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Historical Development of Czech Language Teaching for Pupils with Visual Impairment
Eliášková, Klára ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Čechová, Marie (referee) ; Vojtko, Tibor (referee)
Historical Development of Czech Language Teaching for Pupils with Visual Impairment Klára Eliášková Czech Language Department Doc. PhDr. Martina Šmejkalová, Ph.D. Abstract The dissertation aims at the language education of pupils with visual impairment (VI) at high schools. Historical forming of Czech language didactics of teaching pupils with VI is analyzed in the framework of the cultural and social context of the period from 1807, when the first Institute for blinds was found in Prague at Hradčany, to a social and political milestone in 1989 with main view on the period dating from 1946 to present. Based on the suggestion from the report, attention will be paid to the present. There will be an identification of breakthroughs and positive locations (e.g. diversification of Czech language teaching in relation to individual types of VI), which would be useful in restoring our teaching practice, taking into account the current imperative of induced education. Historical research focuses on specific aspects of language education without a possibility of visual information. Methodological approaches common in linguistic and social pedagogical fields of study are combined in this purpose. The aim is to link both levels into the consistent perspective on the surveyed issue. Working out of the historical...
Linguistic analysis of historical text by Augustin Mitis Kázání o povětří
Voráčková, Hana ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Palkosková, Olga (referee)
The topic of thesis Linguistic Analysis of Historical Text by Augustin Mitis Kázání o povětří is the linguistic analysis of historical text Kázanj O Powětřj, which comes from the year 1620 and his author was Augustin Mitis. Text is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part the orthography and language of humanistic era is described. Practical section is bringing results of analysis of linguistic layers: orthography, phonetics, morphology, word formation and syntax. During the creation of the thesis is used the qualitative textual analysis, which is supplemented by the quantitative statistical analysis. The supplement of this thesis contains additional research, which contains analysis of two pages of print Wýklad Modlitby Boží, which comes from the same printing house as analyzed text. In the chapter about orthography the way of print is described. In this print was used the Brethren՚s orthography. Analysis of phonetic changes shows that they are not common. The chapter about morphology is focusing on representation of word classes and grammatical categories of nouns and verbs. In the chapter about word formation the methods of word formation are described. The syntactic analysis is focused on the complex and compound sentences and the grammatical constituents. Analysis of...
Reading comprehension as a prerequisite for successful strategy of word problems solving in mathematics
Sigmundová, Alena ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee) ; Klimovič, Martin (referee)
Reading comprehension as a prerequisite for successful strategy of word problems solving in mathematics DISSERTATION Mgr. Alena Sigmundová ABSTRACT The dissertation describes the results of an interdisciplinary research study examining the linguistic aspects of word problems in mathematics and the connection between comprehension of the text of word problems and the success of their solution. In the introduction the research is set into the framework of theoretical bases: the term word problem in mathematics and the concept of reading comprehension, including factors influencing the understanding of the text are characterized and the results of previous research studies are described. Subsequently the work presents a methodology, course and results of testing of pupils in three pilot studies and in the main survey and the conclusions from the semi-structured interviews. The research is based on the linguistic analysis of 18 word problems with low solution success, taken from international research surveys PISA 2012 and TIMSS 2007, as well as on the level of comprehension of the text of these tasks in the 8th and 9th grade primary schools, modifying selected language phenomena and detecting the effect of these reformulations. 773 pupils from 13 elementary schools participated in the research. The study...
Intelectually gifted pupil in the basic school - development in Czech language classes
Chejnovská, Lenka ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
This theses focuses on intellectually talented pupils and from the narrower point of view on pupils of the Czech language at the second level of an elementary school. In the theoretical part, the author deals with a talent for the Czech language, definitions and concepts of a given issue, existing models, characteristics of gifted pupils and approaches of Czech schools towards the education of these pupils. This theses also focuses on linguistic intelligence and personality of teachers of gifted pupils. The aim is to reveal what are the experiences of the teachers of the Czech language with the gifted students and what differences are there between gifted individuals and ordinary students. For this solution is used a structured interview method. The next aim is to find out the attitudes of gifted pupils towards a taught subject. A semi-structured interview method is used to meet this aim. The final aim is to find differences between results of talented pupils and ordinary pupils in the subject of the Czech language. As an appropriate method was chosen a didactic test.
Czech folk songs from language perspective of view
Zíková, Priscilla ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Palkosková, Olga (referee)
Folk songs are a traditional expression of feelings aesthetics of people in a specific country and they are a peculiar proof of the nation itself, but primarily are regarded with musical or historical perspective.The vision of the task is an aspiration to preview of folk songs and their lyrics from a linguistic standpoint of view and to try to create a general characteristics. The content of the theoretical part deals with folk art style and its specific sources,song folklore with its basic elements, the structure of the textual song construction.The theoretical part contains further insight the view into certain thematic areas of linguistic disciplines. It looks at the problematic of phenomena which were found frequently used during folk song analysis.The most frequent phenomena are viewed from individual language points of view. The work contains a chapter on cognitive linguistics, which seems to be a very promising discipline, comes with new research methods and it focuses on the area in which linguistics is interconnected with psychology and culture.It devotes itself to the image of the world that is established in the language consciousness of the certain language speakers.On the basis of the idea is built linguistic view of the soldier with the way, how he is described in the lyrics of folk...
Development of the national cultural identity, traditions and values in the subject of Czech language at elementary schools
Šebelová, Dana ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Babušová, Gabriela (referee)
This thesis examines changes and evolvement in conceptual notions of nationalism and national identity from the beginning of the 19th century until present. The thesis is composed of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part delineates the concepts of nation, national identity and attempts to characterize Czech national identity. Further, it explores the notion in the context of socio-political transformations in our motherland. Moreover, this section looks at notions of education and patriotic education and the way such education was exercised in schools in particular historical periods. The study also concentrates on the concept of mother tongue and its role in building Czech national identity. Comparison of various ways the relationship towards mother tongue in various types of primary schools in this and last century is likewise offered. The practical part consists of two research segments. The first one analyzes various curricula, school material and textbooks from the beginning of the last century until present with emphasis on patriotic education. Emphasis has been put on textbooks intended for the fifth grade of all types of primary schools. The research shows the ways attitude towards patriotic education has evolved in the context of socio-political transformations in the...

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