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Stereotypes and Prejudices of Labor Office Workers to Clients
FIALOVÁ, Pavlína
This Bachelor Thesis is focused on the Labor Office and especially on the employees of this office together with ther prejudices and stereotypes occurring in this work place. The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is to find out stereotypes and prejudices occurrences among the employees of the Labor Office. Research question: What is the prevalence of prejudices and stereotypes among employees of the Labor Office towards to clients ? Hypotheses: There is a statistically significant difference between employees of the Labor office in the perception of clients´ characteristics depending on the practice lenght. The lenght of employees practice has an influence on the perception of clients´ characteristics. The perception of clients´ properties is influenced by the department where the Labor Office employees work. The theoretical part defines basic terms just such as the prejudice and stereotype. It describes their development formation, change and stereotypes measurement. The term Labor Office is explained in the second part of theory Together with the organizational structure there is mentioned the activity of this office which services are provided and which laws are followed. Infomation for the practical part was obtained by quantitative research strategy, questionning method, anonymous questionnaire technique, specifically by semantic differential and Likert scale was used. The questionnaire was sent to all contact offices in the South Bohemian under the regional branch of the Labor office in České Budějovice. Data obtained using this questionnaire were created using descriptive statistics in MS Excel and hypothesis testing was perfomed in program SPSS, Person Correlation method, T-test and ANOVA test was used. From the results of the research of this Bachelor Thesis we can see that there are some prejudice satthe Labor Office that have no dependents on the work experience lenght. This work can serve as a source of information for the public as well as for Labor Office employees who can try to change their attitude.
Examination of Financial Efficiency of the Agricultural Company Using Time Series Analysis
Fialová, Pavlína ; Tichá, Dana (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the financial performance of private agriculture Václava Žďárského. Value of the selected indicators of company for the last 8 years, deduces conclusions and estimates future development of these indicators. It contains suggestions that will contribute to mitigating the effects of any further losses from crop production and overall lead to stability of the company.
Assesment of the Project of the Agricultural Company Development
Fialová, Pavlína ; Tichá, Dana (referee) ; Režňáková, Mária (advisor)
This thesis deals with evaluation of the current situation of the agriculture company using strategic analysis and assessment of the project´s further development. Specifically, the assessment of the transition from conventional to organic agriculture using metod of discounted payback period.

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