators, that were used to compare the two national economies. Alos, there were taking into consideration several main economical aspects, such as: gross domestic product, general unemployment rate, inflation rate, export, import and interest rates, and the national debt coefficient. The last chapters have been devoted to describe the Maastricht criteria and the process of involving euro in Czech Republic. The practical part included individual macroeconomic indicators, examined in terms of development of both economies, and subsequently with the help of statistical methods, made the comparison, that highlighted important analogies and differences. For deeper perception of the issue, there were used data of other European Union countries and countries that had eccepted euro in this thesis. And the last but not the least, the macroeconomic data evaluation has been set for the period from 2005 to 2015. Findings were based on the last part of the thesis, which obtained comparison of the development of both economies in the past, and also included the assumption for future development. Conclusion described the impact on Czech Republic economy, influenced by embracement of euro.
The Importance and Impact of the Antimonopoly Office in the Czech Republic
Schutová, Markéta ; Svoboda, Roman (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
The Diploma Thesis is focused on the issue of protection of economic competition. It deals with its politics, structure, distorting competition and last but not least its protection. The objective of the work is to analyze and describe the importance of the Office for the Protection of Competition, its influence and work in relation to the most important cases of the distorting competition in the Czech Republic, mainly in case of cartel agreements, abuse of dominant position, specifically in the period 2010-2015. Fundamental part of the work was based on the research that was crucial for the work. The research collected data in the Czech as well as English language in order to gain theoretical basis. It was necessary to gain and study all available professional information concerning to the topic. Analytical part of the work was based primarily on the description and comparison method. Sources for the analytical part were gained from the regularly published reports of the Office for the Protection of Competition. These data are publicly available information. Conclusion of the work deals with assessment of work of the Office for the Protection of Competition and its influence. Therefore there was confirmed one of the main thesis that had initiated the research. The author of the diploma thesis came to the conclusion that imposing sanctions is not only the most effective tool of the economic protection but also serves as a significant preventive measure.
Design of Business Strategy in the Currency Market
Havlík, Tomáš ; Svoboda, Roman (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
This thesis is about basics of forex the currency market. The main objective of the thesis is to create a forex business strategy, which should be functional, complex and profitable in long term. Testing of this strategy based on historical data and using a real investment account will follow. Thesis is divided into three main chapters. Starting with theoretical part, where we define basic terms, which will be used later, mainly in analytical chapter. Another important part of this chapter will be about three basic approaches how to analyze market, called technical, funamental and relational analysis. The second major chapter is analytical part, in which we are going to build trading strategy Strategie Tomáše Havlíka. This specific trading strategy will compared to the most comonly used trading strategies, tested using historical data and on live account. There will be couple of hand picked trades, which will be analyzed as another part of this chapter. Chapter evaluation of results is focusd not only on evaluating each currency pair and it s various timeframes, but other statistics too, which where acquired during the testing period. Average 50% year over year rentability reached on hourly timeframe and 30% rentability reached on four hour timeframe proves the overall profitability and usefulness of the strategy. Finally, the Conclussion, chapter where we focus on future development of the trading strategy and its integration into a komplex trading approach, which consists of several trading strategies, which are ultimately creating cooperative entity. Information, which will create a backbone of this thesis, will be accquired from respected books aswell as well known internet sources, written mainly by group of authors called and British trader Anna Coulling.
The Comparison of the European Central Bank and the Czech National Bank
Hemerová, Anna ; Svoboda, Roman (advisor) ; Soukup, Alexandr (referee)
In keeping with the theme and typing my thesis on 'The Comparison of the European Central Bank and the Czech National Bank' on the one hand you want to know the status and importance of this international financial institution in the Community, its main tasks in the management of EU policy and not least with the its organizational structure. At the same time his work also mention the European System of Central Banks and the Eurosystem, as an integral part of the management issues and implementing the policy of the European Union.
Impact of the Financial Crisis of 2008 on Central and Eastern Europe
Řehořová, Michaela ; Svoboda, Roman (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
This dissertation deals with the development of the economies of Central and East Europe, which are also the new EU members. States, in the sequel of the global financial and economic crisis. In the theoretical part of, among other things, there is the issue of financial system crisis and subsequent economic recession, whic brouhgt long-term economic stagnation, substantial losses in production, consumption, investments, and foreign trade. The main dissertation shows, partly the situation in selected states of Central and East Europe before and during global financial and economic crisis, on the other, this dissertation is monitoring existing course according to basic macroeconomic characteristics of selected countries in this region. The result is a capture, valorization and subsequent summary of the macroeconomic characteristics, the analysis of Eurostat data and UNCTAD, showed the differencies between impact of financial and economy crisis on selected countries in Central and East Europe. According to the obtained data, which were analysed before 2014, it can not be said, that the economic recovery of selected countries was strong enough in order to keep all the values of macroeconomic indicators which were at levels that these countries reached before financial and economy crisis.
Analysis of the Greece Economy in Comparison with the Czech Republic
Pláničková, Jitka ; Svoboda, Roman (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis assesses the economic situation of Greece and its comparison with economic of the Czech Republic. Thesis analyses the development of macroeconomic indicators in Greece and Czech Republic and for better understanding, in selected countries of the European Union. In the theoretical part, thesis describes the individual indicators and provides information about how are the indicators measured. The analytical part deals with the Greece economy in comparison with economy of Czech Republic. The assessed period is from the year 2003 to 2015. For the comparative part of this diploma thesis, macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, balance of trade, were used. For better view, comparison of both countries in particular indicator is followed by description of the situation for selected countries of European Union. In the final part of the thesis, a conclusion is assessed using results from individual subchapters. Thesis concludes similarities and differences between compared countries based on development of selected indicators and country ratings.

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