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Analysis of digital currency Bitcoin
Huřťák, Petr ; Brixí, Radim (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
Bachelor's thesis is focused on digital currency Bitcoin, mainly on Bitcoin transactions and their attributes like speed, fees and safety. Main goals of this thesis are three, analysis of bitcoin buying possibilities in Czech Republic, comparison of Bitcoin transactions with common payment methods like bank transfers, credit card payment or PayPal, and analysis of number of merchants accepting bitcoin in time and discovery of trend from these data. This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In theoretical part there are described basics of cryptography, which are necessary for understanding Bitcoin, and in depth description how Bitcoin works. Practical part is focused on fulfilment of described goals, besides that thesis is also addressing Bitcoin clients and comparison between most popular ones. Contribution of this bachelor's thesis is analysis of bitcoin buying possibilities in Czech Republic, comparing Bitcoin transactions with transactions of standard payment methods in terms of fees and time, and analysis of trend in number of merchants accepting bitcoin as one of the payment method.
Analysis of process development in GreenCube, s.r.o.
Bartaloš, Petr ; Kalina, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Řezníček, Václav (referee)
The master thesis deals with optimization of business processes in a telecommunication company views of knowledge management. For this purpose, attention is paid to the following areas, namely knowledge management, implementation methodologies of knowledge management, process analysis and process optimization. The theoretical part deals mainly with the link between knowledge management and ways of managing organizations, it presents a theoretical framework necessary for the practical part of the work, which is based on implementation of monitoring system using selected methodology in an environment of selected organization.
Development of web applications using the framework Nette
Křížek, Tomáš ; Sova, Martin (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to design and develop a web application that is based on a strategic board game Diplomacy. This application is built on the czech Nette framework, about which the reader is familiarized during thesis. Besides framework Nette and scrip-ting language PHP, is used MySQL, XML and jQuery.
Development of .NET application for EEG neuroheadset
Sedlák, Vojtěch ; Brixí, Radim (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis analyzes Emotiv neuroheadset and included software. Its main goal is development of application, that displays, records and replay data from this device. Application is written in C# language on framework .NET. Paperwork is divided into five parts. The first part -- introduction focuses on problematics of research, and provide the aims and contributions. The work is further classified into theoretical, analytical and implementation part. In theoretical part author introduces biological background which is important for the base of research. In the following analytical part, the author perform the analysis of the device Emotiv and its software. From this knowledges come out the suggestion of his own proposals for aplication, which is situated in the implemented part. In the last part of the thesis the autor summarize the whole research and conclusiones which are the results of this thesis.
Project management in cloud
Šťastný, Jan ; Svatá, Vlasta (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
Goal of this thesis is to provide a summary of information connected to cloud project management. The thesis describes, what cloud is, what types of cloud there are and also describes project management methodologies and their specifics. In the practical part of this thesis one of the methodologies is applied to a practical project. The thesis contains also a summary of practical information about cloud projects and risks associated with cloud projects.
Optimization of business processes in the company LEF s.r.o.
Grombíř, Tomáš ; Kalina, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Smutný, Zdeněk (referee)
The master thesis deals with optimization of business processes in a food company. For this purpose the attention is paid to the three areas, namely process analysis, implementation of activity based costing model and business process optimization. The theoretical part describes the linkage between process analysis and activity based costing and acts as theoretical framework for practical part of the thesis. Presented cost model is implemented in existing company and information provided by model is used for business process optimization.
Audit IS/IT in smaller enterprises
Šaroch, Miroslav ; Svatá, Vlasta (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma work summarizes in the first section the common knowledge in the audit field of information systems and technologies theory as well as common state of knowledge in the field of marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises and market research as well. In the second section, the tools summarized in the first part are used for designing marketing research project on "The audit of information systems and technology in smaller businesses." The aim of the research was to seek the experience and customer feedback from the segment of smaller businesses to audit information systems. The research was designed as a qualitative one. As technique implementation of research was elected a research interview with looser structure. The work is divided to three parts -- designing of marketing research methodology, as well as conducting this research and it's evaluation.
Factors influencing usability of nervous control of the computer in the information management
Živkov, Martin ; Brixí, Radim (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
The work deals with areas of brain--computer interface (BCI). There is theoretical background described because of the research in the first part. The chapter "Analýza technologie (EEG, EMG)" is conceived generally and clarifies basic theory of EEG and EMG. Chapter "Popis zařízení EPOC neuroheadset" examines specific device used in research especially on the technical and functional side. Section "Analýza praktického využití BCI zařízení Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset" is self-explanatory. The focus of the practical part is influence of factors on the usability of BCI neuroheadset EPOC in the field of information management. These factors have been organized and analyzed. Group of factors connected with humans (physical and psychical) was chosen for the application of the research in which was investigated correlation with the ability to learn how to use neuroheadset EPOC, respectively its BCI element. For the research was used experimental method when a sample of volunteers was tested, undergone questionnaire investigation for acquiring human factors and repeatedly tested for the ability to use BCI element of neuroheadset EPOC. There was found out that the ability to learn how to use BCI correlates with optimism (Pearson's correlation coefficient 0,731 [Pkk] on the level of significance 0,01), stability (|0,648| Pkk on the level of significance 0,01), concentration (|0,638| Pkk on the level of significance 0,01 ), self-efficacy (0,549 Pkk on the level of significance 0,05), spatial perception (0,426 Pkk on the level of significance 0,01) in the research part.
IS Audit - Theory and Practice
Fišera, Martin ; Svatá, Vlasta (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis covers the issue of IS audit in all its breadth. On the basis that this is a very complex area, it was necessary to divide the work into several logical and subsequent chapters. Quality and audit are the key words for this job. Therefore is them given the whole first chapter that chronologically describes the evolution of these concepts. Interpretation of quality is widely described since the Greece and Rome ancient, through Total Quality Management approach to the current understanding of the normative frameworks issued by ISO. There is the term audit continuously followed in the chapter of the concept of quality, whose development is also described in detail in chronological order starting from the reading public accounts to the current form of IS audit. Especially, we focus on development of the definition of audit and the relationship between the financial audits and IS. The second - last - part of the chapter is devoted to a detailed description of the reasons for the application of IS audit in practice. Because of the large specifications of the IS audit is this characteristic position in practice given the second chapter. This chapter contains not only description of the characteristics but also a brief outline of the issue of outsourcing and CloudComputing in relation to the audit of IS. The third chapter is devoted to a normative base of IS audit. Due to a large number of normative frameworks there are analysed only selected representatives in the chapter. These include the ISO / IEC 20000, COBIT, ITIL and others. They are thoroughly described, evaluated and compared to other possibly relevant for the definition of relations and benefit evaluation. The last chapter deals with design process of IS audit at a conceptual level. The aim is to freely continue on the normative base discussed in the previous chapter and a simple, versatile, easily applicable and adaptable IS audit process regarding defined limits.
The Use of Facebook as a Marketing Strategy
Charvát, Zdeněk ; Sigmund, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kalina, Jaroslav (referee)
The main purpose of this thesis is answering the question whether the social network Facebook is a useful tool in marketing strategies. The thesis describes all of the basic functions of Facebook that can be used as a part of marketing strategy in both profit and nonprofit sectors. It also examines the competitive environment in this particular segment of the market including its advantages and disadvantages. In the last part, the thesis demonstrates on real campaigns how to sufficiently use the Facebook in marketing strategies and what tools can be used for analysing results of marketing campaigns.

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