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A Proposal of a Corporate Financial Plan
Křížková, Simona ; Žižlavský, Ondřej (referee) ; Karas, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with creation of financial plan for company IMI International, Ltd. The theoretical part defines basic concept of financial analysis and financial plan and their methods of processing. The practical part evaluates financial situation of company with usage of selected methods from financial analysis and accounting data from the years 2010 – 2015. Based on the information from financial analysis is prepared financial plan for next period 2016 - 2020.
Elimination of symptoms of water erosion and sediment transport
Pospíchalová, Lucie ; Křížková, Svatava (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim was to evaluate the erosion and drainage conditions on the base of GIS analysis using the DMT. Propose measures to elimination of symptoms of water erosion and sediment transport. The proposed measures to evaluate their effectiveness. For existing measures to assess their effectiveness and recommend supplementing the measures.
The most important factors of motivation to quit smoking and abstinence preservation
My dissertation deals with the issue of quitting smoking and keeping permanent abstinence in relation to the most significant motivation factors. My particular objective was to specify the most important motivation factors as well as to confirm what effect the price of cigarettes has on giving up smoking with the 25-50 year old generation of South Bohemian geographic classification. A quantitative research was carried out via an internet questionnaire. It contained 14 questions concerning identification, treatment, motivation and finances. 63 respondents filled in the questionnaire.
The aim was to confirm hypotheses that children are influenced by the socio-cultural influences, family base, influence of schoolmates and equals in general.
Metallothionenin levels in melanomas
Šobrová, P. ; Adam, V. ; Fabrik, I. ; Křížková, S. ; Kukačka, J. ; Průša, R. ; Strnádel, Ján ; Horák, Vratislav ; Kizek, R.
Level of metallothionens in various biological materials was determined by adsorptive transfer stripping differential pulse voltammetry Brdicka reaction. Human melanoma cell lines, primary skin melanomas and organ metastases of miniature pigs of the MeLiM (Melanoma-bearing Libechov Minipig) strain, and sera of patients treated for melanoma were compared. Ascertained results suggest that studies of metallothionen level are insteresting from the viewpoint of general knowledge of its relation to a course of this cancer disease. They also bring new findings needed for understanding and monitoring of therapeutic response.
Elektrochemické stanovení metalothioneinu v transgenním tabáku
Křížková, S. ; Diopan, V. ; Baloun, J. ; Šupálková, V. ; Shestisvka, V. ; Kotrba, P. ; Macková, Martina ; Macek, Tomáš ; Havel, L. ; Adam, V. ; Zehnálek, J. ; Kizek, R.
Inspection of CUP1 content in selected tobacco lineages using electrochemical method optimized for its selective determination was described.

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