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Oborové dokumenty pro výkon správy objektu veřejné zeleně
Havlíková, Michaela
ABSTRAKT/ Abstract Autor práce/ Author: Michaela Havlíková, DiS. Název práce: Oborové dokumenty pro výkon správy objektu veřejné zeleně Title: Subject documents for the management of public greenery Vedoucí práce/ Supervisor: Ing. Lukáš Štefl, Ph.D. In this work were described field documents for the administration of public greenery, outlined the development of methodology and approaches to evaluation of woody vegetation elements and summarized current trends. An overview of the development of the given issue and methodology in the evaluation of woody vegetation elements, dendrological exploration and dendrological potential processing was elaborated. Part of the thesis is a dendrological survey of model territory and evaluation of its dendrological potential. The Dukla Arboretum in Pardubice was chosen as the model area for evaluation. The results of the evaluation showed that it is an object with a high dendrological potential, where the composition is not in danger of breaking. However, regular care is a prerequisite for maintaining the status quo. A plan of growing recommendations for woody vegetation elements was prepared for the object. The proposed planting measures were priced according to the Catalog of Descriptions and Target Prices of Construction Works, HSV 2017 823-1 Areas and Landscaping, ÚRS Praha. Finally, general recommendations and recommendations for building management were formulated.
Tourist destination attractiveness in the Czech Republic
Havránková, Eva ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Lucie, Lucie (referee)
This master thesis deals with the perception of tourist destination attractiveness and its measuring by means of two research methods - Q-methodology and Likert scale. The use of these methods and the results which they provide are compared at the end of this thesis. In the theoretical part, which is based on the study of scientific literature, the term tourist destination and its potential for tourism development are defined. This part is also focused on the types of tourist destinations and explains the term tourist destination attractiveness. The following section is aimed at characterization of research methods Likert scale and Q-methodology. These methods are applied in the empirical research for data collection. The practical part is composed of the analysis of the data captured by the questionnaires and the comparison of the results based on own research focused on the tourist destination attractiveness. The result of this master thesis can be used by the destination management organizations and tourist centres in destinations.
Tourist Destination Value - Dolní Poohří
Stolínová, Kristýna ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Lucie, Lucie (referee)
The Master Thesis deal with evaluation of domestic tourism in the destination Dolní Poohří located in Usti region. Destination Dolní Poohří was defined within the project called Brána do Čech. The aim of this thesis is to determine the potential of tourism in the destination Dolní Poohří and its attractivity for domestic visitors and tourists. Subsequently evaluate if destination Dolní Poohří has a potential to growth and describe development of attractivity in the tourist destination for domestic visitors. To achieve the goals of the thesis was the following methods applied. The method of evaluating the potential of the tourist destination designed by RNDr. Jan Bína, the method ATD, which described RNDr. Jiří Vaníček in his article in the magazine COT Business and the index of destination quality Q, which used in their research Ing. Ida Vajčnerová, Ph.D and Ing. Kateřina Ryglová, Ph.D. Essential data used with above analyzing methods are obtained from the questionnaire survey, which was made during summer season in year 2016 and from a public database of Czech Statistical Office.
Proposal of event development - case study of Christmas market
Pášová, Lucie ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Lucie, Lucie (referee)
The theme of this thesis is the propasal development of the Christmas market at the Old Town Square.The introductory part presents the theoretical resources used for actual work. The theoretical part is focused on defining the basic terms of the surveyed areas, such as tourism, forms of tourism, event tourism, sales forms, organizing Christmas markets. The practical part focuses on a thorough analysis of the Christmas market at the Old Town Square. The analytical part was used a questionnaire survey of visitors to the Christmas market at the Old Town Square. On the basis of the questionnaire were designed development possibilities Christmas markets in the future.
Development of Outgoing Tourism in the Czech Republic
Fisková, Lenka ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Alena, Alena (referee)
Tourism plays an important role in the world economy and trade. Travel, a phenomenon encompassing individuals and organizations around the globe, has become an integral part of our lifestyle. As a positive effect of globalization, it has connected nations and cultures in a unique web. This thesis follows the development of outgoing international tourism and presents future prognoses in some areas. Tourism industry professionals were polled using questionnaires; findings are evaluated and presented here. Last chapters of the thesis explore the future of outgoing international tourism by creating possible scenarios of the industry's development.
Tourism development in Czech Switzerland region
Brabencová, Kateřina ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Alena, Alena (referee)
The topic of thesis is development of tourism in the region Czech Switzerland. The theoretical part deals with the processing of basic tourism information obtained on the basis of literature. The practical part was prepared on the basis of a field survey through a questionnaire based on a random method. For this survey, through open, semi-open and closed questions, obtain a picture of the actual demand and requirements of individual visitors. The results formed the basis for the determination of individual proposals for possible solutions for the development of tourism. Part of the proposal has been drawn up, the example calculations.
Construction of accommodation facilities in a historic building
Červinková, Eva ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Lucie, Lucie (referee)
Thesis included elaboration academic bases of the theme especially explanation of travel focussed to rural tourism, classification of accomodations and protection and restoration of historical sights too. Thesis included also business plan with photos and plans of building.
Croatia as Tourist Destination
Sazamová, Kateřina ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Alena, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis explores the demand for Croatia as destination among Czech tourists. Its theoretical part, using literature, explains the concepts that are mentioned in the paper, and provides basic information about Croatia. The research work consists predominantly of the questionnaire analysis, enabling the author to identify and describe the main reasons why Czech tourists choose the Croatian coastline as favourite destination for their summer holidays. The paper also indicates, among others, whether Czechs prefer going to Croatia individually or jointly with others, and with how many, how do they travel, which income groups are mostly involved, what is the typical purpose of their trips, how much do they typically spend per person, and many other findings. The questionnaire survey is then compared with various articles and studies exploring the topic of the presence of Czech tourists in Croatia. The paper concludes with the summary of ascertained findings and trends observed, as well as the future development prediction as to the level of preference of this destination among Czech tourists.
Tourist Destination Value - Southern Bohemia
Dastychová, Stephanie ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Radek, Radek (referee)
The Thesis deals with the value of the tourist destinations in South Bohemia. Tourism destination and its potential is dealt with in the theoretical part, based on the study of scientific literature. An integral part of the potential of the tourist destinations in South Bohemia are natural and cultural attractions found in this area. Literary part also explains in detail the selected data collection methods that were used for empirical research. The practical part is focused on comparing the results of questionnaire surveys based on which the value of the tourist destination was defined. The results of this Thesis can be used, for example, by the destination companies or individual tourist centers.
Tourist attractivness of Šumava NP (consumer perspective)
Fischerová, Kateřina ; Havlíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Alena, Alena (referee)
The thesis focuses on the attractiveness of the Šumava National Park. Basic terminology within tourism or rather attractiveness of the tourist destination is discussed. There are four different approaches for measuring the attractiveness of the tourist destination. There was chosen one model based on an economic approach in this thesis. The main goal was to calculate the attractiveness of this region and to compare it with the results of other tourists destinations in the Czech republic.

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