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Cockpit instruments for four-seater sport and leisure aircraft
Liberda, Jiří ; Janhuba, Luboš (referee) ; Hlinka, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis includes a comprehensive review of four-seater sport and leisure aircraft with focus on their cockpit instruments. The description of the selected glass cockpits is listed. Thesis also includes design of instrument panel, which is designed according to the relevant regulations and standard configuration of existing aircrafts. There is also a brief overview of the regulations necessary for the installation of these systems in the aircrafts. At the end of the this work is failure mode and effects analysis, with calculation of probability malfunction for critical functions.
Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) - the actual state and trends of further development over the world
Liberda, Jiří ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee) ; Vosecký, Slavomír (advisor)
Kinds of GNSS. Applicability of GNSS in civil aviation. General serviceability of GNSS.
Splice variants of the gene coding for GCPII and their role in cancer development
Jindrová, Helena ; Konvalinka, Jan (advisor) ; Liberda, Jiří (referee)
Alternative splicing is a mechanism of generating distinct proteins that are encoded by the same gene. These proteins differ in amino acid sequence, overall structure and function. Splicing dysregulations have been shown to be implicated in several pathologic processes including cancer. For example, non-physiological splicing of osteopontin was proved to play a key role in cell progression of breast cancer. Glutamate carboxypeptidase II (also called prostate specific membrane antigen, PSMA) is present in both normal prostate and prostate cancer. Several splice variants of PSMA have been described and it has been suggested that the overexpression of some of them could be involved in the progression of prostate cancer. Nevertheless, more detailed investigation of each of the PSMA splice variant in terms of their occurrence in prostate cancer cells remains to be performed. This thesis focuses on the exploration of the expression of PSMA splice variants with deleted exons 6 and 18 in samples of a cell line derived from human prostate cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer. For this purpose, RT-PCR was utilized to determine the ratio of deletions of exons 6 and 18 in cDNA of the prostate specific membrane antigen. Furthermore, the ratio of deletions of exon 6 and 18 was determined in...
Aggregation of bull seminal plasma protein
Boháček, Hanuš ; Liberda, Jiří (advisor) ; Hýsková, Veronika (referee)
Mammalian fertilization is a sequence of unique and fascinating events, during which seminal proteins are of crucial role. In case of bull (Bos taurus), proteins of seminal plasma (BSP), especially its major component PDC-109, are known to be in aggregated forms, but little is known about mechanism of forming aggregates and their biological function. In present thesis we discovered some interesting properties of PDC-109 and BSP proteins. We found that concentration of these proteins influences their aggregation state significantly, which can be of great biological importance. Separation of seminal proteins by size exclusion chromatography revealed three main fractions denoted I, II and III, with apparent molecular weights of Mr > 150 000, Mr = 30 000 and Mr = 13 000, respectively. In case of PDC-109, molecular weights of theese fractions were retained even after purification procedure, which implies very stable interactions in forming of aggregates. In addition, there was a difference in distribution of PDC-109 glycoforms among fractions, which can be related to the fact, that theese fractions have different sperm membrane binding patterns as we determined by fluorescence microscopy. However, further experiments are needed for better understanding this issue.

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