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Home Automation Based on Arduino/WeMos/RPi Platform
Ježek, Jan ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Kapinus, Michal (advisor)
This work aims to propose and implement a home automation system based on individual devices' connection using conditions and actions. For example, when a magnetic barrier determines that a door was opened, a command that turns on lights in the hallway is sent. However, if a card reader does not register allowed card, the alarm will be triggered. This problem is solved by a server running on Raspberry Pi, which is periodically checking all conditions that a user has defined via a web page. Based on their fulfillment, it executes predefined action. Created solution provides a way how to connect smart devices in household easily and how to automate them. Users must program each module, complex conditions, and actions by themselves. This work presents an infrastructure for communication and examples on how to create such modules.
Pedestrial Crossing the street třída Generála Píky, Brno
Ježek, Jan ; Matuszková, Radka (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is an alternative proposal of multilevel pedestrians crossing of the street třída Generála Píky in Brno. At the current state street is conducted in four lanes and crossing is done through the underpass, which is not used.
Statistical modul for working database TIVOLE
Ježek, Jan ; Wiera, Ryszard (referee) ; MBA, Jan Beran, (advisor)
Presented thesis thesis is written for IBM Company, specifically IBM IDC Czech Republic, s.r.o. branch. The thesis describes development of statistic module for work database TIVOLE utilizing Lotus Notes program. The basic aim of the thesis is to ease creation of reports and graphical data outputs in relation to speed of operator´s work while narrowing down the required time of human resources for solving problems.
Parking Planning and Calculation
Ježek, Jan ; Heinrich, Jaroslav (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The purpose of this diploma thesis „Parking Planning and Calculation„ is car parks at selected buildings. The goal of this thesis is to optimize the selected of targeted units for calculate the number of parking spaces. First part of the work is focused on the measurement itself and data analysis. The next part of the work consists of comparison of calculated parking places according to standards with real number of parking places.
Methodology of Dictyostelium discoideum imaging with the transmission digital holographic microscope
Křížová, Aneta ; Ježek, Jan (referee) ; Uhlířová, Hana (advisor)
The task of this bachelor’s thesis was to image Dictyostelium discoideum with a transmission digital holographic microscope and compare this imaging with a commonly used microscopy technique. This bachelor's thesis is structured into a theoretical part and an experimental part. The theoretical part describes the setting of the transmission digital holographic microscope, basic operation and physical principles of imaging with this microscope. Further the process of image reconstruction and numerical process of phase reconstruction is illustrated. At the end of this part, basic biological characteristics of observed cells of Dictyostelium discoideum are introduced. The experimental part describes the cultivation and preparation of Dictyostelium discoideum for the observations, and further the process of performed experiments. The cells of Dictyostelium discoideum have been imaged in couple experiments by a method of the classical phase contrast. By the transmission digital holographic microscope the cells of Dictyostelium discoideum have been imaged in two mediums. Images captured by the transmission digital holographic microscope were processed by a method of Dynamic phase differences and analysed.
Raman assembly for radiation analysis
Stránská, Lenka ; Ježek, Jan (referee) ; Dostál, Zbyněk (advisor)
For Raman spectroscopy is a need to introduce a laser light into an optic fiber and analyze a collected light at the same time. Therefore it was proposed a specialized optical system. This system can also be used to measure other spectroscopy methods such as photoluminescence. In the theoretical part of this theses, was discussed both mentioned methods and their instrumentations. In addition to the Raman spectroscopy, was also shown some special cases of Raman spectroscopy for enhanced measurement of Raman scattering. The problem of weak signal detection and its reading is also discussed in the theoretical part of the thesis. In the practical part of this thesis was discussed the mechanical design of the optical system and the choice of optical elements that are used in the system. Next, is introduced the manufactured system, which design is based on the parameters of the chosen optical elements. The practical part of the thesis ends with an assembly and testing of the proposed system.
Flow-chambers for microscopy of living cells
Čolláková, Jana ; Ježek, Jan (referee) ; Antoš, Martin (advisor)
The perfusion chamber for long term observing of live cells by the means the Coherence-Controlled Holographic Microscope (CCHM) was designed. CCHM was built and designed at the Laboratory of the optical microscopy at the Institute of Physical Engineering, Brno University of Technology. CCHM can quantitatively evaluate dynamical changes inside live cells thanks to the quantitative information about phase shift in each pixel of the image. In order to demonstrate advantages of CCHM experimentally, it is important to keep the live cells in the good conditions. This is made by adding the fresh cultivation medium for studied cells directly in the microscope. In contrast to the stationary chamber the perfusion chamber allows both the cultivation medium exchange and the application of biological reagents without the necessity of removing the chamber from the microscope. Therefore we can study the vital signs of cells before and after the application of reagents. An original perfusion system with accessories compatible with CCHM was designed. The design is based on the previously published perfusion system solutions that are referred to in this thesis. The flow characteristics and medium exchange process was discussed and a modification of the internal geometry, based on numerical simulations, was introduced. The applicability of this perfusion chamber has been proven for the CCHM and even for different types of microscopes. The reactions of tumor and epithelial cells during the change of the environment from the cultivation medium to the physiologically solution were studied.
Mathematical and Statistical Methods as Support of the Development of Software Applications
Ježek, Jan ; Šustrová, Tereza (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to apply selected statistical methods with the objective of optimizing the calculation of profitability of vending machines and snack machines based on the data collected during restocking. The thesis includes the development of an algorithm for analyzing the restocking time and the time required to move between machines, with a focus on identifying suspicious behavior.
Tunnelling in České Středohoří
Rychnovský, Vojtěch ; Mašín, David (advisor) ; Ježek, Jan (referee)
This work contains the information about the Prackovice tunnel, tunnel across the České středohoří highland on highway D8, geological structure of the area, advanced works and the process of construction. The work also includes a 2D numerical analysis of the Prackovice tunnel using the finite element method. Parametric study and back analysis were carried out, therefore an original model could be modified to comply with the results of geotechnical monitoring. This led to better compliance between the model and reality.

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