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"Fiat lux!" Public Lighting in Czech Towns in 19th and the Beginning of 20th Century
Jelínek, David ; Himl, Pavel (advisor) ; Pokludová, Andrea (referee)
The phenomenon of introducing public lighting in Czech cities is mainly associated with the increase in population in regionally important centres of industry, trade, craft, or administration. Unlike classical historiographical monographs, this work aims to investigate how the introduction of public lighting took place, who was involved in it, and what was at stake. Through the analysis of literary sources, particularly newspaper articles (both national and local) and archival records, the thesis seeks to highlight the attributes of light not only as a purely practical urban element, but also as a carrier of symbolic levels of security and progress. It is shown that light played an important role as a maintainer of security and prevented criminal behaviour by its presence. It is further revealed that light was a manifestation of civilization, education, and progress. Having public lighting on the streets was therefore not only a practical but also a symbolic issue. It was also reflected in the electoral programs of local political parties. It was not, however, the municipalities that incurred considerable costs in upgrading the lighting infrastructure (setting up gas plants, power stations, laying pipes); it was private entities that entered into contracts with municipalities for decades. However,...
Marketing communication of the project "Pojď hrát hokej"
Jelínek, David ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Name: Marketing communication plan for Pojď hrát hokej project Goals: The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the implementation of marketing communication for Pojď hrát hokej project, identify its weak spots and suggest specific steps for improvement Methods: We used primary and secondary sources of data in this thesis. We carried out a quantitative questionnaire-based research among the target group which consisted of parents of kids who visited Týden hokeje in January 2020. We also carried out a qualitative research based on interview with guidelines (The team leader of Pojď hrát hokej project PhDr. Pavel Landa, Ph.D was the interviewee). We analyzed internal database of Czech Hockey, specifically the marketing plan presentations and online media budget. We also went through the public materials connected with project, specifically their frequency and topics. Results: According to our research the marketing communication of Pojď hrát hokej project is on very high level. Respondents noticed it mainly on regional level. Results showed that the weakest side of communication is the print media advertisement which is not profitable. We suggest considering different time period for this part of campaign or decrease its budget and use it on social media advertising. Furthermore we suggest changing...
Řízení nákladů výrobního podniku
Jelínek, David
The bachelor thesis evaluates the development, importance and influence of the costs of the selected manufacturing company. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the issue of costs, their classification and management. In the practical part, the costs of the selected company are evaluated and the proposals and recommendations are presented, which should lead to the improvement of the economic situation of the company.
Range extender of an electric vehicle
Jelínek, David ; Píštěk, Václav (referee) ; Drápal, Lubomír (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of a four-stroke engine with two cylinders, using as a range extender. The first chapter briefly introduces the company Škoda Auto a.s., for which the range extender was designed. Also, there is a list of the available electric and hybrid vehicles manufactured by this company. The next chapter deals with the division of hybrid vehicles, as an intermediate step for the use of electric vehicles, the reason for their use and the definition of advantages and disadvantages of hybrid vehicles. Also, the range extender technology is described here. The third chapter contains a description of the conceptual design of the range extender and describes the design and balancing of the crankshaft in more detail. The last chapter describes the calculation of the crankshaft dynamics and the individual parts load. The resulting crankshaft safety is determined by comparing the calculated values with a series-produced 1.0 MPI evo engine, which is the base of the described range extender.
The pistons of four-stroke engines and their application
Jelínek, David ; Fojtášek, Jan (referee) ; Dlugoš, Jozef (advisor)
This thesis deals with historical development of pistons for four-stroke combustion engines and their application for machines using both diesel and petrol fuel. The beginning explains how the four-stroke combustion engines works and what role the piston plays that. The following is about the description of the individual parts of the piston, the important attribute the piston should have and how the piston is loaded by the forces in the combustion process. The next part deals with the historical development of the piston, especially in the first half of the 20th century, when the combustion engines had the greatest rise. In this chapter are summarized the design methods, the types of material and the Wankel engine. Below is a summary of the modern methods of producing pistons, their types of use, types of materials, coatings and cooling methods.
Participation of the Counsel in the Preliminary Proceedings
Jelínek, David ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
Participation of the Counsel in the Preliminary Proceedings A right of defence is one of basic rights of democratic state of law. It is contained in various international treaties and also in our constitution, namely in article 40 of Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms. In case of criminal procedure it is further adjusted in Criminal Procedure. Representation by a defence counsel is one of the main ways how to fulfill a right of defence. A defence counsel becomes essential compoment of criminal procedure. Especially in preliminary procedure is defence counsel and his services irreplaceable. For that reason I decided to examine the role of defence counsel in preliminary procedure. My diploma thesis consists of five chapters, whilst first chapter is introduction and last conclusion. First chapter is an introduction into topic of right of defence and role of defence counsel in criminal procedure. It also deals with legal sources of right of defence and its brief history form 1873Criminal procedure until recent Criminal procedure. In second chapter of my thesis I deal with right of defence in general and with different concepts in several subheads. Therefore subheads deal with problems of representation by defence counsel and subsequent mandatory defence. Subheads also deal with chosen and...
Extension of information system of producing company by document management system
Jelínek, David ; Kunstová, Renáta (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is apply the module of document managment system to department of human resources in company J. M. Kapa, s.r.o. in Kolín. Thesis is implemented in Information system ESO9 that is used in company for communication, production planning, business planning, personnel managment and accounting. The bachelor work is divided into particular topical parts. At first is introduction of the company, then are described processes of personnel agenda and in the last row analysis contains business processes and suggestion for implementation module. Contribution of bachelor thesis is making work in department of human resources more effective.

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