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Planning optimal VFR routes from the Czech republic to Italy and France
Miko, Michal ; Hlinka, Jiří (referee) ; Sklenář, Filip (advisor)
Táto bakalárska práca sa zaoberá vytvorením pozemných príprav pre 2 lety do zahraničia, konkrétne do Talianska a Francúzska. Práca je rozdelená, mimo úvod a záver, do 7 kapitol, v ktorých autor postupne rieši nevyhnutné požiadavky, legislatívnu problematiku, zoznámenie čitateľa s lietadlom vybraným na tieto lety, konkrétnou navigačnou prípravou či doplňujúcimi komplexnými informáciami určenými pre pilota. Na záver práce autor oboznamuje čitateľa s predpokladanými nákladmi spojenými s plánovanými letmi.
Algebraic approaches to elementary excitations in media with broken spatial or time-reversal symmetry
Erb, Kay Condie ; Hlinka, Jiří (advisor) ; Mokrý, Pavel (referee) ; Schranz, Wilfried (referee)
Title: Algebraic Approaches to Elementary Excitations in Media with Broken Spatial or Time-reversal Symmetry Author: Kay Condie Erb Institute: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Hlinka, Ph.D., Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Abstract: Structural phase transitions with macroscopic symmetry breaking can be divided into 212 non-magnetic species according to the mutual spatial orien- tation of the point groups of both phases. Classification into the given species implies a set of universal transition properties such as the number of macroscopic domain states of the low-symmetry phase and their distinguishability by order parameter. In this work, the distinguishability of macroscopic domain states by all order pa- rameters which transform as vectors or vectorlike quantities (called bidirectors) was studied. For solving this task, a computer algorithm was designed which enabled an explicit listing of all vector and vectorlike order parameters, not only for the 212 non-magnetic species, but even for all 1602 magnetic species which includes transitions between crystallographic gray and bicolor point groups. In addition, irreducible representations of the 122 magnetic crystallographic point groups which transform as vectors or vectorlike quantities are...
Studies of Relaxor Ferroelectrics with Spontaneous Polar Nanoregions
Ondrejkovič, Petr ; Hlinka, Jiří (advisor) ; Bell, Andrew (referee) ; Čermák, Petr (referee)
Title: Studies of Relaxor Ferroelectrics with Spontaneous Polar Nanoregions Author: Petr Ondrejkovič Institute: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Hlinka, Ph.D., Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Abstract: The thesis is devoted to relaxor ferroelectrics with spontaneous polar nanoregions. We have investigated one of the canonical representatives, uniaxial strontium barium niobate, by means of neutron scattering, and also performed computer simulations with a model of a uniaxial ferroelectric with point defects. Neutron scattering studies of strontium barium niobate single crystals under a defined sequence of thermal and electric field treatments elucidate nature of distinct components of its transverse diffuse scattering. These components are associated mainly with the static ferroelectric nanodomain structure and the dynamic order-parameter (polarization) fluctuations. Moreover, high-resolution neutron backscattering experiments allowed us to resolve characteristic frequencies of the order-parameter fluctuations and prove that this component is caused by the same polar fluctuations that are responsible for the Vogel-Fulcher dielectric relaxation, the hallmark of relaxor ferroelectrics. The model system of a uniaxial ferroelectric with point...
Lead-based relaxor ferroelectrics by Raman scattering
Rafalovskyi, Iegor ; Hlinka, Jiří (advisor) ; Deluca, Marco (referee) ; Dubroka, Adam (referee)
Title: Lead-based relaxor ferroelectrics by Raman scattering Author: Iegor Rafalovskyi Institute: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Hlinka, Ph.D., Department of Dielectrics, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Abstract: The following work is dedicated to measurement and analysis of Raman scat- tering spectra of different perovskite ferroelectrics, mainly lead-based relaxors in the form of bulk and thin films. Investigation of single crystal MPB composition PMN-0.32PT has shown that procedure of zero-field heating of previously field-cooled sample leads to sta- bilization of heterophase pattern with 10-100 µm parallel stripes of alternating tetragonal and rhombohedral (rhombohedral-like) phases. Another point of interest investigated in PMN-0.32PT is rhombohedral to tetragonal phase transition induced by electric field. The domain structure with 90-degree domain walls has been observed in relaxor based composition PFN-0.38PT. Adjacent domains were investigated by polarized Raman scat- tering to confirm their structure and symmetry. Relaxor ferroelectric PSN has shown totally different behavior in polarized Raman spectra if studied in the form of single crystal or epitaxial thin film. The normalized cross-polarized intensity of 810 cm−1 band measured in...
Sklenář, Filip ; Badánik, Benedikt (referee) ; Juračka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Hlinka, Jiří (advisor)
It is necessary to have certain flight information available to control the airplane. This information is usually displayed on flight instruments, which are located on the dashboard of the aircraft. In case of loss of indication or misleading indication of certain devices, control of the aircraft can be very complicated or even impossible. The dissertation deals with the issue of loss of information indication from aerometric instruments (especially from the airspeed indicator). The work contains research on the course of degradation of total pressure measurements using a Pitot tube. Based on this research, it is possible to design a new system for detecting blockage of the Pitot tube, which will increase aviation safety. The phenomenon described was investigated in a wind tunnel and in real conditions. Furthermore, the work defines instructions for the compilation of an emergency procedure, which the pilot could use in the event of a fault condition with aerometric instruments. The real possibilities of use were demonstrated on a Cessna 172SP aircraft during the validation experiment. The validation experiment proved the possibilities of the safe usage of the emergency procedure during flight. The final part of the work is focused on the evaluation of possible changes in the creation of reliability and safety analyzes with regard to the application of new knowledge based on this work.
Satellite navigation system GLONASS 2018+ (student handbook)
Navrátilová, Karolína ; Hlinka, Jiří (referee) ; Vosecký, Slavomír (advisor)
The aim of presented bachelor thesis is produce study aid on the topic global satellite navigation systém GLONASS 2018+. The work deals with the development of the system itself and signals, navigation messages and individual system segments, that makes up the system as a whole. The work also includes an overview of current development and direction of future development, as well as overview of navigation metods where the services of the GNSS are used. Part of the work is devoted the developing european´s sattelite system Galileo and american system GPS. The last chapter deals with four important criteria, i.e. availability, integrity, continuity and accuracy where the systems of GNSS are compared.
Airplanes powered by eletric energy
Behúl, Michal ; Hlinka, Jiří (referee) ; Bencalík, Karol (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is electric propulsion used in airplanes and overview of airplanes with this kind of propulsion. Thesis is divided into three main parts. First part describes electric propulsion systems, mainly descriptions of batteries. Second part describes chosen airplanes with electric propulsion in use and promising prototypes still in development. Third part is construction design of electrical propulsion system with 50 kW motor, mainly focusing on computing needs for batteries.
A model of a civil Atransport Aircraft Automatic Precise Approach & Landing Control System using DGNSS Information
Hvězda, Michal ; Jalovecký, Rudolf (referee) ; Hlinka, Jiří (referee) ; Vosecký, Slavomír (advisor)
LPV approaches are being published in the Czech Republic nowadays. Their usage is enabled by the EGNOS European satellite augmentation system. However, published decision heights do not allow equivalence with the ILS CAT I precision approach yet. This work presents the model of automated control of aircraft precision approach. Verification of its functionality shows that applicable airspace requirements can be fulfilled for lower values of decision heights than values already published. The model is developed using contemporary methods of model-based development in the tool supporting common processing of both continuous and discrete signals. Although model architecture follows the structure of commonly used ILS system in definition of coordinate system and in establishing control in two separate directions it allows curved approach. Usage of digital navigation data provided by satellite system opens further opportunities in its usage, expansion and improvements. Model functionality in control of flight course, position and height control is verified in the scenarios covering detailed thesis goals. The goals were defined based on definition of precision approach process and include navigation signal drop-out, impact of wind, various flight path angles and curved approach. Analysis of behavior of controlled aircraft dynamics was a stimulator for research of specific system modules up to the application level, i.e. specific simulations of successful precision approaches.

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