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The influence of interest representation in Brussels
Sadílková, Hana ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
The submitted thesis "The influence of the interest representation in Brussels" concentrates on the analysis of pressure groups, their position, function and influence particurarly with regard to the specific environment of European union. The first chapter defines the theory and the role of pressure groups generally, the second one describes the relation between pressure groups and EU institutions and as well as their opportunities to influence the decision making of these institutions. The third chapter analyses the transparency of bilateral relations between pressure groups and institutions in EU and the last one classifies and characterizes interest representation within EU.
Perspectives of European union enlargement - case study of Turkey
Humplíková, Kateřina ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
The thesis deals with a potential Turkey's enlargement of the European Union. The thesis deals especially with the eventual impact on member states and on the European Union as a whole. Main purpose of the thesis consists in the identification of aspects that together with the fulfilment of accession criteria are crucial for the decision-making in the European Union. At first the thesis presents the admission process and the conditions that every candidate state has to fulfil, then it analyses the gains of possible Turkish membership as seen by constructivists and rationalists and finally it features the attitudes of particular member states and important state representatives. The objective of the thesis was to prove that not only the fulfilment of the accession criteria is decisive for the European Union, but also the benefits and loses of such step for member states and for the European Union as a whole.
Political marketing in Democratic Party primary elections 2008
Pistulková, Petra ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
This work analyzes the use of political marketing of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Democratic Party primary elections 2008. Theoretical definition of political marketing is followed by a description of main characteristics of presidential candidates (image, support from celebrities and family and the use of media). Following part deals with primary elections themselves, with decisions made by Obama and Clinton and their outcome on exit polls. The goal of this work is to answer the question: What were the key elements that lead to the victory of Barack Obama and how did he succeed in winning over Hillary Clinton, who was considered to be the frontrunner to win?
The Specific Features of the European Parliament's Role in the Decision-making Process of the European Union
Podskalská, Alena ; Klíma, Michal (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
The European Parliament has become increasingly involved in the decision-making process of the European Union over the past years. Enhancing its powers does also mean an increase of its influence on the actual activities of the Union. With regard to the position of national parliaments, the EP still differs and doesn't achieve their importance in some areas. This thesis should describe the development of the European Parliament first and define its actual organisation, structure and position within the other institutions of the European Union. The main goal is to point out the moments, which make the Parliament different from the national parliaments.
The presidency of the Council of the European Union. Comparison of Czech and French presidency.
Salajková, Linda ; Klíma, Michal (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
The presidency of the Council of the European Union is a prestigious institute, who applies administrative, representative and political functions. This thesis should define the Council and its presidency and propose some theoretical hypothesis about the presidency of large and middle-sized countries. The practical comparison use as an example France and Czech republic. These two countries have ensured their presidencies successively recently. The main goal is to point out the measure of influence of political systems, duration of the membership, roles of personalities and above all size of the country.
Progress of the European Commission from the beginning of the European Communities to nowadays
Žihlavníková, Martina ; Klíma, Michal (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
Bachelor thesis examines the institution of the European Commission since its establishment until the present with an indication of its development in the future. It focuses on the changes that the institution has undergone under the influence of two major theoretical approaches - intergovernmental and supranational. Its subject is also changing the position of the Commission, which advocates supranational principle in relation to the Council of Ministers and the Parliament. Bachelor thesis analyzes the weakening role of the European Commission through the crisis of empty chair, and the subsequent improvement through the Single European Act. Other changes that the institution has undergone were caused by individual contracts during the further integration process. In conclusion, the thesis analyzes the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty and its possible weakening or strengthening the role of the Commission. Except of changing Commission's position, there is also captured its contribution in the various stages of integration.
Arguments against the "European constitution" -- case studies of France and Ireland
Babický, Vojtěch ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
Problems of constitutional treaties of the European Union are the main topic of the thesis. The thesis concerns arguments which were causes of rejection of the European constitution in France and the Treaty of Lisbon in Ireland two years later. At first, the thesis focuses on historical circumstances on which the creation of "constitutional" treaties is based. Secondly, the thesis analyses the campaigns in respective countries and concentrates on main arguments against these two documents in terms of how much the arguments were connected with texts of the treaties themselves. Finally, the thesis compares arguments in both countries and examines their similarity for rationale rejection of "constitutional" treaties.
The impact of the Phenomenon of Enlargement on the Legislative procedure in European Union
Midulová, Katarína ; Klíma, Michal (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
The thesis evaluates legislation procedure of the European Union, its dynamics and effectiveness in regard to enlargement. The aim of this thesis is to assess to what extent the decision-making procedure got complicated and whether it is necessary to reform the whole system as a consequence of new members' adhesion. This paper focuses on current decision-making rules as well as the changes which brought this procedure to this status -- the reform activity during 1990s. The purpose of these reforms along with other aims was to prepare the EU institutions for the biggest enlargement they have ever experienced. These changes proved to be what helped to eliminate the consequences which could the new members with diverse priorities bring to the decision-making process. In spite of worries which preceded the Eastern enlargement, the institutions continue to work well, however, their workload has increased and there is a widespread belief that the next enlargement requires more reforms.
European public sphere - analysis of the media discourse
Šedivá, Lucie ; Müller, Karel (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
The bachelor thesis is based on the assumption that the formation of a European public sphere is desirable. In order to successfully tackle problems that transcend the boundaries of nation states, a majority of votes at the transnational level is necessary . If EU decision-making is to be considered legitimate, it is necessary to create a European public sphere, that would control the policy of the EU. In the first part of the work, the thesis deals with the assumptions, forms, and conditions of the creation of a European public sphere. The work justified the view that the formation of a European public sphere is possible and the conditions of its creation are determined. In the second part of this thesis, the political news of Czech public television CT and German public television ZDF are reviewed. CT currently broadcasts more programs concerning the EU and European issues are expressed with better quality. Both CT and ZDF inform the public about what is happening in the EU from a national perspective and in their programs, they do not discuss the specifics of EU policy.
Difficulties of the Common Agricluture Policy
Bokšová, Monika ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Faturová, Marie (referee)
In the first part, the bachelor thesis deals with the causes of creation of the Common Agriculture Policy, its aims, principles, fundamental mechanisms and financing of this policy which is carried out on a supra-national level. In the second part, the bachelor thesis analyses particular reformative steps (Mansholt's conception, McSharry's reform, Agenda 2000, Reform 2003 and Health Check). In the end, the Common Agriculture Policy is assessed as a system and it also predicts its possible evolution.

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