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Examination of the Spatial Structure of Pigs' Melanoma in Tissue Sections Based on Histology and Mass Spectrometry
Anýz, J. ; Vysloužilová, L. ; Horák, Vratislav ; Štěpánková, O. ; Vaculovič, T. ; Adam, V.
We examine the spatial structure of the melanoma in tissue sections. The pigs melanoma was examined in 10 tissue samples obtained from animals of age between 4 and 22 weeks. The tissue sections were measured by light microscopy and Laser Ablation Ion Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry to obtain spatial metal (Cu, Zn) distribution. The exploratory analysis of the tissue sections indicates there is clearly a pattern in the spatial structure. Different projections of the spatial structure of the melanoma are obtained by the different measurement methods. The spectral clustering on the data was utilized to describe the structure in the data. According to the clustering results, there are distinct clusters of observations in the histological data. The spatial elemental distribution of the metals Cu and Zn cannot be clustered -the data form one compact cluster. The clustering of the histological images produces clusters which are related to the annotation of the biological samples in broader terms -the differences between fibrous and cancerous tissue.
Mesenchymal stem cells and their regenerative and immunomodulatory potential
Brychtová, Michaela ; Lysák, Daniel (advisor) ; Horák, Vratislav (referee) ; Raška, Milan (referee)
Mesenchymal stem cells and their regenerative and immunomodulatory potential Abstract Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) possess multidirectional regenerative ability, which, together with their immunomodulatory potential, makes them promising cell type for therapy of wide variety of diseases. Despite ongoing research, which proved MSCs application to be safe, reported effect of MSCs administration on patients is not convincingly beneficial yet. In our work we focused on elucidation of MSCs role in regeneration of vital organs, heart and liver, where a large damage is life threatening for patients and any improvement in therapy would save many lives. Similar situation is in Graft versus host disease (GVHD), where MSCs immunomodulatory properties could be beneficial. Role of MSCs in heart regeneration was examined in vitro. Primary adult swine cardiomyocytes (CMCs) were co-cultured with or without swine MSCs for 3 days and morphological and functional parameters (contractions, current, respiration) of CMCs were measured. MSCs showed supportive effect on CMCs survival, especially at day 3 of the experiment, where in co-culture was significantly higher number of viable CMCs with physiological morphology and maintained function. Effect of MSCs on liver regeneration was observed in swine model of chronic liver...
Effect of long-term administration on haematological parameters Ovosan and representation of immune cells in patients with cancer disease
Horák, Vratislav ; Holubová, Monika ; Pokorná, E.
Despite extensive research and new therapeutic approaches are cancer diseases the second most common cause of death. According to the website, "Epidemiology of malignant tumors in the Czech Republic", which processes data from the National Cancer Registry in 1977 by software SVOD ( it is clear that for some diagnoses (eg pancreatic cancer) is this period, a significant increase in incidence and mortality.
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Metallothionenin levels in melanomas
Šobrová, P. ; Adam, V. ; Fabrik, I. ; Křížková, S. ; Kukačka, J. ; Průša, R. ; Strnádel, Ján ; Horák, Vratislav ; Kizek, R.
Level of metallothionens in various biological materials was determined by adsorptive transfer stripping differential pulse voltammetry Brdicka reaction. Human melanoma cell lines, primary skin melanomas and organ metastases of miniature pigs of the MeLiM (Melanoma-bearing Libechov Minipig) strain, and sera of patients treated for melanoma were compared. Ascertained results suggest that studies of metallothionen level are insteresting from the viewpoint of general knowledge of its relation to a course of this cancer disease. They also bring new findings needed for understanding and monitoring of therapeutic response.
A search for apoptosis in pig melanoma during its regression
Horák, Vratislav ; Reisnerová, H. ; Rytina, L. ; Hruban, V.
Previous experiments with surgical ischaenization (devitalization) of swine primary melanoma tumours located on skin surface revealed immediate regression of all intact visceral metastases. We used three techniques: a) TUNEL, b) Apostain, c) DNA ladder method.

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