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The supplement of early Baroque stucco decoration based on material and technological copy
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Kozlovcev, Petr ; Waisserová, J. ; Wichterlová, Z. ; Frankeová, Dita ; Kotková, Kristýna
The aim of the article is to provide a methodical design for the preparation of Baroque stucco and show its use on a specific example.
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Survey of mortars of the Romanesque chapel in the tower of Landštejn Castle
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Kozlovcev, Petr ; Frankeová, Dita ; Svoboda, Milan ; Ševčík, Radek ; Kotková, Kristýna
Four samples of floor mortars and two samples of plasters were analysed as a part of the survey in the Romanesque chapel located in the tower at Landštejn Castle. The aim was to characterize used raw materials, determine their ratio, characterize the porosity of mortars and compare mortars sorted to different phases of construction.
Proposal of Communication Mix in the Selected Company
Kotková, Kristýna ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the analysis of the current communication mix of selected product of the unnamed bank and suggesting of recommendations for its improvement. The theoretical part contains the explanation of terms and knowledge relating not only to the marketing communication, but to the marketing in general. In the analytical part is evaluated the current situation of the marketing communication of the selected company. In the last part of the thesis, based on the knowledge gained from the analytical part, are created proposals for the completing of the current communication mix of the selected product including their benefits and cost evaluation.
Spatial distribution of heavy metals in aluvial sediments of Litavka river and reconstruction of contamination history
Kotková, Kristýna ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Ettler, Vojtěch (referee)
SUMMARY: This thesis is focused on identification of spatial distribution of Pb, Zn and Cu pollution in floodplain sediments of the Litavka River and reconstruction of its pollution history related to mining and metallurgy of Ag, Pb and Zn in the Příbram area. Sampling was performed in floodplain and sediments were analysed by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (ED XRF) in aim to understand the distribution of the target elements in the floodplain fill. The results of ED XRF were calibrated by analyses of selected sediment samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with (ICP- MS). The same method was used to determine ratios of lead stable isotopes 206 Pb and 207 Pb. Additionally, magnetic susceptibility was measured, granulometric analysis of selected samples was performed, and cation-exchange capacity (CEC) was determined. The aim of the work was to attempt to reconstruct history of pollution of the floodplain sediments. Sediment dating was performed by 14 C, 137 Cs and 210 Pb. Key words: aluvial sediment, contamination, heavy metals, reconstruction
Determination of Pt metals in environmental samples
Kotková, Kristýna ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
Platinum group elements are increasingly used in various industries, and that generates their occurrence in many parts of the environment, including biota. The interest of scientists is currently focused on studying the behavior of Pt metals in the ecosystem because of the potential health risks of Pt metal compounds. There are used various techniques for this purpose, including analytical methods. This bachelor thesis deals with properties of PGE, their appearance and behavior in the environment. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to review the analytical methods used to determine the Pt metals in environmental samples. Key words: platinum group elements, determination, ICP-MS

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