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Heritage process of art and craft techniques of goldsmithing
Bárta, Patrick ; Fexa, Pavel ; Foret, Lukáš ; Jelínek, Jaroslav ; Kroužil, Martin ; Mrázek, Martin ; Rapouch, Karel ; Řezáčová, Eva ; Vaníček, Petr ; Příhoda, Jiří ; Selucká, Alena ; Stöhrová, Pavla ; Šumbera, Andrej
The goal of the heritage process is to provide a comprehensible guide for identifying the most widespread art and craft techniques for the processing of precious metals, their correct description and the setting of appropriate approaches to their preventive and remedial conservation. In the first section, the art and craft techniques of goldsmithing are described in detail, based on the material characteristics of selected metals and their alloys, a description of the techniques themselves in connection with the historical context of their use, including risk factors of damage to artefacts made by these techniques. The terminology used is also supplemented, which is subsequently elaborated in the form of alphabetically ordered keyword lists in the appendices of the heritage process. The second section consists of a set of case studies containing reconstructions of the procedures of selected craft techniques, including examples of surveys of original artefacts verified in museum practice.
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House search and search of other premises pursuant and land
Paráčková, Monika ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
This doctoral thesis concerns itself with the search of one's home or search of other premises and locations by law enforcement. The objective is to provide an assessment of the current legal framework for such searches, both in terms of whether personal rights are being sufficiently protected and in terms of whether the framework is well-suited for practical application. Given the nature of home searches and searches of other premises and locations, i.e., more specifically, given how the performance of such searches may infringe upon personality rights, this thesis takes a rather detailed look at the proportionality between the interference with such rights, on the one hand, and the importance of conducting the home search for the respective criminal procedure, on the other. For this reason, an entire chapter is dedicated to the concepts of privacy protection, the inviolability of the home, and the right to be secure in one's home. The thesis analyzes in detail the legal framework for home searches and the search of other premises and locations under current Czech law, but also provides an overview of the historical legal development in our country, touching upon the various pieces of legislation which governed this criminal-law instrument in the past. Naturally, the thesis also devotes space to...
Alternative punishments
Soukupová, Zlata ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vokoun, Rudolf (referee)
The general aim of this work was to develop an analysis of current legislation Institutes of alternative sentences of imprisonment, to analyse their place in the Czech legal environment, to identify problems and to summarize the proposals de lege ferenda , which could be a compass or anticipated future solution of this problem . Unquestioned issues of criminal policy are a big increase in crime along with its new forms, overloading the courts, krescentní percentage of recidivist offenders. It should be stoic resist thinking; lax approach will be rewarded crisis imprisonment. Endless storage imprisonment as punishment universal and comfortable the whole situation is getting worse and dishonoring approach.
Protection of the Injured Party in Criminal Proceedings
Mandíková, Eliška ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Heranová, Simona (referee)
Protection of the Injured Party in Criminal Proceedings Abstract This thesis is focused on the injured party, the subject of criminal proceedings. The aim of the thesis is to identify the most pressing shortcomings of the current legislation through a comprehensive analysis of selected topics. The thesis is divided into eight main parts. Chapter one focuses on the very definition of the term injured party and the basic division into injured person entitled to compensation for damage, non-pecuniary damage or unjust enrichment with specific rights in adhesion proceedings and injured person without this right. This is followed by an overview of the position of the injured person in criminal proceedings with an emphasis on his or her representation and the issue of a joint agent. The central concept of the third chapter is the victim of a crime, the definition and differentiation from the concept of injured person. This part discusses selected institutes of the Act on Victims of Crime and the basic principles governing it. Chapter four deals with the development of legislation. It describes the legal regulation of the position of the injured party in historical criminal procedure codes and significant amendments to the current Criminal Procedure Code that affected the rights of the injured party. The subsequent...
Expert in criminal proceedings with a focus on healthcare
Krbcová, Tereza ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Heranová, Simona (referee)
1 Expert in criminal proceedings with a focus on healthcare Abstract The thesis deals with the evaluation of the legal regulation of expert activities in criminal proceedings according to Act No. 254/2019 Coll., on Experts, Expert Offices and Expert Institutes and Act No. 141/1961 Coll., Criminal Procedure Code. It is divided into five chapters, which deal with the history of expert activities, expert, expert opinion, expert evidence, and opinions from the field of healthcare. The first chapter maps the history of expert activities on a global scale and the gradual development of expert activities in our country. The second chapter is devoted to the expert, his status, conditions of practice and his rights and duties. Among the most important rights of an expert is the right to expert fees, which is thoroughly discussed in the thesis. The third chapter deals with the expert opinion, its differences from a professional statement, its form and requirements. A lot of emphasis is placed on the requirements of the expert opinion, and their changes, due to the entry into effect of the new legislation. The third chapter also includes the electronic register of expert opinions, which was created for the purpose of digitisation of public administration and in accordance with enabling the submission of expert...
The Concept of a criminal offence in the Czech Criminal Code
Novotný, Pavel ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Tlapák Navrátilová, Jana (referee)
The Concept of a criminal offence in the Czech Criminal Code Abstract The diploma thesis examines the concept of a criminal offence in Act No. 40/2009 Coll., the Criminal Code. With the enactment of the new Criminal Code, a transition from a formal- material concept of a criminal offence to a formal concept has been made. With the enactment of Act No. 40/2009 Coll., the Criminal Code, the recodification work, which had lasted almost twenty years, was completed. The most discussed topic at the time of the preparation of the Criminal Code was precisely the concept of a criminal offence. The first chapter of the thesis introduces the general regulation of the concept and conception of a crime in separate and combined form and the most important terms related to the criminal offence. The second chapter presents the development of criminal law in the Czech lands from the 19th century beginning with the Code of Crimes and Serious Police Offences, through the preparation of the outlines of the Criminal Code in 1926 and 1937 up to the Criminal Act No. 140/1961 Coll. The third chapter presents the situation after 1989 on the way to the new penal code. It describes the substantive intention of the Criminal Code, with regard to possible alternatives to the concept of a criminal offences, which was approved by the...
Europeanization of Criminal Law
Slezák, Marek ; Kopečný, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jiří (referee)
Europeanization of Criminal Law Abstract The topic of this diploma thesis is europeanization of criminal law. It can be described as a process of approximation of criminal legislation of european countries. This process typically gets set in motion by organizations in which european countries associate. Said organizations use europeanization as one of the tools for achieving their goals. The goal of the thesis is to analyze how the process of europeanization of criminal law developed so far and to examine the tools which the organizations use in order to approximate the legislation of their member states. At the same time it also aims to point out some practical challenges which arise both generally in the organizations themselves and specifically as part of the application of selected tools. The first chapter is concerned with the tools the most important European organizations, the Council of Europe and the European Union, use to approximate their member states' criminal law legislation in general. It provides a brief look into their history and into the changes of the tools used throughout it. It also points out that not all the member states of the organizations might participate in their cooperation methods to the same extent. The second chapter then examines the most important institutions which...
Processes in the advertising agency Dentsu Czech Republic
Jelínek, Jakub ; Moravcová, Hana (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe business processes in the advertising agency Dentsu Czech Republiv and to infer employees contentment with the setting of the business processes based on an internal survey. Theoretical part describes business processes and process management, then delineate new ways of management, continues with the description of adverting agencies and the business processes they use and lastly summarize history and present of the advertising agency Dentsu. The practical part of the thesis analyzes internal materiál of the project office in Dentsu Czech Republic and describes business processes in the company. Simultaneously evaluates internal survey of employees contentment with the business processes. Lastly carries out the McKinsey 7S strategic analysis.
Design of production technology of the Cover
Jelínek, Jakub ; Ohnišťová, Petra (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the production technology of the cap, the volume of which is 700 pieces, for use in low-voltage and high-voltage equipment, including switchboards, for the production of semi-crystalline plastic polyamide 6. The component will be injection moulded into a single layer mould, which will be composed of purchased normals from Meusburger. A KraussMaffei 110-380CX machine will be used for production, which will exert a clamping force of up to 1100kN. The economic evaluation showed that for the specified production run of 700 units, the cost of the part is 479,85 CZK, the price of one piece without the initial investment in the mould and without any depreciation is over 11 CZK.
Working conditions of employees in the selected home for the elderly
Jelínek, Jan ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Tůmová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis investigates working environment of employees of one particular retirement home. The jobs being looked at are as follows - social worker, activation worker and certified nursing assistant. These spots are divided into two groups, the more professional and creative one and the social one. I define the working environments through qualitative semi-structured interviews. To discover the environment in question, it is important to describe the content of the job and the tasks that one doing it is obliged to fulfil, the well-being of the ones doing it and the personal relationships in the workplace. I discover the characteristics of the jobs taking internal regulations, legal definition of the job and interviews into account. Using the workplace wellbeing theory, which consists of five basic dimensions, I describe the working conditions of the jobs in question. Those dimensions are used to examine the aspects that have major influence on the workers' wellbeing. Those are the ones that concern the employees' career ambitions, physical demands on them and the influence they have on their physical state, how the job is socially, how much the workers make for a living and how they fit in their communities. I will study personal ties between employees through the theory of positive...

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