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Zenith House
Roudnická, Michaela ; Zálešák, Jan (referee) ; Houser, Milan (advisor)
Diploma project Zenith House is trying to find and map a position of figural painting in a contemporary art world. Through a detailed study of works of contemporary painters, who use historical influences and compositions, it argues the evolution of painting. It slightly touches the phenomenom of portraiture and the contemporary trend of de-skilling the craftsmen.
Roudnická, Michaela ; Pitín, Daniel (referee) ; Houser, Milan (advisor)
In my bachelor's thesis I want to explore the possibilities of a painting medium through figural themes of albinism. In a missing pigment I see some king of analogy to painting, which I tried to apply into the medium.
no noon on
Janechová, Lucia ; Houser, Milan (referee) ; Štindlová, Marie (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the theme of sun. We perceive the sun in many different ways according to its position on the sky, to where we are located or simply depending on our current mood. In paintings and objects I look for ways to capture it's visual form or the imprints of feelings it's capable of creating. For that I use spiky or round branch-like shapes as the variations of the sun rays, in the centre of paintings is usually a circle. I combine acrylics and oil with dry pastel, which enable more relaxed and free strokes. In effort to expand the scale of medium I included materials like copper or concrete in my work. The series is therefore finished with relief almost-objects and a copper “gate” the sun figuratively passes through at noon.
New Wave
Švachulová, Klára ; Artamonov, Vasil (referee) ; Houser, Milan (advisor)
My Bachelor’s thesis is focused on the medium of music. The topic is the ‘on edge‘ movement between the picture and the object. It concerns the style created by a group of visual artists, who belong to the new wave movement. In my pictures, I am trying to capture the authenticity of that age, to which I refer. I work on ‘permeability‘, the ‘order in disorder‘, the interlocking of ‘New Wave‘ as the new order and ‘Punk‘ as the rebellion and disorder. I create the order in disorder by the use of geometry and by following a certain format. I am trying to create a pattern ‘on the edge‘ of composition.
PLC for Smart Metering
Houser, Milan ; Rusz, Martin (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the technology communicating over the electrical power grid, PowerLine Communication (PLC). It solves the principles, possibilities of use, ad-vantages and disadvantages of this technology. The basic issues of communication of PLC networks, Smart Grid and Smart Metering on narrowband PLCs with multiple carriers on the PRIME and G3 standard are discussed. At the end of the work there are measurements on Atmel and Devolo devices. A laboratory task was also created here, which deals with the measurement of narrowband transmission.
Personal Mythology
Křížek, Štěpán ; Meduna, Marek (referee) ; Houser, Milan (advisor)
Cycle of dense black and white drawings that are a result of system of selfexamination.
Germ and potential
Kachtíková, Michaela ; Houser, Milan (referee) ; Mikyta, Svätopluk (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with topics such as presence, perception of corporeality and oneself appear in the context of the process of creation of a work. The evolving themes reflect subjective present vision and fascination with materiality, in order to achieve sustainable art and life. It asks questions of aesthetic - philosophical nature. What is the relationship between art and sustainability, the relationship between work, its creator, and objects? The work that was created is a material artifact, a record of being in the past and in the present. It is like a record arc, a photograph of a given reality, created to understand the past in the future. It is a reflection of the inner nakedness, internal processes, inner emotions and thoughts which shape the inner aspects of the psyche, expand into space, crawl, fill, and have their own distinctive life.

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