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Processes in the advertising agency Dentsu Czech Republic
Jelínek, Jakub ; Moravcová, Hana (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe business processes in the advertising agency Dentsu Czech Republiv and to infer employees contentment with the setting of the business processes based on an internal survey. Theoretical part describes business processes and process management, then delineate new ways of management, continues with the description of adverting agencies and the business processes they use and lastly summarize history and present of the advertising agency Dentsu. The practical part of the thesis analyzes internal materiál of the project office in Dentsu Czech Republic and describes business processes in the company. Simultaneously evaluates internal survey of employees contentment with the business processes. Lastly carries out the McKinsey 7S strategic analysis.
Design of production technology of the Cover
Jelínek, Jakub ; Ohnišťová, Petra (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the production technology of the cap, the volume of which is 700 pieces, for use in low-voltage and high-voltage equipment, including switchboards, for the production of semi-crystalline plastic polyamide 6. The component will be injection moulded into a single layer mould, which will be composed of purchased normals from Meusburger. A KraussMaffei 110-380CX machine will be used for production, which will exert a clamping force of up to 1100kN. The economic evaluation showed that for the specified production run of 700 units, the cost of the part is 479,85 CZK, the price of one piece without the initial investment in the mould and without any depreciation is over 11 CZK.
Emotional intelligence in heterosexual and non-heterosexualpeople in the context of gender identity
Jelínek, Jakub ; Blatný, Marek (advisor) ; Baumgartner, František (referee) ; Stuchlíková, Iva (referee)
The main topic of the dissertation thesis is the construct of emotional intelligence which can be defined via several theoretical models out of which the well known ones are presented step by step in the theoretical part of this work. The paper also exlains the main difference between ability and trait emotional intelligence which represent two different ways, above all, for measuring the construct. The most well know tools are presented in one of the chapters too. The theoretical part of the dissertation largely elaborate on the topic of individual differences in emotional intelligence which were explored within the basic research of the construct. The purpose of the two separate studies which were conducted within the dissertation research project was to examine whether the groups of heterosexual and non-heterosexual respondents are statistically similar or different in both ability and trait emotional intelligence and in emotion regulation which is considered to be the upper component of emotional intelligence. Moreover, the first study focused on the replication of low correlation between ability and trait emotional intelligence and on the relation between ability emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence. The relation between trait emotional intelligence and personality traits was...
Home gastronomic advisor
Jelínek, Jakub ; Skopal, Tomáš (advisor) ; Eckhardt, Alan (referee)
The propounded work deals with collecting recipes from the Internet, their storing into database and consequential retrieval of these recipes according to user's criteria. Recipes can be obtained based on patterns described by regular expressions, or by using automatic recognition mechanism. For each obtained recipe there are identified its ingredients, their amount and activities required to complete this recipe. Preparation time is automatically estimated, if not already present. There is also mechanism that prevents same recipe to be stored repeatedly into database. For recipe retrieval, there are designed rules for ingredient matching that supports semantic affinity (doughnut - pastry), semantic divergence for similar ingredients (ice - ice cream) and simple way of taking specified amount in relation to the required into account. On the basis of this matching rules are created three user selectable criteria for determining relevance. User and programmer documentation is part of this work.
Optimizations in the GNU Compiler Collection targeted at scientific computing
Jambor, Martin ; Hubička, Jan (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jakub (referee)
Many members of the scientific community look for alternatives to Fortran to increase maintainability, reusability and interoperability of their projects and component and to achieve rapid development and deployment. C++ appears to be an ever more appealing alternative because evolving compilers and coding techniques continually boost the efficiency of the resultant code. This work describes what C++ scientific code typically looks like, and discuses a number of contemporary optimizing techniques compilers use to remove overhead caused by levels of abstraction. Moreover, it proposes a new Intraprocedural Analysis of Aggregates to expose even more information stored within objects and track object behaviour. It also describes implementation of intraprocedural propagation of constants within aggregates built on top of this analysis. Finally, it discusses its efficiency and potential for future work.
Emotional intelligence and its comparison among heterosexual and homosexual people
Jelínek, Jakub ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the theoretical part of the thesis is emotional intelligence and the overview of changes in understanding this construct since its establishment. Furthermore, the thesis provides a summary of two significant models of emotional intelligence as well as a survey of existing means of its measurement and enumeration of studies focused on the connection between emotional intelligence and particular aspects of life. Finally, the theoretical part of the thesis explores the possibilities of developing emotional intelligence. The practical part uses quantitative research to analyse individual differences in emotional intelligence by comparing the levels of emotional intelligence between homosexual and heterosexual population. The findings revealed a significant difference between trait emotional intelligence of homosexual and heterosexual men. Moreover, the results also verify the difference in overall emotion regulation and emotion regulation strategy of emotion suppression between heterosexuals and homosexuals. The findings also support the claim that women have higher emotional intelligence than men and that the individuals who regard themselves as physically healthy have higher emotional intelligence than those who consider themselves as seriously ill. Keywords: Emotional intelligence,...
Output breakpoints for Java
Jelínek, Jakub ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Hnětynka, Petr (referee)
The goal of this thesis was to design the support for output breakpoints in the Java language and implement the designed solution including integration into the Eclipse IDE. An output breakpoint represents a location in an output media (e.g. file, standard output or socket) where the execution of program should stop. The location in the output media is generalized as a stop condition - it can be in the form of absolute position, a particular line and a character or an occurrence of a text string. The designed solution is based on observing the classes responsible for output using entry method breakpoints that are a standard part of the Java language. This solution is dependent on a particular version and implementation of JRE because some of observed methods are not a part of public Java API.
Fundaments of IT thinking
Jelínek, Jakub ; Pyrih, Pavel (advisor) ; Obdržálek, David (referee)
In the propounded work author presents results of his looking for important informatics thinking features, its fundaments. He divides these fundaments into two categories - static and dynamic. Static fundaments represent basic building material that the informatics world is built from. As static fundaments are considered information, time, room and money. Dynamic fundaments express basic "active factors" which are using static fundaments and are transforming them, creating so more complicated elements of informatics. As dynamic fundaments are considered abstraction, iteration and recursion, metasyntactic variables, universality, simplicity and inspiration.
Changability of human nature in light of a value
Jelínek, Jakub ; Barabas, Marína (advisor) ; Holba, Jiří (referee)
This work presents the question whether our nature is changeable and deserves changing in the ethical sense, on the contrast of Kant's moral philosophy with Buddhist thinking. Kant's approach associates morality with pressure on desires (mainly speaking of inclinations - habitual sensuous desires) because it understands sensuality - where it places them - as given. Splitting a human being into reason (standing aside from causality) and sensuality is the cause why Kant's efforts to incorporate moral progress (towards "joyful fulfilling of one's duty") into his system fail, unless it is to undergo a radical reconstruction. However, the experience of craving shows its non-mechanical basis, the basis in understanding its object as of a value for us. The Buddhist account of non-self (similarly to Heidegger's thought that we at first understand ourselves wrongly as an entity that only occurs) problematises this understanding. The self-demarcation, which establishes craving means understanding oneself as an object, with which something can happen and which can have some attributes. But our experience of freedom shows, that our power to act is not a possibility of that sort. If we are able to recognize self-demarcation (selfishness) as a fallacy, it means that our nature is changeable. And because such...
Self-harm in older school age children in the context of family and social relationships
Šustrová, Anna ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jakub (referee)
The thesis focuses on self-harm in children and possible link between self-harm and close relationships of the child. In the first chapter of literary review I deal with the definition of the term of self-harm and general characteristics of this behavior. The next chapter focuses on the description of the older school age and last chapter of the literary review deals with the psychosocial field of self-harm. This thesis emphasis family background of the child. Self-harm is discussed from the perspective of external causes in this work, not as a result of mental disorder. In the second part, I propose a research project that aims to describe the occurrence of self-harm and to find out the possible context between the presence of self-harm and the parenting style of upbringing. Keywords self-harm in children, adolescence, family, social relationships

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