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Porovnání výnosotvorných prvků u hybridních a nehybridních odrůd ječmene ozimého
Hlavatá, Jana
The bachelor thesis presents the results of an experiment with winter barley. The experiment was established in the vegetation period 2017/2018 on the grounds of the Field Experimental Station of Mendel University in Žabčice. The theoretical part describes the basic characteristics of barley, botanical and biological characteristics, requirements for growing conditions, formation of cereal yield, breeding of hybrid vari-eties and a part is devoted to winter barley diseases. In the practical part, the yield-forming elements of eleven winter barley varieties were evaluated and the results between hybrid and linear varieties were compared. The yield-forming elements evaluated were the number of plants per m2, the number of off-shoots and spikes per m2, the number of offshoots and spikes per plant, the weight of thousand grains, the yield and bulk density was determined as the quality indicator. It is clear that hybrid varieties have achieved a better assessment. E.g. the average yield of hybrid varieties was 8.65 t.ha-1, the line ones was 8.36 t.ha-1.
Hlavatá, J. ; Suchý, Tomáš ; Šupová, Monika ; Pokorný, M. ; Košťáková, E.
Collagen makes up one of the most important parts of the extracellular matrix and connective tissue. Collagen type I accounts for up to 90% of the collagen found in the body and it can be isolated and purified in large quantities and processed into a variety of forms. With respect to the process of the treatment of collagen into the nano-fibrous and submicron-fibrous forms, severe conditions leading to the denaturation of the collagen and thus the gelatin content should be avoided. Centrifugal force spinning and electrospinning processes appear to present promising methods for the spinning of collagen solutions. This paper deals with a comparison of the various methods applied in the processing of collagen, i.e. principally needle and needleless centrifugal spinning technology and electrospinning technology. In addition, the effect of process parameters and collagen solution conditions on the final form of the material was analyzed. Spun layers were prepared based on collagen type I isolated from calf skin. Nano-structured layers were prepared employing the spinning of 4-16 wt% collagen solutions in phosphate buffer saline and ethanol. The layers thus prepared were characterized by means of scanning electron microscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
Swimming aids and their useable in lead time and in basic stage of swimming
Hlavatá, Jana ; Chrzanowská, Babeta (advisor) ; Kuhnová, Věra (referee)
The target of my work is choose some basis with deep and shallow water, where wage the prepare and basic swimming training with children preschool age and children younger shool age, and get some information about using aids. Make a clear idea about right and efectivity use a swim aids by hypothesi and by profiling all accessible informations about this problem. The stage of this problem is detected by research methods - questionaire, interwiev, observation. Key words: Swimming, Lead time swimming aktivity, Basic stage of swimming, basic swimming skills - Watter brathing, Buoyancy, Submerging, Orientation in the water, Fancy diving, Falls, Sensation the water, Swim aids, Methodology
The Non-Compliance Phenomenon and the Diagnosis of L2x: Atopic Dermatitis
Hlavatá, Jana ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the prevalence of the phenomenon of non-compliance patiens with a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis using the questionnaire survey in two selected dermatology clinics in Prague. The result obtained were tested using standard statistics methods. The results suggest the non-compliance depends mainly on attitude of physisians.
Marketing in Social Networks
Hlavatá, Jana ; Novák, Michal (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
The purpose of theoretical part of my bachelor thesis is to give readers an introduction in internet marketing, social media and social networks, to explain main differences between these terms, to describe social networks and their various forms in more detail and to explain Facebook and Twitter marketing. The purpose of practical part of my bachelor thesis is to show techniques and right strategies how to succeed in social networks and which steps to take to achieve that success. I will explain these strategies on Twitter and Facebook. Next, I would like to show and describe the behavior of Facebook users and their main interests in this social network.
Development of Children's Art Creativity in Free Time (pre-school age)
Pre-school age is a very important period for all children because at this time they gain most of their basic skills, knowledge, habits and experience. The fundamentals of their lifestyle and free time spending is made up in this period too. In my thesis I would like to highlight the big importance of leisure time education as the essential means of an art creativity development for pre-school children. In this work I specialize in an art creativity development in particular. My work is devided into two parts {--} the theoretical and the practical one. In the theoretical part I aim generally at the education and upbringing of pre-school children. Here I deal with children´s development of the aesthetic education, creativity and fantasy. I try to penetrate more into the world of children´s free time, interests and visual games. I also remembered to mention the children´s motivation and the necessity of a suitable setting for doing their free time activities. Further I give description on general rules of children´s development, their socialization and temperament. I shortly deal with the pedagogues´characters, their relation-ships to children and visual art and the way of their teaching as well. The core of my thesis is the second - practical part, in which all findings are demonstrated in the creative project About the air (O Vzduchu). The project should contribute to children´s development of positive approach to the nature and coun-tryside and to more prosperous emotional apprehension and experience. I try to use the features of an aesthetic, motoric, literary and dramatic education in all my project. In the thesis conclusion I state all results discovered in the course of the project implementation.

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