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The Needs of Hospitalised Children
Dufková, Alena ; Chloubová, Helena (advisor) ; Jurásková, Dana (referee)
The goal of my work is to describe the needs of preschool age children and find out their frustration in medical facility.
The Quality of life of Poeple, Who Labour With Grandual Lossing Sight
Novotná, Jana ; Chloubová, Helena (advisor) ; Výborný, Petr (referee)
My master thesis treats of problems of quality of life of people, whose sight has been broken, and they have been gradually lossing it during their life. Theoretical part is focused on the quality of life, sight sense for man, sight patho-physiology, reaction to lossing sight, sight therapy possibilities and social support for people with sight problems. Research part evaluates informants' statements in a horizontal and vertical way. These statements were gained in three rounds interviews after three months parts. Research part follows the process of taking care of informants with gradual lossing sight.
Levels of care for patients with Dementia in various medical facilities
Švarcová, Radka ; Chloubová, Helena (advisor) ; Hošťálková, Monika (referee)
Abstarct (v angličtině) This Thesis "Levels of care for patients with Dementia in various medical facilities" is about the care of patients with Alzheimer's disease and Senile dementia. Aim of the Thesis is to find the differences between state and private institutes.Thesis deals with the issue of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Senile dementia (SD) and describes care in these institutions. It is focused on nursing staff care and friendly relationship with patients and an emphasis on creating a family environment, suitable communication and activation methods. In the research part of Thesis attempts to map the specialised institutes of AD and SD in the Central Bohemian region. At the same time we find the method of interview and observation of care options for patients with AD and SD. From research resulted better level of care in terms of relationship with patients and family environment, in the state institutions because of a greater number of nursing staff on the number of patients. Communication and family environment is not enough to create in the large institutes, rather focused on the mode of care.
Maintaining dignity for patients in coma at ARO, ICU
Horáková, Eva ; Chloubová, Helena (advisor) ; Herbrichová, Andrea (referee)
This thesis deals with the saturation of the needs of patients in coma. The challenge was to find not only theoretical knowledge of respondents about the needs of man, but especially the higher saturation of psychosocial needs. Work deals with cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of patients and their influence on the patient's dignity. Especially in the health care problems and terminal care. It focuses on the most frequent nursing interventions, which cause disruption of intimacy and thus the stage and dying. In the research part, we try to confirm the objectives and hypotheses using quantitative research methods questionnaire. Quantitative results following qualitative research using observation of randomly selected nurses. From the research showed that nurses do not have sufficient theoretical knowledge of the theory of human needs, and therefore very rarely saturate other than physiological needs. Dignity of a sick person is impaired primarily in health care. Communication not only with the patient, but family is poor and annoying the nurses.
Self-image of Women Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery
Karalová, Lucie ; Chloubová, Helena (advisor) ; Marková, Eva (referee)
The submitted diploma thesis deals with the issue of higher psychosocial needs and particularly focuses on the need of self-conception. The aim of the thesis is to try to find out, why women undergo plastic aesthetic operations, what their motives are, what they are led by, mostly influence and attempt describe their character. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, basic aspects of human needs are generally characterized and the issue of higher psychosocial needs with respect of selfconception is specified. Next, the terms of aesthetics, beauty and the ideal of womanly beauty are dealt with. Psychotherapeutic approaches, as one of the potential ways how to solve one's dissatisfaction with oneself and, another potential way, aesthetic surgery were taken into account. For the practical part, the research method of a survey/questionnare was chosen. It comprises 66 interviewees staying in hospital at plastic surgery clinic at FNK.V in Prague and the private plastic surgery sanatorium in Kolin. The researched sample of respondents was chosen in terms of receiving as wide view of the whole issue as possible. The aim of the research was to validate or invalidate the set hypothesis. Although the conclusions cannot be generalized on basis of such a small sample of...

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